The Five Stages

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Re: The Five Stages

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Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:(the theory states that the amount of difficulty & frustration during development is proportional to the amount of fun/awesomeness in the finished product)
You have to burn the rope.
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Re: The Five Stages

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An ahegao a day sounds like an excellent incentive.
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Re: The Five Stages

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Guest wrote:An ahegao a day sounds like an excellent incentive.
I heartily agree to this. Don't lose heart KS Devs!
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Re: The Five Stages

Post by Mirage_GSM »

So what's an ahegao?
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Re: The Five Stages

Post by Fuin »

Mirage_GSM wrote:So what's an ahegao?
The 'fucked silly' face in hentai.
(Link is NSFW, obviously.)
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Re: The Five Stages

Post by Synoptic »

Aura wrote:Moekki really used to draw an ahegao a day for quite some time to "power" a22's writing.
Didn't know who the drawer was but I was OH SO SURE it was A22 the one needing motivation when I saw that picture. Only later I saw it was my Queen on that small picture which only fueled my belief but only for a short time until I saw your post which made this a fact. :lol:

I don't know why but I got the feeling that you just went to step 6 (a combo of step 1 + step 5 ???) while writing that blog post, Aura. It felt kind of "refreshing" reading that for some reason. Those swear (not to be taken literally) words are at fault I think. Hell I even thought A22 was the one who wrote the post!

A very good read nonetheless :!:
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Re: The Five Stages

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An ahegao a day certainly would make the wait easier for us, too.
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Re: The Five Stages

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The people who have to fight that battle go to some pretty ridiculous lengths sometimes. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

- Aura
Try us. There's a good story in that, I'm thinking.
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Re: The Five Stages

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Step Six: Idea
Sudden idea or revelation that occurs.

insert picture of person with bag-eyes staring idle at computer when an idea hits them suddenly.
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Re: The Five Stages

Post by TheHivemind »

Rohalmen509 wrote:lmao
Silentcook wrote:
Aura wrote:The amount of stuff we've scrapped from KS could be bigger than the amount of stuff that is in the final product.
Just for uh... SOMEONE's info... I guesstimate we already passed that line, with writing at least.

I'll let the artists gnash their teeth for themselves, if they want to.

Any other devs gonna comment on that? 8)
Pretty sure there were at least two complete scenarios for Emi's path floating around at one point. But then they were both crap, so it was a good thing that I was too slow to finish either one.

You could, in fact, replace 'Emi' with any of the other girl's names and that would probably still be a true statement.
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Re: The Five Stages

Post by Suriko »

Yeah, every heroine has at least one complete draft path (sometimes two), and one production path. The former usually being somewhat longer than the latter. That also discounts the large number of scrapped individual scenes, arcs, and that kind of thing. More writing being scrapped than is in the game is pretty much expected.

Re: The Five Stages

Post by Mikunen-Nai »

Which dev is in which image?
Sure, #3 is Moekki and A22, and #5 is Aura, but who are the others?
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Re: The Five Stages

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#4 is definitely Delta.
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Re: The Five Stages

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#1 has to be Weee, because of the ahoge and the general messing with your regular cardiac rhythm.
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Re: The Five Stages

Post by Aura »

See above, and to complete, #2 is crud.
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