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Katawa Shoujo Forum Rules

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:02 pm
by Suriko
Looking for the game FAQs instead? Click here.

What these forums are for:
A place to discuss Katawa Shoujo, disabilities, and other topics that are closely related.

What these forums are not:
A place to discuss anything not related to the above. Feel free to relax and discuss, but topics that drift off into the wilderness will be locked or edited.

Good posting means:
- Having read the Game FAQ before posting.

- If you're going to use spoiler tags, make mention in the post of what the spoilers are about. For example: "Emi act 4 spoiler: spoilers in here."

- Proper use of English. Good spelling, capitalisation, commas, paragraphs and periods are your friends. This isn't a strict rule, but forums are for communication, and being sensible with these things helps that.

- Civil discussion. Trolling, especially repeatedly, will not go over well. Everyone likes good natured and civil discussions.

- Insightful topics. "Hey here's an interesting news article/video about a disability" is great. Threads dedicated only to repeating memes are not.

- Keeping related topics to single threads. Just have a quick browse around to see if your thoughts would fit in another thread before posting. "Necroing", or bumping very old threads, is completely fine if your comment is pertinent.

- Meaningful thread titles. Self-explanatory; this makes the forum easier to navigate for everyone.

Bad posting means:
- Spamming posts/threads. Bannings will be given out for this behaviour, the length of which will depend on the severity of the offence.

- Abusing the report function. This exists in order to highlight rule-breaking behaviour to help us. Please only report content that is obviously in breach of the rules.

- Defying developer/moderator edicts and/or questioning us. This is a dictatorship, not a democracy. We try to give people some leeway and don't want to be assholes, but we will not tolerate problematic users.

- Evading bans. I shouldn't even have to state this. Instant permanent ban if you are found doing so.

- Pretending to be banned. The punishment will be up to how the moderator that noticed this feels at the time.

- Offensive usernames. Use common sense in working out what qualifies for this.

- Don't post links to pirated or otherwise illegal software anywhere on this forum. As a special case, this includes discussion and links to the existing illegitimate leak of KS's alpha files.

- Anything and everything that breaks the licence, mostly using ripped game assets for fan creations or discussing hacking KS.

- Quoting images can clutter up pages, so please avoid doing so.

- Similarly, please avoid quoting entire large posts simply in order to give a one-line reply.

- Please don't create self-introduction threads. We'll be happier to welcome you if you post meaningful content, and you can introduce yourself at the same time.

- Use common sense in regard to the rules.

- Sigs should be a maximum of 500 pixels long by 80 pixels tall. This is roughly equivalent to five lines of text (ie. you shouldn't have a sig of six text lines or more).

Re: Katawa Shoujo Forum Rules

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:20 am
by Suriko
Guest posting has now been disabled. A forum account is required to post/reply.

Re: Katawa Shoujo Forum Rules

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2022 8:25 am
by Silentcook
In an attempt to curb forum bots and spam, all forum accounts which have never been activated or logged in will be summarily deleted.

The time from creation to deletion will be variable, but never more than a few days, and often considerably less. You don't need to post anything to keep your account safe - if you want to make sure, just log out and back in once.