Digital Artist, & etc.

We are not actively looking for more staff at the moment.
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Digital Artist, & etc.

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Hello! I recently found this project through a friend, and after falling in love with act 1, I figured maybe instead of just sitting around and waiting for the rest of the game to be released I could actually help out with the process! c:

Ahh, I don't presume to modify or change the style of the art direction any- this is just some fanart. :> I have been, however, painting in photoshop for a number of years now so I am rather familiar with its workings.

I do have an online gallery to show a greater variety of work, but I'd rather not disclose that publicly, so if you're interested in seeing more of what I do I can always send you a pm later.

Aside from general artistic experience, I have also done some work as a writer and an editor (not professionally). I don't have any recent examples of such work handy, but I'm just throwing things out there. I took orchestral music lessons when I was younger, but have since then moved on to tinkering with synth instruments and digital compositions- ah, I'm not a very good song writer, but I do find music fascinating and may be able to help provide constructive feedback on the tunes before they're finalized for the final release, or something. :>!

That about sums it up.

I have a fair amount of free time to devote to a project such as this, so I hope to be of use.


Re: Digital Artist, & etc.

Post by Jaen »

I dunno if I can comment here, but oh well:

You've really got great art skills there, even if the style is a bit off. With such skills I think you'll be able to adapt to the game style easily.
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Re: Digital Artist, & etc.

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Pitiful teabag, you have scorned me.
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Re: Digital Artist, & etc.

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Although your artwork is very nice, our art team is already currently bloated, and we aren't accepting any new artists at this time. Thank you for offering to help anyway.
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Re: Digital Artist, & etc.

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Thats some nice art work you have there! :shock: