TcDohl's on vacation!

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TcDohl's on vacation!

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For the next few weeks, I'll be on vacation from the project to focus on school. I've been gathering the people that will do my job for the meanwhile, and here's how it will be:

Aura will take over the project coordination part of my job, so look to him for guidance.
Deltanonymous and Lacan will do some programming work. Lacan will put the scenes into the script file and do style guide edits. He and Delta will work together on the new UI look and feel.

I'll be gone from the project mainstream until Crud goes off on his vacation, and after he comes back, I'll go off on another two-week vacation. I'll still be watching, but only really the boards, and possibly logging the IRC channel (I mainly download anime from IRC). But I'll try to not be tempted by the siren song of the project, since I'm up over my head in work.

Also, please don't take this as a sign to slow down. Keep doing your work, and have plenty of work for me when I come back (;_;).

And if you see me chatting on IRC, tell me to GTFO since I'm not supposed to be on.
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