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Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Player Two [02/11/23]

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2023 8:24 pm
by Sharp-O
hdkv wrote: Thu Nov 02, 2023 1:34 pm

Calling Iwanako for advice? Hisao, you have no damn sense of tact.

The man is dumb as bricks and I refuse to let him be anything else. :lol:

Lap wrote: Thu Nov 02, 2023 1:41 pm

First off, there isn’t a doctor (or friend) in the world who would lead off with “She died,” unless they’re a sadist who hates the person they’re talking to. That’s something that comes up in conversation later on, while filling in the details. That kind of opening just comes off like a cheap shot to provoke the readers. (And why is Rui having such a sensitive discussion in the Shanghai of all places?)

1 - Rui's two sides are in conflict so even while trying to be Dr Katayama; she is emotionally compromised. She is also a big influence on why Rika is such a realist when it comes to her condition and won't mince words when it comes to death.
B - 'Cheap shots to provoke the readers' are my raison d'etre! I write like an anime or a soap opera.
Point the Third - The Shanghai is a safe neutral space where a measure of control can be had by Rui.

Lap wrote: Thu Nov 02, 2023 1:41 pm

Secondly, if her heart was being operated on directly, she most likely would have already had her heart “shut off” and the blood pumping being handled by a heart-lung machine. (I had my heart shut off for 2 1/2 hours during my open-heart surgery. Nifty!)

I was aiming for narratively believable, not medically accurate because I am not a medical professional and knew I'd never be 100% accurate but cheers for the insight all the same.

Lap wrote: Thu Nov 02, 2023 1:41 pm

The rest was lovely, as always. Hisao’s mini panic attack at the hospital was spot on, and I especially liked him turning to Iwanako for advice—a simultaneously smart and emotionally tone-deaf move on his part, right in character.

Thanks a lot, Lap! I wanted Hisao to be more open to asking for help from others, as a direct result of being able to talk about his condition so openly with Rika, but obviously Hisao is still going to Hisao.

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Player Two [02/11/23]

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2023 11:22 pm
by StealthyWolf

I've never been so nervous to read something as I was to read this bonus level. But being here now I can rest is despair and not in the agony I was worried about. I really enjoyed the developments in this chapter and the directions taken relative to everyone - new appearances and old alike.

Also, my personal headcannon for the fake-out opening is that Rui tried to be in "doctor mode," failed, blurted out a little too much a little too quickly including "Rika died." and Hisao was too emotionally distraught to comprehend what was happening cohesively because he was still trying to understand it from the first time he heard it.

As always, can't wait to see what comes next, even if my heart hates me for it. Keep up the amazing work Sharp-O!

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Multiplayer [07/11/23]

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2023 1:26 pm
by Sharp-O


“So what happened in there, Fuuka?” I ask gently, crouching down to meet Fuuka’s eyeline, even though she tries her best not to meet mine. Fuuka grips her hands together tightly, leaning against her knees, head hung low. Rui pats my shoulder as she enters Rika’s room again and leaves us alone in the hospital corridor.

“I don’t know, Hisao… I thought I could talk to her just like always but… I can’t…” She shivers as my hand rests on hers as her voice fades into a whisper. “I can’t feel her there, Hisao.”

It’s a horrifying thought that I know she feels awful admitting but it’s not far from my own. Kinda like Schrödinger’s cat; the body lying in that bed both is - and isn’t - Rika. But I can’t admit that to her; not when she’s clearly struggling.

I think hard about what I can say to make her feel better in any way and the answer comes in the memory of my time at Rika’s own home. Something Rika does that brings her some modicum of comfort; a little white lie to comfort a lonely girl.

“She’s there, Fuuka. Rika might not be able to answer right now but she’s there and she’s listening. I know it.” I say earnestly, if not honestly. I’m not sure I quite believe it but I hope it’s true. I have to. Fuuka looks up at me finally, her eyes puffy and red with emotion. She gulps and nods.

“Okay… I think I can try to talk to her again.” She smiles in spite of herself and straightens up in her wheel chair, taking a huge lungful of air through her snotty nose. “Let’s go have a chat with our girl.”

I nod in agreement and step towards the door, pushing it open slowly. As Fuuka rolls inside and takes up my spot from earlier, Rui sits on Rika’s bed - her daughter’s hand in hers, petting it gently. I step up beside her and tilt my head to look at her face, only to see the good doctor wracked with unease and worry.

I place my arm around Rui’s shoulder, despite our relationship not really being all that familiar. She reciprocates by resting her head against mine. We’re all in this together for the moment.

“We’re all here, Rika.”


“Thanks for driving us back, Rui.” I say as I hug Rika’s Mom tight. She rubs my back gingerly before rising with a nod.

“Thank you both for coming with me. I’m sure Rika appreciated it too. And don’t worry; you won’t have to wait for me to take you when I have time off. Dr Miyagawa knows that you two will want to visit as often as you’re able to so your names are on the list of approved visitors while she’s in the ICU.” Rui explains and I breathe a little sigh of relief.

Sure, taking the bus to the hospital will be a pain in the ass but I’m sure me and Hisao will figure it out.

“What about if anyone else wants to visit? Would they have to come with one of us?” Hisao ponders aloud. I hadn’t thought of that.

“Well… I don’t think it’d be much of a problem but you can’t all rock up at the same time, obviously. Try to keep it to two people a day until she’s brought round.” Rui offers, Hisao and I nodding to each other.

“Sounds totally fair. Thanks again, Rui.” I respond.

“Yeah, and if you need anything at all…” Hisao begins before being pulled into a hug by Rui.

“Thank you but I’ll be fine. Just look after each other, okay?” She smiles as she releases the blushing boy who glances sideways to me.

“Yeah, we will.”

We wave Rui off and head towards the dorms, Hisao helping me along by pushing my chair a little. I feel emotionally exhausted and that’s so much worse than physical exhaustion. Unlike last time, we’re headed in the correct directions today.

“You gonna be okay getting back?” Hisao asks and I nod tiredly.

“You’re probably as wiped as I am, dude, so go get some rest and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I encourage the dishevelled boy and he agrees, offering a meek wave as he drags his feet toward the boys’ dorms. I force my arms to push me along but they’re just as sluggish as Hisao’s legs. I eventually make my way into the dorms and past the common room.

“Hey, Fuuka! Hold up!” A voice calls out and I can’t even be bothered to turn my chair, simply looking over my shoulder to see another second-year from my class trot up beside me.

“Hey, Aoi… What’s up?” I asked tiredly and the dark-haired girl’s face turns from friendly to worried.

“Uh, two things, really. One, I wanted to ask how Rika is…” She fidgets, squeezing a tupperware container in her hands gently.

“She’s…” I think carefully about my next few words because I know Aoi is kinda sensitive. She’s got this whole ‘deer in the headlights’ thing going on almost all the time. “She’s doing as well as she can be. I’ll make sure she knows the whole class is cheering her on though.”

“Cool.” Aoi perks up a little, a tiny flash of a smile before she thrusts the container towards me. “Second thing; here. A third-year boy came by and wanted to drop this off.”

I take the container in hand and find Aoi still holding it when I pull it towards me. I give her a little smirk and she pulls her hands away sheepishly.


“You wanna see what’s in here, don’t you?” I ask and she nods excitedly. I pop the seal and I’m immediately hit with an intoxicating mix of fruit and spice. I read the note placed on the grease paper aloud for Aoi’s benefit.

“Thought you could do with a pick-me-up today so I baked you some of my special cookies. You didn’t mention you had any allergies so I hope these are okay. Let me know what you think. Jiro.”

“A boy baked you cookies!?” Aoi bounces in place and I peel back the grease paper to see around a dozen cookies, all of them have caramelised white chocolate drizzled on them and baked with mixed peel and mixed spice based on the smell and the ingredients Jiro thoughtfully listed. I take a nibble of one and they’re just as good as they smell. Hot damn.

“Since you delivered them; I think you’ve earned a tip, Aoi.” I proffer a cookie out to Aoi.

“Jiro made them for you, though! I can’t take one, no matter how damn yummy they smell.” She sighs, shaking her head and stepping back.

“Just take the damn cookie, Aoi!” I laugh and she does, immediately chomping into it. She swoons and spins as she moans with a closed mouth.

“Oh my god~!”

“I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback. Thanks, Aoi.” I chuckle, sealing the container again before the smell of delicious cookies reaches the rest of the common room. She smiles while stuffing the rest of the cookie into her mouth and waves as I head for the elevator, devilish thoughts filling my head on how I can thank Jiro for such a thoughtful gesture.

“That boy is soooo gonna get climbed…”


“Thanks for meeting me, guys, I really appreciate it.” I smile as Yuki and Kazuki finally arrive. I’d sent out the texts last night for an emergency club meeting and I’m glad they’re prompt at least.

“I figured Ritsu and Shura would already be here…” Yuki frowns, looking around the music room as if awaiting a trap to be sprung. She’s not far wrong but it’s not that kind of ambush. Hopefully it’s more like a pleasant surprise for them.

“They’re not coming. This meeting is just between us three.” I explain, gesturing to the two vacant chairs in front of me. They share a wary look as they sit down and I make sure to smile genuinely at them. As genuinely as I can, anyway.

“I just wanted to thank you both for all of the hard work you’ve contributed to the music club over the past couple years…” I begin but I’m immediately interrupted by Kazuki.

“You’re firing us, aren’t you? This is you finally kicking us out so you and your little minions can have this place to yourselves!” He glares and I hold my hands up in surrender. That’s honestly a fair assumption on his part, I have been monopolising club time for bullshitting with Ritsu and Shura.

“Not at all, Kaz. Quite the opposite.” I lower my hands and pull a folded piece of paper out of my blazer pocket, offering it out to them. “I’m resigning as the music club president, from the club altogether, and I want you to replace me.”

Me?” They both ask in unison and I can’t help but laugh. I shake my head and they just look even more confused.

“Either of you would be fine club presidents but together? I think you’ve got a real chance at making something good out of this place. You’re both super talented, you’re both great with the newbies and between the two of you; the sky’s the limit.” I answer their puzzled expressions with an honest smile.

“I don’t think you can just hand us the reins, Saki. Wouldn’t you have to submit paperwork or something?” Yuki rightly points out and I nod.

“Yup, that’s why I submitted the paperwork to the Student Council earlier today. Shizune already knows about my decision, she’s just waiting on you to sign the transfer of responsibilities.” She kinda understood why I decided to step away after I partly explained it to her, as much as I myself understand why anyway. Hell, she all but encouraged my desire to break out of my rut. She’s weirdly cavalier for a bureaucrat.

“What about Ritsu and Shura? Do they already know?” Kaz asks and I shake my head before placing a ponderous finger on my chin.

“I think they went to the city for a date but don’t worry, I’ll handle them.” I smirk, knowing full well what my plan for those two is. I honestly can’t wait to see their reaction will be. I wonder if they’ll surprise me.

“I don’t know what to say…” Kaz blinks disbelievingly at me as I rise from my chair.

“I do.” I offer both my hands out towards them with a beaming smile. “Congratulations, Co-Presidents Asahina and Yamada.”

They take my hands in theirs and shake with astonished looks. Can’t blame them, this is quite the bombshell. Not the biggest I plan on dropping but still a significant shake-up for all of us.

“I guess we should go sign those papers then?” Kaz asks Yuki, who simply shrugs.

“Is it alright if I have one last tinkle on the ivories before I go?” I ask, a little nostalgic for when I actually used to contribute to the music club rather than just rule it.

“Um, sure. Until we come back, you’re still in charge.” Yuki chuckles but I insist on handing the key over to her.

“Nah, you guys have got this. I won’t be long anyway.” I say, unbuttoning my blazer as I make my way toward the piano. They excitedly make their way out of the door and I smirk to myself. I know they’ll be great, especially once my other plans go into motion.

I sit on the piano stool and flex my hands, cracking my knuckles softly as I do so. I press a few keys to find the notes I want for a song I’ve been toying with for a little while now. Something that speaks to me. The true me, anyway. I take a deep breath and begin.

Sometimes when I
Wanna run away and hide
When there’s no one on my side
And all my pride has disappeared…

I take it off my mind
And leave it all behind
Nothin’ left to do but
Try to take the leap and follow through…

And that’s exactly what I’ll do!


“You look like hell.” Taro says bluntly and I can’t help but chuckle as I scratch the faintest beginnings of stubble on my chin. I haven’t slept well since the night before Rika’s operation. Feels like I’ve been awake for weeks…

“Thanks, man. For tagging along, I mean. I don’t really know my way around the arts wing, still.”

“I don’t know why you asked me. I only just know where the music room is…” Taro rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. It’s true, I could have asked Shizune or even Fuuka but I figured bringing Taro along with me might be an assist I could do with should this plan of mine go sideways.

“Would you believe me if I said I wanted some backup?” I throw him an unsure smirk and he looks at me incredulously. “I need to talk to Saki and I thought having you along might help.”

“Wait, you don’t actually buy that Saki kept my hoodie for a reason? Miki’s crazy, y’know.” He scoffs, shaking his head.

“I don’t know but it’s worth a shot.” I shrug as we’re passed by two students. Taro slows his pace to look behind us at them.

“I think those two are in the music club so maybe she’s on her own?” He muses before turn back toward our intended destination. Hopefully, it could be awkward otherwise. As we enter the school amphitheatre, the melodic sound of a piano and a, frankly, gorgeous voice.

I don’t know anything about music but I know what sounds nice and I think Taro is in agreement as he mutters a ‘wow’ under his breath. We make our way into the wings and backstage to where I remember Rika explaining where the music room is. Taro and I listen for a few moments, sharing impressed looks before I slide the door open and we creep in.

Saki continues playing on the piano and singing, swaying in place as she feels her way through this solo performance. Her inflated ego is definitely warranted when it comes to her musical talent as she picks up the pace for the next part of the song.

‘Cause I
I know that's what I'm here for
I don't wanna wait around anymore
Even if you can't see
The good inside me

Her eyes open and go wide in shock when she catches us watching her but, to her credit, the music only slows as she finishes on a final verse.

I don't have the time to tell you why
I do the things that I do
Just please hold on and soon you'll see
That I'm not the villain I appear to be~

Her piano playing comes to an end with a definitive final note and a satisfied smile. I look to a blushing Taro and he gives me a surprised look before lightly clapping his good left hand against the bare flesh of his immobile right forearm. I follow suit and give her a small clap of my own.

“There’s no need for that, guys, come on…” She blushes, sliding to the edge of the piano stool so she can speak to us. Well, to me, anyway.

“I’m gonna wait outside, make sure you’re not interrupted.” Taro excuses himself in a hushed tone, offering a hand up to Saki as he backs out of the room. “That was great.”

I move toward Saki as the door is closed behind me, Saki’s demeanour changing to a more analytical one as I turn one of the trio of chairs in the centre of the room toward her.

“So what can I do for you, Hisao? If you’re here to join the music club, I’m afraid I don’t get a say in that anymore. I quit, like, literally ten minutes ago.” Saki chuckles to herself, crossing one leg over the other.

“I, um, no, I wanted to talk to you about Rika.”

“Oh? How’s her whole…” Saki gestures to the centre of her own chest in a circular motion. Rika must have told her about her condition. “Did her operation go okay?”

“Not exactly…” I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“Did the Fondant thing not take or…?” Saki asks, looking more concerned than I-Wait, ‘fondant’? Like the cake?

“Uhhhh, the Fontan procedure went mostly okay but she… There were problems and now she’s in a coma.” I explain for what feels like the umpteenth time. Saki’s eyes go wide again and her hand reaches for her mouth.

“Oh my god, Hisao! Is she okay?” She gets up and, using her cane, navigates her way quickly to one of the other chairs near me. I turn my chair to face her as she sits fairly close to me, leaning forward intently.

“Like I said, she’s in a coma, but she’s recovering so that’s something.”

“And how’re you?”

“Trying everything I can to distract myself or to help her. Not sure how much of either I’m succeeding at.” I rub my face a little. “That’s why I want to talk to you.”

Her eyebrows furrow in confusion as she leans forward, studying me with her eyes. I don’t feel like prey but given her reputation, I can see how she’d go about finding your weaknesses.

“I don’t know what I could possibly say to make this better for you, Hisao…” She finally says, sighing as she sits back in her chair.

“I didn’t think you could, honestly, but I wanted to test a hypothesis on you. Do you mind telling me what your condition is?” I ask tentatively and she chews her lower lip a little before nodding. She explains her condition and it’s honestly surprising how bad she actually has it. Worse than me, that’s for sure.

Through our conversation about her ataxia, I get a better understanding on why Rika unloaded on her. It seems like such a waste of what precious time you have to be a bitch to others like you. I also understand why Rika wanted to apologise, because as Saki goes on to explain why she is the way she is. Or was.

“I’m a work in progress.” Saki admits, sadly. “I feel like a baby bird, finally able to escape its gilded cage... Every fibre of my being wants to just take that leap of faith and show the world who I really am but I’m fucking terrified. Terrified that I’ll open my wings and just fall anyway.”

As I listen intently, my understanding of both Saki and Rika deepens. They’re not all that different, really. They’ve been staring into the face of death for so long that it almost doesn’t faze them. It’s astonishing and I hope I can get to a place like that. Rika has helped a lot with that, especially when it comes to opening up about my condition.

“When I had my heart attack... When I found out about my arrhythmia - it hollowed me out. I was a shell of who I was. I couldn’t cope with the enormity of it and that was just my condition.” I chuckle bitterly as Saki’s face comprehends what I’ve just revealed to her.

“You two are more alike than I realised…” She looks down but a small smirk forms on her lips as she looks at me with warm eyes. “You really are made for each other.”

“I appreciate that, Saki, really. But you’re nothing to be sniffed at either.” I compliment, sincerely.

“From everything you told Rika and me - all the pressure you've been under, all those expectations foisted upon you and even all those damn lies weighing you down… All of that would crush any normal person, it certainly would me.” I admit, pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration.

“Whether you fall or not I’d say you’re way past learning to fly, Saki. It sounds to me like you’re defying gravity.” I lock eyes with her, offering an earnest smile and she begins giggling. Not the reaction I expected…

“That’s kind of a cute thing of you to say, but being too cute has it’s drawbacks too. Someone might take advantage of you. Someone like me.” Saki practically purrs as she speaks, a teasing tone of voice she used on me way back when I first met her at the pool. I think she’s trying to prove a point, that maybe she’s not entirely trustworthy.

Will you?” I ask pointedly and it’s like I popped her little bubble with pin as she visibly deflates.

“… No.” Her answer seems honest, at the very least. It’s not coming from that confident façade she wanted to project before.

“That’s why I’m even here, even considering this… Because she thought you were worth trusting.” I smile a little to reassure her shocked expression. I sit patiently for a few seconds before her gaze meets mine with a fresh determination.

“Tell me what you need, Hisao.”

“It’s not really what I need… I wanted to talk to you before I asked if you’d like to come visit Rika with me. She thought you guys were becoming friends after the whole roof thing and she needs all the friends she can get right now.”

Again, Saki seems taken aback but soon nods enthusiastically. “O-of course! I’d be honoured.”

“Cool, are you free tomorrow?”

“I can be, just need to square away a few things to do with the club and then I can go with you.”

“Meet me at the bus stop in town around 5pm?” I ask, rising from my seat and she nods.

“Sounds good.” She affirms with a smile.

“Thanks, Saki. Rika will appreciate it.” I say sincerely as I reach the door.

“Hisao, I…” Saki begins but by the time I look over my shoulder to her, she’s looking at the floor. “I’ll be there.”

I give her a nod and slide the door open to find Taro pacing back and forth just outside the door. I’d expect him to make more noise on the wooden boards but he’s quite stealthy. He looks up at me expectantly and I give him a thumbs-up.

“All good?”

“Seems so. You wanna go ask about your hoodie?” I snort a little in amusement as Taro turns red.

“Um, no, I can ask her later… Seems silly to ask about it after you guys had such an important talk.” He rubs the back of his neck as he glances past me into the music room. “It can wait.”

“If you say so…” I shrug as we make our way back to the boys’ dorms.


I should have said thank you. I’m being trusted and I really should have said thank you… I almost kick myself for being so lame when I hear faint snippets a conversation from the opposite side of the room, beyond the door that lies open. I can just about see Hisao and Taro standing on the edge of the stage in the connected amphitheatre.

“…go ask about your hoodie?”
“…later… Seems silly… It can wait.”

That must be why Taro came with Hisao! As I gather up my things, I soon find them gone from the stage. I’ll save Taro the trouble of chasing me down and return it later.

The thought of actually doing that kinda bums me out though. I really like that big cozy blanket and I don’t wanna give him up just yet.


It. Don’t wanna give it up just yet. Damn it all… Get your shit together, Enomoto. Hisao was more on the money than he could really know about ‘defying gravity’ because I didn’t see myself falling into Taro Arai’s orbit, despite his size… Heh. But even more than that…

Something has changed within me. Something is definitely not the same.

And I’m for damn sure through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game.

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Multiplayer [07/11/23]

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2023 1:53 pm
by hdkv

Welcome to the game, Saki, you'll enjoy it.

Another great chapter from Sharp-O The Great! I really enjoyed it. And while all Rika situation isn't solved yet, it feels like story is less bitter and more hopeful. Can't wait for Player One returning to the stage <3

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Multiplayer [07/11/23]

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2023 4:05 pm
by NoticeMeOppai

I place my arm around Rui’s shoulder, despite our relationship not really being all that familiar. She reciprocates by resting her head against mine.

Aw hell yeah, step aside moustache waiter, the Master of Romance is in town!

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Multiplayer [07/11/23]

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2023 1:32 pm
by gems47

"And I’m for damn sure through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game."

Oh Saki, I really hope she can still do that if or when her parents show up.

It'll be interesting to see how Saki reacts to Rika in the hospital nevertheless.

On another note I can't really contain my excitement for Flutter returning. I've caught up since I last read years ago and am looking forward to what you have in store for us Sharp. I love all the new perspectives, but I'm still holding out hope for Rika's perspective making a return. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Degrees of Freedom [14/11/23]

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2023 1:41 pm
by Sharp-O


“I want you to know - with all the affection I have for you as Rika’s boyfriend - that you are fucking stupid, Hisao.” I stare at Hisao in utter disbelief. He attempts to defend himself but with his mouth full of a bread-y lunch, he has no choice but to sit there and take my righteous annoyance.

“No, no, I’m sure it made perfect sense to invite Rika’s arch-nemesis to her bedside while she’s defenceless.”

“Arch-nemesis is a bit much…” Akio interjects with an incredulous look.

“And I doubt Saki’s going to smother Rika in her hospital bed.” Molly is even less help. I thought she’d be on my side at least.

“You don’t know that!” I answer with a pointed finger, which is batted down by the Brit.

“Rika thinks they’re friends and you agreed with me that she needs all the friends she can get right now.” Hisao finally speaks up, choking down his bread a little.

“I know what I said! This is not what I meant, though!”

“I mean, I get where Fuuka’s coming from…” Taro offers and I immediately jump on what little agreement I’m getting from this crowd.

“Thank you, Taro! At least one of you hasn’t lost their damn mind!”

“But,” God damn it, Taro! “I think Hisao’s right. If loved ones can elicit responses from coma patients, I don’t see why enemies-turned-friends can’t do the same.” He says with a shrug.

“I’ve gone insane. That’s the only explanation…” I mutter, rubbing my temples.

“Fuuka…” Hisao slides off the cafeteria bench and sits closer to me, giving me the hangdog expression that Rika really responds to. “I know you’re worried. So am I. Honestly, I don’t fully trust Saki but a long time ago someone took a chance on me not being a complete asshole and she was right. How can I not pay that forward?”

I hate that I can’t disagree with him on this. I all but pushed Rika out the door to go talk to Hisao without knowing a damn thing about him. He could’ve been an awful person but they brought the best out of each other. Saki has influenced Rika in ways that we haven’t and maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing but Saki was still Rika’s bully for a long time…

Fine. But I want you to watch her like a hawk and make sure Saki knows that if she harms a hair on that girl’s head that I will make her life a living hell.” I growl a little, puffing up my chest and Hisao smirks, nodding.


I stop at the gates and look around for any sign of Saki. It’s not that far of a walk to the bus stop in town but I’d feel a little better if Saki was already here… I wait for five minutes before slinking off toward the bus stop. She’s probably just running late. She said she was tying up loose ends with the music club and if that involves any amount of admin, I bet Shizune is making sure everything is just so.

I think back to my conversation with Fuuka at lunch and feel a nagging doubt begin to gnaw at me. I recall Rika telling me about a similar conversation she had with Fuuka just before we went to Meguro about Iwanako too. I hope I’m as right about Saki as Rika was about Iwanako.

I keep looking over my shoulder, looking for tell-tale sandy-brown hair but don’t see it amongst the students filtering out of Yamaku. I guess she isn’t coming… I adjust my bag as I reach the bus stop and check the timetable against my own watch. Just about ten minutes, still just enough time for Saki to get here if she’s already set off.

After waiting another five minutes, a black taxi pulls up to the curb and the door opens, revealing Saki leaning toward me from the opposite side of the vehicle.

“Hop in, Hisao!” She beams and I blink a couple times before doing as she says and entering the taxi.

“Sorry about running late, Hisao! Some of the things I had to take care were a little harder than I thought.” Saki huffs, clearly flustered.

“No, no, it’s okay. I’ll split the fare with you.” I offer but she shakes her head with an almost condescending smirk.

“Hisao, please, save your money… I’m rich, remember? And if it means you get to spend a little more time with Rika, it’s money well spent.” Saki smiles softly with an affirming nod which I reciprocate.

“Thanks, Saki.”

“At least let me carry your backpack for you.” I grumble as Saki pulls a rather stuffed-looking backpack and a violin case out of the trunk of the taxi. True to her word, she paid the taxi fare and while it wasn’t that much, I still feel bad about not paying my share.

“Such a gentleman! Thank you, Hisao.” She smiles demurely and hands it off to me as she closes the trunk of the taxi. It’s not particularly heavy but it’s distended like there’s something large stuffed in there. I consider wearing it on my front for a moment before dismissing the silly idea, simply holding it by the hook loop.

I guide Saki through the hospital toward the ICU, matching my pace with hers. Her casual look is way more casual than I’d expect from someone who looks quite fashionable in the school’s uniform.

Her hair is a little messier, her clothing is more for comfort than style, and I have never seen her wear glasses, even the sparse times I saw her at school. If I didn’t know better; I could mistake her for someone other than Saki Enomoto.

We approach the desk and I announce who we are and who we’re here to see. I get a little anxious as the nurse checks our names against the list of approved visitors and eyes Saki for a split second.

“Has there been much improvement?” I ask quietly.

“Every day is an improvement for Miss Katayama, but she is still under sedation.” The nurse smiles warmly before nodding at her screen and directing us toward the room I know to be Rika’s.

“Thank you.” I bow a little and Saki does the same before following me.

“I didn’t know I was in an exclusive club.” Saki muses, slightly surprised at the protocol.

“I wouldn’t say exclusive but you are the first to visit her outside of Me, her mom, and Fuuka.” I comment, coming to a stop in front of the door. I breathe a little sigh as I stop to look at it and then at Saki. “I should warn you; she’s hooked up to a lot of machines.”

“I understand, Hisao.”

“I thought I understood too but…” I slide the door open and enter the room, gesturing for Saki to follow me. “Hey Rika, I brought someone to come see you.”

Holy shit…” Saki mutters under her breath as I slide the door closed behind her, the noise drawing her attention back at me. She returns her gaze to Rika’s bed and all of the associated apparatus flanking her bedside. I move past Saki, placing both backpacks at the foot of Rika’s hospital bed and taking my spot on Rika’s left side.

“I know I didn’t clear it with you first but I hope you’ll appreciate a visitor who isn’t me or Fuuka.” I lean over Rika’s body and kiss her forehead gently before looking at Saki with a small smile.

Saki studies the scene as she places her violin case in a comfy chair nearby and softly treads around to Rika’s right side, taking in the sights and sounds for herself. Her expression is a mix of stunned silence and caution, her eyes drifting along the various tubes and wires and all along Rika’s prone body.

Fuck meYou were right…” She whispers, her eyebrows furrowing into a pensive expression.

“It’s okay. It was tough for me the first time. Brought up a lot of bad memories of my time in the hospital. You’re tougher than me though, right?” I ask the question of Rika, who doesn’t answer. “This is all par for the course for you. You’d be making fun of me for being so worried.”

“That sounds like her, alright.” Saki chuckles, sitting on the bed and taking Rika’s hand in her own. “Hiii, Riiikaaa~! Don’t get up on my account, I imagine you’re dead tired~.”

I look over at Saki with a confused look and she clocks it, suddenly becoming embarrassed.

“Sorry, old habit.” Saki shrugs before turning her attention back to Rika. “Guess that voice only works when I’m peer-pressuring you into smoking, huh?”

“Shame on you, by the way.” I lightly scold.

“Rika is more than capable of making her own decisions.” She huffs defensively at me. “It’s why I like her. You hear that, Rika? You’ve got moxie!”

Saki seems to take to talking to Rika much easier than Fuuka or I did, smiling and speaking way more naturally than I am. Maybe it’s because she’s kind of like an actor, she can get into a role no matter how absurd it might seem. Like holding a one-sided conversation.

“Oh! I got you something!” Saki claps her hand against Rika’s before hobbling to her backpack and retrieving a small pink and purple plushie. It’s a Pokémon, I know that much, but I’ve haven’t caught that one yet.

“I don’t know much about Pokémon outside of the first one-fifty but I know you like them so I got this… Miss Maggy-us? Mizz-madge-eyus? This spooky ghost with red eyes like yours!” Saki beams, placing the soft toy into the crook of Rika’s armpit, patting its head.

“That’s very nice of you, Saki.” I compliment with a smile.

“Yeah, well, I like to have something soft and cuddly when I feel bad so… I thought I’d get her something.”

“I didn’t really know anything about Pokémon before I met Rika and when she found out, Rika was very insistent on making me play the new one. Still working my way through it.” I sigh wearily, knowing Rika will give me hell if I haven’t made any progress while she was in the hospital. Her DS is in my bag right now, in fact. Thought maybe she’d enjoy hearing the music.

“Not your thing?”

“Digimon kid.” I chuckle and Saki groans comically.

“Oh god, not a Digimon kid. Rika, you have my sympathies.” Saki’s lips curl into a cheeky, cat-like smile as she looks at me. Very funny.


“So, hey, Rika…” I begin, reaching for my phone as soon as Hisao leaves the room to find a vending machine. “I wanted to run something past you and since you can’t disagree with me, I’m gonna take your silence as you agreeing with me, okay?”

I raise my eyebrows at the comatose Rika expectantly and receive nothing in response. I’d honestly like your input on these messages but I wonder how much context I’d actually give you or would I lie like always?

“So I’ve got two messages to send. Both are very important and need to be sent but it would mean… Well, it’s essentially committing social suicide. Every bad thing I’ve said or done would be circulated around the school within the day in retaliation and I will probably become persona non grata.” I explain to Rika and, again, receive no feedback.

“They say the truth will set you free but it’s feeling an awful lot like a noose around my neck right now…” I grimace at the saved messages I haven’t sent yet. Both are unflinchingly honest - something I haven’t been in a long time.

“And while I’m more than happy to accept those consequences, I dread to think how some people will treat me afterwards. You. Hisao. Taro.” I admit, as if that would be the thing to magically shock Rika out of her coma.

“I guess I owe Miki dinner…” Hisao’s voice from the door startles me into dropping my phone. He steps back into the room, sliding the door closed with his foot while holding cans of coffee in each hand. “She said you’d have it bad.”

“I-I-I-” Thanks, brain. Care for an encore on that one? “I think I do, yeah… He’s really nice.”

Hisao chuckles as he hands me a warm can of coffee and takes a seat next to Rika once more, entwining her slender fingers with his own.

“He is. I know Rika thinks he’s smart too, but his classmates also know he’s kind of oblivious to signals.” Hisao offers helpfully, sipping at his own can of coffee. “If you want him to know how you feel; you have to be honest.”

Ha! And there’s the problem…” I laugh bitterly, shaking my head. “I’m a habitual liar, Hisao. I don’t know if I can be that honest.”

“You seem like you want to be. You wanna send those messages and accept the consequences, which seems pretty honest to me. Right, Rika?” He looks to his comatose girlfriend and sighs through his nose, a sad little smile on his face.

Urgh, this must be hell for him and here I am dumping my problems onto the both of them! They deserve a better friend.

“I’m sorr-”

“Life’s too short, Saki. For people like us; moments are precious. I know you know that.” His eyes drift over from her to me. “So if your little scheme will end up making you happier, then I’ll support you. I know Rika will too.”

“I… don’t deserve your support.”

“I didn’t think I did when I first came to Yamaku but then I met this incessant little weirdo who just wouldn’t leave me alone.” He laughs, looking at Rika. “She showed me that having a broken heart doesn’t mean you’re a broken person. If you think Taro can be the one to help you heal, then I say go for it. What have you got to lose?”

Not a whole lot; especially after I send these. Still, that’s pretty corny. But maybe corny isn’t such a bad thing, especially when it feels like exactly what I need…

“Honesty is the best policy; as they say…” I mutter under my breath as I send the messages out into the world. My heartbeat quickens with anxious energy as the first is sent.

[Ritsu, I’ve quit the music club and left it in capable hands, i.e. not yours. Neither you or Shura would be good for the club. Shura and I have also slept together five times since you two have been a couple.]

I quickly switch over to the next draft message and send it.

[Shura, I’ve told Ritsu everything about us. I was using you for my own selfish needs but you were still a terrible lay. Kazuki and Yuki are in charge of the music club now.]

My adrenaline spikes as I feel my phone vibrate but I manage to remove the battery before it can sound off. No idea if it was a message or a phone call but it doesn’t matter right now. I remove the SIM card and hold it up between my thumb and index finger.

“Saki, what are you doing?” Hisao asks as I apply pressure, slowly letting the plastic bend and finally snap. His eyebrows rise up his forehead as he stares at me.

Killing Saki Enomoto.” I answer with a resigned sigh as I toss the bent plastic into the trash and pull a new SIM card out of my pocket. I reassemble my phone and power it on. New phone, new friends, new me.

“Would you like to share contact information, Hisao Nakai?” I ask formally, bowing and holding my phone out towards him. He furrows his brow for a second, registering what I’ve just done before smirking and reaching out his hand.

“It would be a pleasure.”


“Seriously thank--” I begin before a series of shrieking obscenities erupt from the hall outside the common room kitchenette where I asked Jiro to meet me.

“I’ll fucking kill her!”

“No, babe, hold on!”

“Get away from me, you asshole!”

Just as quickly as they appeared, they exited the boys’ dorms, still screaming at each other. I’m pretty sure that was the couple I remember hassling Akio and me in the Shanghai that one time…

“Oh, that’s not gonna be good for whoever she’s pissed at.” Jiro offers, blowing air from his pursed lips before returning his attention back down to me with a cheeky smirk. “So, you were thanking me?”

“Huh? Oh, y-yeah. Thank you for the cookies, Jiro; they were a very sweet gesture.” I blush like crazy when I remember what I came over here for.

“Happy to do it! Cookies always cheer me up! What did you think of the recipe? Some people don’t really appreciate non-chocolate chip cookies…” He scratches the back of his head sheepishly and I smirk.

“They were delicious! The fruit and the spices worked so well together. I had to tear them out of Aoi’s hands they were so good!” I embellish a little and his cheeks burn a little more.

“Well, I’m glad!” He chuckles, looking around a little as I bite my lower lip a little. “Did you want a quick lesson in how to make them or to hang out some more or…”

“Honestly, I’d really like to kiss you, Jiro.” I confess, my own face pinkening. That and a lot more.

“O-Oh! I th-think I’d like that too.” He chuckles nervously. I look him up and down a little before shaking my head as he doesn’t really move.

“I don’t really have a ramp on me, Jiro, sooo…” I gesture for him to lean down. “I think you’re gonna have to stoop to my level.”

He does so with a coy smile that I immediately wipe from his face as I pull him into a passionate kiss by his tie. We don’t get any cheers like Rika’s confession but as I let him go, he does look around nervously before leaning in to whisper in my ear.

“Why don’t we continue this in my room, hm?” He gives me a debonair look and I nod, licking my lips a little. Yes, please.

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Degrees of Freedom [14/11/23]

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2023 4:49 pm
by hdkv

Snapping SIM card was a very powerful gesture.

Wonder how all of this will end up for Saki.

Thank you for another great chapter! :)

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Degrees of Freedom [14/11/23]

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2023 11:46 pm
by StealthyWolf

Hoh boy, The fallout from those messages is definitely gonna make its rounds. There's no going back now Saki, you're all in now. Redemption arc is in full swing now.

I also like how strong of a pull Rika/Hisao have amongst the other in her friend group with pretty much everyone (besides Fuuka) instantly warming up to the idea of Saki's visit upon hearing Hisao's reasoning, shows just how much they all trust the pair and their headspaces.

Speaking of Fuuka, and because I never commented on Multiplayer specifically, I love her and Jiro's growing relationship. It's like a lighthouse in the current storm they - or at least Fuuka - are stuck in. Plus the developments amongst the music club members was also a treat to read. I'm sure they'll also feel some blowback from Saki's text messages. Unfortunate collateral damage, though they get out with leadership of the club so it'll probably be worth it just for that - if not the entertainment of seeing at least one person they completely despise have a complete meltdown. Speaking of, Saki and Taro's budding relationship is also really cute, especially now that Saki is in full redemption arc mode.

So overall, another fine (pair of) addition(s) to the collection, and personally I'd say Degrees of Freedom is now my favorite bonus level so far, though Ludonarrative Dissonance and Multiplayer are not far behind. As always I eagerly await the continuation of this story and its bonus levels. Keep up the great work Sharp-O!

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by Sharp-O
hdkv wrote: Tue Nov 14, 2023 4:49 pm

Snapping SIM card was a very powerful gesture.

It's one of the many steps to distance herself from the past and make sure she can't fall into old habits.

StealthyWolf wrote: Tue Nov 14, 2023 11:46 pm

Hoh boy, The fallout from those messages is definitely gonna make its rounds. There's no going back now Saki, you're all in now. Redemption arc is in full swing now.

Yuuuuup! Can't wait for everyone to read the next part!

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Delayed Inputs (18+) [18/11/23]

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by Sharp-O


Jiro gives me the tour of his room but it’s not all that different to most of the other dorm rooms I’ve seen, barring the odd decoration and a very interesting piece of furniture.

“You have a futon instead of a bed?” I ask, curious about the large sofa-like piece of furniture where most of us usually have a bed.

“Yeah, I found it really hard to be away from home during my first year so I ended up bringing this back after my first winter break. Slept like a baby ever since.” Jiro smiles wistfully while undoing his tie and tossing it onto his desk.

“Looks good for entertaining; got it set up in from of the TV and everything!” I gesture between the futon and the television on his chest of drawers. He steps beside my chair and waves his hand towards the futon.

“Do you need help or can you manage?” He asks, helpfully. Way to set me up. I could totally do it but I’m not gonna say no to him manhandling me a little.

“I can unlock the arm and lay it out but if you wouldn’t mind helping me…” I say coyly, watching his cheeks blush as he slides his arm under my legs and I wrap my arms around his neck. My face is less than an inch away from his as he carefully slides me off the chair and into the futon. Now’s my chance!

I squeeze my arms around his neck and draw him in for another kiss as he holds me and it sends shivers all through my body. He presses his weight against me so I sink a little into the plush futon. The sharp inhale through our noses mixes with our soft grunting as passion takes over.

Our hands find their way into each others uniform shirts, buttons hastily popped and pulled aside while we peck and nip at each other’s lips. His hands grasp my waist while mine slide into the back of his shirt and gently scrape his shoulders as I pull him against me.

“Who knew cookies were the way to a woman’s heart…” Jiro huskily chuckles into my ear and I bury my face into his neck. It wasn’t just the cookies! Okay, maybe a little but it was more the sweetness of the gesture. It showed you cared.

“Not just her heart, Jiro…” I purr, pulling my ribbon from my neck and discarding my blouse right along with it. Jiro stares at my chest with a curiously cute look before leaning in and kissing my collar bone, his hands reaching behind me for my bra. I run my hands through his hair as he unclips the straps and pulls the plain white garment away from my body.

“I’m not going too fast for you, am I?” Jiro looks up from my chest finally and I smirk, cupping his face with my hand.

“I’d feel a little better if you took your shirt off too.” He grins as he discards his shirt revealing some faintly wispy chest hair and the cutest inverted nipples. My hands instinctively reach for them and his body convulses at my slight touch.

“Oh-hoooo~! Sensitive, are we?” I tease as Jiro’s face and shoulders become pinker.

“Y-yeah, they are! So go easy on me, okay?” He asks in a hushed tone but in such a cute way that I just can’t help but circle his areolas with my thumbs, doing the same little flicks and motions I would if I was playing video games. Each motion elicited a cute new sound from the boy before he suddenly bats my arms away and slumps backwards onto his hands, heaving lusty breaths out of his quivering lips.

“O-o-okay, my n-nipples are now officially off-limits! Any more of that and I’m going to make a mess in my slacks.” He grins weakly, looking very flustered after I found his weak spot so easily.

“I’m sorry, Jiro, they just looked so cute!” I giggle as my eyes drift from his face down to the noticeable tent he’s pitching. I pat the futon next to me. “I promise I won’t play with your nipples anymore. Let me make it up to you~.”

He eyes me cautiously as he shifts his weight and crawls up onto the futon beside me. I can’t blame him, I’m totally thinking about attacking his nipples again but I think I should make sure he doesn’t make a mess first… I use my hands to shift myself up into the crook of his arm, leaning up for a kiss.

While I distract his face, my hand wanders over his uniform pants to the bulge. My sudden contact makes him break away with a gasp. I smirk at his bewildered face as his eyes flitter between mine and my hand.

“You’re really not playing fair.”

“Whatever made you think that I play fair?” I giggle as I slowly unzip the fly on his uniform ever-so slowly, never breaking eye contact with him. His eyes narrow and Jiro finds new determination as he attacks my neck with kisses and his hands find their way to my bare chest. Finally.

Goosebumps erupt up and down my arms as his affection makes my skin tingle. My toying becomes a little more haphazard as my mind fogs up and I find it harder to maintain focus on getting his cock out of his pants. I manage to get my hand into his slacks enough to find his underwear soaked through already. He really was close.

Meanwhile, Jiro’s right hand had moved down my torso to my skirt, sliding up and down my left thigh. I sigh a little as I remove my left hand from his pants and guide his hand from my thighs to between my legs, where it will actually have an effect.

“I’m not like other girls, Jiro,” I say softly, smiling in a reassuring way. “If you want me to feel good too; you don’t have to beat around the bush.”

He looks at me confused for a second before I feel the pressure of his fingers against my panties. I gasp and give him an approving nod.

“There you go. Just like that.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know…”

“It’s okay, honey. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I can de-heeeeh-finitely feel that.” I gasp a little more as his fingers press and rub against my nethers. He seems content to continue without my direct instruction so I can get back to my target.

I reach back into his slacks and find my prize still waiting. I eagerly peel back the thin fabric barrier and Jiro’s pre-cum soaked dick bounces into view, standing very proud. I wrap my fingers gently around the slippery shaft and slowly work at it while Jiro’s fingers find their way past my own cloth barrier and into my innermost self.

They probe deeply, stroking and pressing against my inner walls before finding the spot that makes me moan the loudest and my hand to tighten around his bulge.

Our combined lustful sighs earn a silly little chuckle from each other as our eyes meet, soon followed by our lips. Our tongues writhe against each other as we do our best to pleasure each other while also revelling in being pleasured. This is exactly what I wanted but I also want more.

Jiro~!” I moan as a shiver runs up my spine and I let go of him to ride the wave of euphoria pulsating from my core. I gasp for air and look up at my partner who looks very proud of himself. He did a good job, especially after having to be corrected.

“Akio was on the money calling you a Master Baker. You really know how to mix with those hands.” I giggle between breaths, complimenting his technique.

“Please don’t let that nickname stick, especially if he came up with it.” Jiro chuckles, wrapping an arm around my shoulder and stroking my hair. As much as I’d love to cuddle right now, there’s an outstanding matter I should really attend to.

I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck once more, drawing him into a passionate kiss. He reciprocates by wrapping his arms around my lower back which is precisely what I needed. Using all my upper body strength, I haul myself up onto his lap. Thankfully, he takes the hint and helpfully shifts my limp legs to either side of his own.

Now straddling him, I continue to kiss him deeply as I use my arms to pull my body against his, grinding our lower halves together. My fresh sensitivity makes me shudder a little each time but the sensation soon dies down, much to my disappointment. Breaking away from his lips, I look him deep in the eyes.

“I want to feel you inside me, Jiro.” I demand in my sexiest voice, huskily breathing the words into his face as I continue to grind. His eyebrows curl in frustration and I can guess what’s coming, or rather, what won’t be.

“Sorry, Fuuka, but I don’t have any condoms… Believe me, I want to but I…”

“No, it’s okay, I understand.” I breathe a lamentable sigh as I press my forehead against his. “Safety first.”

I wouldn’t even mind going bareback but for our first time… It should really be with protection. I grumble a little under my breath, cursing my own lack of foresight.

“We can stop now if you want.” He smiles, brushing the errant sweaty hairs from my face.

“That’s sweet of you to say, Jiro, but there’s no way in hell I’m leaving you with blue balls.” I purse my lips as I release my grip behind his head and slide down his body with a devilish smile. I’ve climbed him like a jungle gym, now I’m using him like a slip ‘n’ slide. Akio would be so proud. I plant my legs into a stable enough position to support my weight on the floor as I lean across his lap and unbuckle Jiro’s belt and pants.

He looks at me with lustful expectancy as I tug his slacks and boxers down his legs, revealing his prosthetic leg. I run my palm over the engorged meat in front of me as I lick my lips. I lock eyes with Jiro, offering thanks for the meal I’m about to partake in.

“Bon appétit.”


Even though time had gotten away from us at the hospital, Saki was kind enough to pay for the taxi back so we arrived outside the gates a little after curfew. Sure she’s rich but I don’t want to become a freeloader, especially with a new friend. Then again, the favour she asked for in return isn’t sounding so far fetched as I hear the conversation between a group of boys I don’t really know in the common room.

“She’s really kicked the hornet’s nest. There’s no chance she’s coming back from this.”

“I heard Ritsu carved ‘skank’ into her door. She’s gonna get her ass kicked for sure.”

“Hey Hisao! You hear what Enomoto did?” A beret-wearing boy from my class - Maeda - calls out to me and I step into the room to talk.

“Uh, no, I’ve been visiting my girlfriend in the hospital, what’s going on?” I answer mostly-honestly. This has to be about the messages she sent.

“Oh shit, sorry, I forgot about that. Is she okay?” Maeda switches gears with an apologetic look.

“Still recovering but doing better every day, thanks. What’s this about Enomoto?”

“Apparently she’s been fucking Tainaka’s boyfriend the whole time they’ve been together!” A dark-haired boy with dark shades excitedly gossips and I furrow my brow at him. Is that what she was worried about coming to light? What the hell…

“Yeah, Ritsu’s on the warpath.” Maeda continues. “You haven’t seen her, have you?”

“Tainaka?” I ask before shaking my head. “Uh, no, I haven’t seen either of them. Like I said; I’ve been at the hospital since about five, only just got back.”

“Sorry, I’m just kinda worried about Enomoto since she’s in the art club.”

“And because you like her.” Another foreign-looking boy cheekily teases, only to have a beret thrown at his face. His surprised squawk gets a laugh out of the boy with shades.

“Sh-shut the f-fuck up, Mallard!” Maeda glares at him.

“Well, I think I’m going to head off to bed. Kinda emotionally exhausted.” I say, backing away.

“No worries, Hisao. Take care!” Maeda offers his hand up and I do the same with a smile before I slip into the stairwell instead of the elevator. What the hell have you gotten yourself into, Saki? I approach the emergency exit and push it open to find a small figure in a very large hooded jacket and track pants waiting for me.

“Took your time!” Saki chuckles, hobbling through the door that I quickly close behind her. I raise my finger to my lips and she tilts her head curiously at me.

“People are already talking about the messages you sent. Apparently Tainaka’s out for your blood!” I half-whisper, half-shout - hoping not to draw attention to our sneaky meet-up in the stairwell. I questioned her need for a disguise but now I can see why.

“Well, yeah, I knew she would be. She ought to be, anyway, unless she’s a real cold-hearted bitch.” Saki shrugs, seemingly nonplussed by a threat against her.

“She’s vandalised your door!” I add and Saki’s eyebrows raise a little.

“Well it’s a good thing I brought the only things worth saving then!” She smirks, lifting her violin case a little. Just how far ahead did she plan for? The thought lingers in the back of my head as I guide her back into the main corridor and usher her quickly into the elevator before anyone notices. This stunt is making my heart beat a little quicker than usual and it annoys me that Saki looks so composed by comparison.

The elevator stops two floors up and I gesture down the hall. “Taro’s room is twenty-seven, just down there on the left. Are you absolutely sure about this?”

“I appreciate the concern, Hisao, but I think I’ve got this.” She smirks confidently back at me. Is this an act or is she that convinced this will work?

“And if you don’t?”

“What’s your room number again?” She sticks her tongue out playfully before turning and walking down the hall.

“Good luck…” I say after her as the elevator doors close. Though I wonder if you even need it.


The elevator doors close behind me and I drop the mask, my shoulders slumping. Okay, Saki, you’ve got your foot in the door - now what? How’re you going to play this?

A straight-up confession? Still a little too honest for me…

Pretending to just be returning his jacket? Not an entire lie and a good way to get a conversation started…

I could always serenade him…

Sorry but I really had to wake you,
See, I decided I must ride you ‘til I break you.
‘Cause Ritsu says I got to go
You’re my last meal on death row…


Twenty-three… Twenty-five… Twenty-seven. Here we are. I guess the jacket thing will have to do for lack of a better plan… I cautiously rap on Taro’s door a couple times and wait.

“Hang on, Akio, gimme a minute to put some pants on…” I hear Taro muffled behind the door and feel my cheeks burn. Does he sleep nude? The door opens and I think I might be right on the money as a sleepy-looking Taro appears clad in nothing but a pair of uniform slacks.

“I told you I was getting an early ni-Saki!?” He exclaims when he realises it’s me. Before I can even say hello, he’s grabbed the loose jacket and pulled me into his room, quickly looking up and down the hall before shutting and locking the door.

He turns to face me and I get a better view of his shirtless torso. He’s large and portly but I can see the strength in his shoulders, chest and left arm. It’s enough for me blush harder and spin around.

“Um, do you wanna, like, put on a shirt? Maybe?” I fumble for the words that I don’t really want to say but have to for the sake of having a conversation where I’m not drooling.

“What the hell are you doing here after curfew, Saki!?” Taro whisper-shouts much like Hisao did as I hear him fumble with something behind me. “And what the fuck is going on with you and the music club?”

“Oh, I quit the music club. Handed it over to people who will do some good with it.” I explain, turning my head slightly to address him. I can’t see him due to how floppy the hood of his jacket is, unfortunately.

“No, I mean the thing with you and Ritsu’s boyfriend? You know she’s been stalking the campus like a goddamn kaijin looking for you?” He says, his voice still a mix of panic and frustration. “You can… You can turn around now.”

I pull the hood from my head and find him looking a little flustered on the edge of his bed, a t-shirt haphazardly thrown on with only his left arm through a sleeve.

“That’s... A whole mess of a thing but whatever you’ve heard is probably true.” I admit, removing my backpack and placing it on Taro’s desk with my violin case. I unzip his hoodie, removing and folding it neatly. I look at Taro but he’s not looking at me, his eyes flittering from side-to-side while looking firmly at the carpet. Like he’s reading something he can’t quite believe.

“I wanted to bring this back to you and… Well, I needed to talk to you before Ritsu finally finds and kills me.” I chuckle dryly, drawing an incredulous look from Taro. I walk forward and offer out the hoodie. He reaches out and I gently place it onto his open palm, stepping backwards and sitting on his desk chair.

“That seems like a Pandora’s Box that no good can come out of so I’m not even going to ask…” Taro groans, tossing his hoodie back onto his bed then leaning on his knee. “So what exactly did you want to talk about so badly that you snuck in here after curfew?”

“Well it’s not like we ever traded contact info… Plus I just got a new phone…” I giggle a little but his face tells me he’s not really in the mood for jokes. His now pensive expression is yet another side to him I’ve never seen. “For starters, I wanted you to be the first to know I’m quitting the art club.”

Why?” He asks and I lean back, sighing.

“For a bunch of reasons, really. Most of which are parent-related but ultimately, I don’t enjoy it and it was only ever for their benefit soooo…”

“No, I mean; why did you want me to be the first to know?” He asks, leaning forward just a little more, eager for my answer. I clamp my lips shut and look down at my legs as I cross them.

“Because…” I start to nervously fiddle with my hands. “Because you’re the only one I’d miss. Maybe the only one who’d care if I quit…”

I hope that last part’s true anyway.

Taro’s eyes slowly widen as he looks back at his hoodie, then back to me. I smile warmly and he looks down, rubbing his face.

Miki’s never gonna let me live this one down…” He mutters under his breath with a sigh. Look like he finally gets it.

“Hisao owes her dinner too, apparently…” I snort with amusement as my arms fold across my chest. Taro looks up at me with the cutest confused expression. “Yes, that means exactly what you think it means, Taro.”

“I’m sorry; I’m having a hard time processing this…” He says, the disbelieving tone is kind of hurtful, honestly. “You like me?”

“How could I not?” I answer with all sincerity. “You’re… You’re the first person in a long time that was kind to me without ever asking or expecting anything in return. You were kind just to be kind.”

“I… You’re welcome, I guess, but I didn’t really do much…” He rubs the back of his neck ruefully and I angrily stand. No. You don’t get to diminish what you did. I won’t let you.

“That’s bullshit. You did more than anyone could have asked and way more than I deserved!” I raise my voice in defence of the boy who doesn’t believe in the power of his own actions. He doesn’t know what it meant to me and that’s not going to change unless I’m honest.

“You l-lifted me out of a puddle of my own p-piss and shame and m-made me feel okay about it! How dare y-you sit there and say you d-didn’t do anything for me?” I stammer as my emotions get the better of me for the second time in front of Taro. Steel yourself, girl.

“Whoa, calm down, Saki.” Taro holds up a hand and I refuse to with an angry shake of my head.

“I can’t! You’re sitting there self-deprecating and it just pisses me off. I’m a god damn trash pile of a person but you still treated me with more dignity and respect than my own family would!” I throw my arms around wildly as I explain.

“Did you know I’m the reason you and Ritsu didn’t work out? I told her about you and Miki!” I exclaim, my emotions overflowing from my eyes.

“And even back then I was fucking Shura. Not because I liked him but because he was the first thing I ever chose for myself! Not chosen for me by my parents or thrust upon me by my condition… It was one of the worst things I’ve ever done and it was only the first of many bad choices.”

“Just… Just take a breath for a minute, would you?” Taro rises from his bed and steps forward cautiously, closing the gap between us.

“I’m a bad person! I’m a liar, a bully, a manipulator, and you still took the time to help someone as fucked-up as I am!” I say adamantly. Balling my fists in annoyance, I back away, determined to spill my guts one way or another. My back hits his closet door and my shoulders slump. I’ve got nowhere to go and not a lot left in the tank; time for the realest truth I’ve ever uttered.

“I like you Taro but I also know I could only make you worse and you don’t deserve that!”

My tears fall freely as Taro’s arm engulfs my head and pulls it to his chest. I can’t fight the urge to wrap my arms around his torso as I sob uncontrollably. He’s the only person to see me at my lowest - to ever see me this vulnerable - and that weirdly makes me happy.

“I’m suh-sorry. Th-This is probably the l-last th-thing you wanted to hear before bed.” I try to laugh through the tears but it just makes me stammer. He strokes my head gently and I feel like I could melt into a puddle.

“Shh. It’s okay. Just… Just stop crying, please? I’m no good with crying girls.” He says with a dulcet timbre. He’s so soft and cuddly…

“You’d b-be surprised…”

We stand there for god knows how long. Time just didn’t matter while I was being held by a boy I genuinely liked and who seemed to care about me too, even if it was just platonically.

“You okay?” Taro finally speaks and I look up to him.

“I am now… Thanks, Taro.” I say earnestly and he blushes, releasing me from his hold but ushering me towards his bed.

“Take a seat; it’s comfier than the chair.” He offers and I oblige him, sitting towards the foot of his bed while he sits toward the head, facing me.

“So… You told Ritsu about me and Miki. That explains her attitude… but I wouldn’t say you’re to blame for that. I think it’s pretty evident she’s always been kinda vindictive.” He says with an almost wistful sigh, maybe wondering how things could have ended up differently between them.

“I didn’t help though… I encouraged that behaviour.”

“Maybe… As for the Shura thing… That’s really shitty. Not many people know this about me but my junior high girlfriend cheated on me.” Fuck… If that’s not the nail in the coffin for this, I don’t know what it is. How could he want to be with me with that kind of past?

“I had some pretty bad self-esteem issues when I first got here. Something Miki actually helped with a lot so I wasn’t a fan of Ritsu being mean about her.” His tone goes from sombre, to a little sad, to a light chuckle as he casts his gaze down.

“I guess I kinda understand the need for control in your life but that was a pretty awful way to go about it.” He says and for the first time I feel like he’s judging me but I can’t blame him. I deserve it.

“It was but it was my mistake to make; if that makes sense?” I explain and he nods in seeming agreement.

“Yeah…” He purses his lips as he looks at me. “Look, I’m not gonna say I don’t find you attractive because… Hell, those glasses are…” He blows air through his lips as he gestures toward me. Even at my worst, in my most casual grubby clothes… I blush at the idea that it’s this version of me that he likes.

The one closest to the real me.

“But I have to think about all this because…”

“It’s a lot; I know. I’m sorry to dump all of this on you but I’m trying to be more honest with my friends and I especially wanted to be truthful with you. Even if you ended up hating me.” I sigh, pulling my knees up to my chest and leaning against the wall.

We go quiet for a while, not talking to each other but definitely looking at each, realising the other is watching and then looking away. The atmosphere is tense, awkward. There’s a further conversation to be had, hopefully - but right now, I think we’re all talked out. I let out a little yawn and that brings Taro’s entire focus onto me once more.

“Do you… Do you feel safe going back to your room?” He asks, concerned. I frown in concentration as I imagine the kind of revenge that’s waiting for me. Ritsu wouldn’t break into my room and smother me in my sleep, would she? I haven’t heard about her breaking into my room but I did bring important stuff with me just in case she decided to trash it in revenge.

“N-Not really. She’d probably be looking to do some damage, even if she can’t get at me directly.”

“That’s why you brought your violin?” He gestures with his head and I follow the direction to the case on his desk, nodding slowly in response.

“It’s the only thing of my grandfather’s I own. It’s very precious to me and I didn’t want to run the risk of it being destroyed.” I say, remembering the sweet old man who bequeathed his old string instrument to a little girl who was enamoured by the sound it made. “Everything else is replaceable.”

The room goes quiet again as Taro contemplates the case and then me.

“If you’re that scared… You can stay here tonight.” He says with a resigned, solemn voice, standing up from the bed and taking one of his two pillows with him. “You take the bed, I’ll take the floor.”

“No, I can’t ask you to do that! Not after I just trauma-dumped on you.” I stand and take the pillow out of his hand.

“You’re a guest so you get the bed; that’s how it works.” He snatches the pillow back. I pout up at him and, for the first time in a while, he smiles the way he usually does at me.

“Stop being so damn chivalrous and take the bed, Arai!” I grab hold of the pillow with both hands but find I can’t wrench it from his grasp. In a contest of strength, there’s no way I could beat him and he knows it. He pulls the pillow toward him and me right along with it.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, Enomoto…” He chuckles, the pillow pressed between us as we play tug-of-war back-and-forth. “Now get in the bed before I throw you into it.”

“Oh yeah? Gonna be hard to do that after I tuck you in, you big dummy!” I growl as a playful smirk forms on my lips, a smirk that Taro mimics in his own cute way. How does he do that? Make my worries melt away with just a look.

“Tuck me in, huh? Gonna read me a bedtime story too, Saki? Kiss me good night?” He mocks me as he raises an expectant eyebrow at me, almost like he’s daring me to… Ugh, you are too damn cute, Taro!

I release the pillow and grab his face. The split second of shock on his face will be burned into my memory forever, as will the taste of his lips on mine. I let him go and admire his utterly dumbfounded face.

Good night.” I smirk, very pleased with myself as I snatch the pillow out of his grasp triumphantly. His blushing face just stares at me blankly for a couple seconds and I suddenly feel very self-conscious. “S-Sorry… I went too far, didn’t I?”

Taro stares as I bite my lower lip. He leans back for just a second as his face goes through a mix of emotions; some good, some bad. He rubs his eyes and looks at me again with a thoughtful look before reaching for the pillow again, stepping into my space instead of pulling me into his. “Saki…”

“Taro…” I respond cautiously. Seconds tick by as we stare at each other, our faces reddening. He slowly takes the pillow from my hands and tosses it behind him. Our faces are mere inches from each other again when he gulps hard and steps back, my heart sinking.

You take the bed and I’ll take the floor.” He says with a determined look that shifts to a crooked smile the further he gets from me. “And please don’t argue because I don’t think I have the willpower to say no a second time.”

His nervous chuckle and bashful demeanour only makes me want to tease him more but I ultimately nod in agreement. I’m pushing my luck as is and I don’t want to scare him off.

“You’re right. I don’t want to pressure you or rush this, it’s just… I really like you, Taro.” I confess with barely hidden grin.

“Thanks, Saki. I… I don’t quite know how to respond just yet…” He begins and I wave him off.

“It’s okay. I’m just super-thankful to have you as my friend right now. It feels good to have someone in my corner.” Taro acknowledges my feelings with a heartfelt smile and I feel so much warmth inside.

“Here; I might be taking the bed but you have to have the duvet!” I announce, bundling it up in my arms and passing it off to him.


“No buts! I can use your hoodie as a blanket.” I smile coyly. “I basically have been since you lent it to me…”

“Oh! Well, okay then…” He rocks from side-to-side with an adorable ‘aw shucks’ kind of look as he turns to set up his bed on the floor. I feel kinda guilty for taking his bed but I did argue against it. Hell, I pretty much offered to share it, in whatever way he wanted.

It feels really weird to be both happy and sad that he didn’t immediately jump at the chance to sleep with me. I guess it means he’s taking my feelings seriously and that feels good. I pull his hooded jacket around me once more and zip it up as Taro finishes laying his double duvet out so he can fold half of it over him like a sleeping bag.

“Um, I have trouble sleeping in shirts so do you mind if I…?” Taro trails off as he sits cross-legged on the floor. I purse my lips with a smirk as I pull the hood over my head, the sheer size covering my eyes enough so I can’t see his torso again.

“Be my guest~.” I say with a lilt in my voice as I lay on my back, wrapped in the hoodie that smells like both of us. I sneak a peek at the boy on the other side of the room to me as he removes his t-shirt. He reaches up and turns the lights out, with only the ambient light of the lamps outside diffusing into the room.

“G’night, Saki.”

“Good night, Taro… And thank you.” I say quietly into the darkness, peering over at the Taro-shaped shadow. “And sorry for disturbing your early night, too.”

“You wouldn’t be the first, Saki…” He sighs, equally quietly, from the other side of the room. I can practically hear the smile on his face. I have to ask…


“A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, Saki.” He scoffs.

“Just says vague leading statements that make a girl curious?” I say cheekily.

“Correct.” He answers. “You okay over there? Warm? Comfy?”

What a silly question to ask…

“I am, Taro.” And so much more.

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Delayed Inputs (18+) [18/11/23]

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2023 1:01 pm
by hdkv

Aww, so adorable~!

Guess now Flutter have three established couples to play. Looking forward for the next chapter!

I knew a man whose violin was destroyed by evil man, so I can fully relate with Saki bringing violin with her.

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Delayed Inputs (18+) [18/11/23]

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2023 1:23 pm
by Sharp-O

As much as she wants to break away from her past life, there was always going to be something that inextricably tied her to the past and if she has to choose; why not make it a good memory. Maybe the only good memory.

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Okiagari [30/11/23]

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2023 8:35 pm
by Sharp-O


“Up and at ’em, Saki.” A gentle wake-up call brings me out of the deepest sleep I’ve had in a while. I rub my eyes and my vision focuses on the mass of white and green standing over me.

Taro? What time is it?” I wince as I rise, my body not wanting to wake up just yet. The boy who offered me his bed last night waits patiently while I sit up and unzip his hooded jacket, shrugging it off my shoulders.

“It’s about seven-fifteen. I didn’t know what time you usually get up but figured giving you a little over an hour to get ready for school would be fine?”

“I guess I really should head over to the girls’ dorms and get changed.” I get up and stretch out my arms. I look Taro up and down and he’s already ready to go. “What time did you get up?”

“Maybe forty-five minutes ago? I went for a shower and changed into my uniform in there.”

“You… Didn’t have to put yourself out like that… You could have just gotten me up.” I frown a little, partly out of guilt, partly because I missed more shirtless Taro.

“Yeaaaaah, I tried? And you mumbled some curse words at me so I thought it best to let you get some more sleep.” He scratches the back of his neck with a rueful smile and I blush intensely. I’m just nothing but trouble for this poor boy, aren’t I?

“I’m sooo sorry! I should have warned you I can be a real bitch when I’m woken up. You should have flipped the mattress at that point.”

“Eh, I’ve been called worse.” He smirks, offering out my backpack. “Besides, today’s probably gonna suck so better to be well rested. I can swing by the cafeteria and get you some breakfast to go too.”

“Y-you don’t have to d-do that either…” I mutter, suddenly feeling very embarrassed that he’s taking care of me so much. It’s a nice to feel someone cares but it’s also kinda smothering? It’s weird to complain about it but having looked out for myself for so long, it’s an odd feeling.

With all of my stuff gathered up and Taro’s backpack secured on his own back, we creep cautiously out into the hall. I keep checking up and down the corridor as we make our way to the elevator, then to the ground floor. There’s a couple boys around but none seemingly want to engage at such an early hour, much to our combined relief. We make a break across the quad and stop at the entrance to the girls’ dorms.

“I can manage from here, Taro.” I turn on my heel and give him an appreciative smile.

“What do you want for breakfast?” He asks. I’ve never been good at choosing what I want for breakfast. I’d skip it entirely but Taro probably won’t let me.

“If you can get me a yoghurt drink or a rice ball, that’ll tide me over until I can hit a vending machine at break.” I offer and he gives me an incredulous look.

“How about both and a coffee?” He counter-offers and I can’t help but sigh with a smile.

“Sure, but I’m treating you to lunch.”

“Oooh~ Sounds like a date!” A voice rudely crashes through the light conversation and we both know who it is before we see her. I tense up a little as Taro’s dark-skinned classmate trots up behind me and clasps her hand onto my shoulder. Given her track uniform, she must have gone out for a run.

“Here we go…” Taro mutters, a little sigh in his voice. “Morning, Miki. Did you want anything from the cafeteria?”

“Oh, you’re doing food delivery now? Sweet. I want a melon pan, a rice ball, one of those fruity energy drinks Suzu likes, and a bottle of water.” Miki grins widely, rocking me back and forth a little. I give Taro a concerned look and he simply offers an exasperated smile in return.

“Sure, I’ll bring it to class.”

“Isn’t that nice of him, Saki? Isn’t Taro soooo nice?” Miki asks, clearly teasing me, and I hate to say it’s kinda working as my cheeks burn. Taro, thankfully, gives her a look and she releases my shoulder. “Ahhh, I’m just messing with you, Kiki. I have to give shit to all the girls who like Taro.”

Kiki? No one’s given me a nickname before… Wait, how many girls like Taro?

“L-Lemme guess; if I h-hurt him, you’ll k-kill me?” I ask, acting as nervous as if I was meeting his family. That’s what it feels like anyway.

“Oh, I like this one, tons-of-fun.” Miki’s impressed expression shifts from me to Taro before her lips curl into a smirk. “She catches on quick.”

“Then can you make sure that Ritsu doesn’t mess with her while I’m getting food, please?” He asks and she chuckles in a deep way that both does and doesn’t surprise me.

“That’s gonna run you some hot chocolate from the Shanghai but sure thing, my dude.” She thrusts her stump into her hand with a determined look. He shakes his head with a smirk then turns to me.

“I’m gonna go grab your stuff but you’ll be fine with Miki watching your back.” He reassures me.

“Alright, Kiki, get a move on. I’ve got to get showered too, y’know!” Miki shoves me gently and I enter the elevator beside her. I stare at the floor but when I glance sideways to her, I find her scanning me up and down with a look that knows I’m wearing yesterday’s clothes. My eyes snap back to the floor but I can feel her still looking.

“So, I’m guessing you stayed the night at his?” Oh god, now she’s interrogating me! What do I say?

“Y-yeah… I didn’t feel safe here.” It’s partly true. “N-nothing happened though!”

“Didn’t think it would.” She raises an eyebrow at me. “And given the shit you pulled, I’m not surprised. Ritsu’s carved some shit on your door.”

“It’s just a door.”

“Mm. I guess you woulda been ready for the shitstorm you unleashed. You always struck me as the Macky-villain type.”

“Do you mean Machiavellian?” Why are you correcting her?

“That’s what I said, didn’t I?” She shoots me a look and I decide it’s probably better not to annoy her more. We stop on our floor and reach my door first. Sure enough, the word ‘skank’ has been scratched, rather than carved like I thought, into the door.

The math compass used to do it juts out of the door frame for good measure. I trace my fingers along the letters to appreciate the damage.

“Hm, just some scraped paint. I’ve done worse to these doors.” Miki comments. “Pretty sure if you ask Taro nicely, he’d have a paint fix for ya.”

“No, this is my mess. I should clean it up.” I say, wrapping my hand around the embedded compass and yanking it out of my door. I’ll probably have to make show of giving this back. Make sure Ritsu gets the point, so to speak. “Thanks for walking with me, Miki. I know this whole mess is my own fault but I appreciate it all the same.”

“Good, ‘cause it was more for Taro’s peace of mind than yours. And I hope you appreciate that whole ‘you hurt him and I’ll kill you’ thing isn’t a joke. If you break his heart; I will fucking end you.” She flexes the bridge of her nose into a sneer for a split second to punctuate her point before smirking. “Nothing personal, Kiki. Now hurry up; he’ll be back quicker than you think.”

I slip inside my room and lock the door behind me. Might not be personal to her but it definitely feels like it to me. I scan the room and nothing looks out of place. That’s good. I hurry and get changed into my uniform, spritzing myself with anti-perspirant and perfume in lieu of following Miki to the showers. I took one before going to the hospital with Hisao, I can wait ‘til the end of school. Glancing at myself sporadically in the mirror; I follow the same routine as always.

The usual cocktail of riluzole, valporic acid, and thyrotrophin for my ataxia and the COCs for my cycle are downed with a bottle of water that’s been sitting on my bedside table for over 12 hours now. Just a quick swig is all I need for my meds and I throw the bottle in the trash.

I finally come to take off my glasses and pause; putting in my contacts is such a hassle… I continue my prep by combing my hair as neatly as it usually is but I think… I think I’ll keep my glasses on for today.

I gather up my school supplies and slip my backpack onto my shoulders. I take my cane in hand as I slide open my door to find a sweaty-looking Taro about to knock on my door.

“Uh, hi!” He grins, wiping his forehead with his forearm. “You all set?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I shrug with a little smile.

“Cool, grab your stuff from my bag.” Taro turns, thumbing towards his backpack and I fish out the rice ball. I quickly scoff it down as we head into the elevator and out of the dorms.

“I hope Miki didn’t give you too much of a hard time. She’s… Protective.”

“I got that when she threatened to kill me.” I snort with amusement as we walk and talk at a leisurely pace to give me time to eat the rest of my meagre breakfast. “But I understand why she would be.”

I cast an interested look sideways to judge his reaction. Taro looks off ahead of us with an almost wistful smile before shaking his head and our shared attention is drawn behind us.

OI!” We turn and find Miki jogging to catch us. “I thought you were gonna wait for me!” She huffs, looking annoyed as Taro and I share a look.

“I thought I was meeting you in class?”

“Yeah but I wanna eat before class starts, dumbass!” She scowls at him, forcefully turning him on the spot and digging into his backpack for her breakfast goods, transferring them to her messenger bag.

“And I figured you’d be taking the long way to walk Kiki to class.” She punches his bad arm playfully as she tears open her melon pan with her teeth. “You’re a real fuckin’ gentleman, ain’tcha?” I blush a little as she winks in my direction. I really can’t get a read on Miki. She doesn’t seem like she’d hide her feelings so does she like me and is just that protective of Taro or does she want to scare me off?

We reach Class 3-4 and Miki gets caught up in a conversation with Ibarazaki and Tezuka. Doesn’t stop her casting an amused look over her shoulder at me as Taro hands a can of coffee and a water bottle to me. Is this going to be a regular thing until she trusts me around him?

“I hope today doesn’t suck.” He says with a chuckle, drawing my attention to him.

“Thanks, Taro. I hope your day doesn’t suck either.” I giggle back, knowing full well he sits next to Ritsu. That’s gonna be hell for him if she’s heard that we’ve been seen together. I’m sure he can handle it though.

The bell rings and my classmates say bye to Miki, disappearing through the open door. I catch sight of Tezuka showing particular interest in me and Taro as she’s ushered into the classroom by her friend.

“Kiss your gee-eff goodbye, tons-of-fun. We’re gonna be late.” Miki teases.

“Knock it off, Miki.” Taro groans back at his friend, noticeably blushing.

“See you later.” He says offering up a wave as he steps backwards. Since he’s not making a move, I decide to do it and try to pull him into kissing distance by his tie; which comes away in my hand. Fuck!

Miki turns away to snicker at my failure and I just hand Taro his clip-on tie back, face fully red in embarrassment.

“Thanks…” He tries to stifle a laugh of his own and I decide I better get into the classroom before I make an even bigger ass of myself…

I’m stopped by a large hand on my shoulder and a soft peck on my cheek from behind. I hold the feeling against my skin as I watch Taro back off, looking rather sheepish.

Smooth, dude.” Miki says quietly as she leans into him and he pushes her with his shoulder as they head off towards their classroom. I enter my own class to find several curious students leaning on their desks to peer through the door at what just happened.

That’s gonna spread like wildfire.


Taro and Miki are the last to enter class and as he takes his seat behind me, I find my curiosity getting the better of me. I lean over the back of my chair and get his attention.

“Hey Taro, did everything go alright last night?” I ask quietly, trying to give him a knowing look but I’m unsure if he catches my drift. “Did you get your hoodie back?”

Oh! Yeah, I got it, thanks. I assume you helped deliver it?”

“I helped, sure.” I nod with a small smile.

“Cool. I’ll talk to you about it later though, yeah?” He says, gesturing slightly with a sly tilt of his head towards Ritsu. I nod in understanding and turn my attention back to the front, finding Misha looking particularly interested in my hushed conversation.

A loud yawn escapes my lips as I push myself up from my desk, rubbing my head as Akio’s shaking brings me back to the land of the conscious halfway through the break between Math and History.

“Dude, you’re gonna give Snuzu a run for her money if you don’t start getting some proper rest.” He frowns in concern and I can only agree with him. I’ve barely slept the past few days. More cat-napped than anything else.

“I’m not a benchmark to be measured against!” Suzu scowls back at Akio from her seat diagonally in front of me, Akio simply shrugging with his trademark smirk.

“Sorry, Club Prez but even you have to admit he looks like hell.”

“Leave him alone, Akio, come on… The lad’s doing his best all things considered.” Molly interjects, reaching over from her desk and patting my arm.

“I wish people would stop saying that…” I groan, lolling my head back and forth as my phone vibrates in my pocket. I fish it out and read the message from Rui.

[Good morning, Hisao. I hope you’re well! Just a heads-up that the doctor’s are going to begin bringing Rika out of her coma this afternoon. It’ll be before you and Fuuka finish for the day but I’ll be here until you arrive.]

“Holy shit…” My eyes go wide, a genuine wide-mouthed smile forming on my face. “Guys! Rika might be waking up today!”

A chorus of cheers and clapping erupts from Akio, Suzu, and Molly around me as I quickly send a message off to Fuuka and receive an excited reply back.

[That’s amazing news, Hisao! We’re going straight to the hospital, right?]

I feel a swell of emotion as I begin chuckling to myself, not quite able to believe that I could finally talk to Rika again.

Hey.” Akio draws my attention to him as he places a hand on my shoulder with a genuine smile. “I’m happy for you, dude.”

“Make sure to give her our love.” Molly’s hand joins Akio’s on my shoulder and I sniffle, nodding rapidly.

“Thanks, guys.”

The sense of excitement is hard to hide between us as I gently push Fuuka’s chair faster through the hospital. We reach the ICU and greet the nurse who usually is here waiting for us and she’s more than happy to wave us through. We reach Rika’s room and find Rui waiting for us in her hospital scrubs.

“I half-expected you two to be here as soon as school let out. Like you’d just teleport here or something.” Rui chuckles as she hugs us both in turn. “Now, I have good news and bad news…”

I place my hand on Fuuka’s shoulder when I see her shiver a little. Rui smiles softly and holds her hands up, no doubt worried she may cause a reaction like she did a week ago.

“It’s nowhere near as bad as last time, don’t worry. Rika’s heart is working fine and she’s breathing on her own but she hasn’t come around just yet; sorry to tell you. It can be a slow process bringing someone out of a coma, but giving her auditory and physical stimuli will help.”

“So just keep doing what we’ve been doing?” Fuuka asks and Rui nods.

“It’s all we can do but the fact that she’s off those machines is a great sign.”

I rub my eyes as Fuuka is the first to enter Rika’s room, leaving me alone with Rui. She places a hand on my shoulder as I turn away from her, wiping away the errant tears that started before she explained the situation. “Sorry… I just needed a second.”

“It’s okay, Hisao. I know.” Rui squeezes my shoulder. “I hoped she’d just spring up as soon as the process started but… Being both a doctor and a mother can be like fighting against your own nature sometimes. The mother hopes and the doctor rationalises. I know it wasn’t going to be instant but…”

“She always did like to sleep.” I chuckle, placing my hand on hers and looking back. “And she’s been through a lot; can’t blame her for wanting a little more. Just wish I could sleep like she does.”

“I wasn’t going to say it…” She pulls on my shoulder and wraps me in a one-armed hug, guiding me towards the door.

“My classmates have been reminding me at every opportunity, believe me. It’s just hard to relax.”

“I know… But it won’t be long now. C’mon, I’m sure she’ll want to hear about your day.” Rui jostles my shoulder as she slides the door open and we find Fuuka being very animated with her arms.

“-an’t believe I didn’t bring a damn co-oooome in, guys! I was just telling Rika about the cookies Jiro baked for me.” Fuuka greets us, looking flustered and embarrassed in equal measure. I would question her on what she was saying but I doubt it’s appropriate with Rui present.

I’m sure Rika was enjoying whatever sordid yarn Fuuka was spinning though. Fuuka regales us with stories about some, honestly, amazing-sounding cookies her new boyfriend baked and some of the goings-on of her class. Rui talks about work, thankfully avoiding anything to do with skin being torn off this time, and talks a little about her new partner but not nearly as much as Fuuka.

Then my turn came and I know I haven’t really done anything of note over the past few days. Bringing Saki with me was the highlight and Rika already knows about that. I reach into my backpack and retrieve her DS. I open it up and fire up Pokémon Diamond to show her my progress, what little I’ve made anyway.

“Molly told me that there’s day-specific events for this so I went back to the flower town and picked up this little balloon guy that appears only on Fridays.” I explain as I bring up the team screen. “Do you know what this thing’s deal is? It’s insane.”

I explain to Rika, and the room, that Drifloon tries to kidnap children but can’t because it’s a balloon so children drag it around instead.

“And this is a game popular with children?” Rui chimes-in with a perturbed expression that only makes Fuuka’s snickering louder.

“A lot darker than Donkey Kong, huh?” I smirk, not really knowing how old Rui is and hoping she doesn’t take offence.

“Definitely… Though I guess it’s kinda funny that something so evil is also so ineffectual.”

“Don’t tell her about Cubones; Rika would never forgive us if she could never play Pokémon again.” Fuuka doubles over as I search my brain for what a Cubone is…

I left the DS running with the Floaroma Town music playing on low while Fuuka tried to argue that Pokémon isn’t nearly as dark as it seems from two Pokédex entries. I thought the music might help Rika a little but, honestly, it was just a nice calm tune.

I rest my head against my arms as I gently stroke Rika’s arm; listening to the ambient sound of the music as well as Fuuka and Rui. I allow myself to close my eyes. Just for a moment. Just… AMo-*



… …

… … …


Continue Main Game?

Re: Flutter Bonus Levels (One-Shots) - Okiagari [30/11/23]

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2023 3:30 pm
by Feurox

Another great upload! Feel a touch sympathetic to Ritsu, even if she's taking her anger out on the wrong person.

Great work Sharp! Looking forward to what comes next. Classic tee up with Rika at the end there ;)