Katawa Shoujo HD rerelease!

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Re: Katawa Shoujo HD rerelease!

Post by andrewnoob »

Nobody tried to put the hd files in the normal game folder? I copied some of them and actually looks like somehow it's working:

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Re: Katawa Shoujo HD rerelease!

Post by Bulldozer »

It would've been amusing if the devs had actually thrown together a couple of random scenes with Hisao just kind of talking to himself, which Im pretty sure he does at multiple points during the game. When people referred to "objectionable content" its pretty obvious that anyone with a positive IQ could infer that they were specifically targeting teh n00dity. And I could see why someone would object to that sort of thing

I dont see how someone could object to a frank and positive portrayal of people coping with various disabilities, unless you're either a member of the WBC or just a regular douche
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Re: Katawa Shoujo HD rerelease!

Post by Chekchie »

After some times, I looked at Dev Blog and saw this... with utterly joy I downloaded it and.... T^T
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Re: Katawa Shoujo HD rerelease!

Post by pandaphil »

Yeah, I started to download it, then I saw the date on the post. *insert sound of scratching record*
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