Developer Diaries, chapter 4

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Developer Diaries, chapter 4

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All right, i think the forums renewal is more or less finished now. I the (unlikely) case we will actually move to our registered domain in unforeseeable future, that's the one last forum move we will ever do. Anyway, soon lurkers can't see behind the scenes anymore, but in trade, working alpha versions will be public right away and i'll post stuff in News every now and then.

What else... i posted three new scenes this week and the rest of the writers have posted parts of their festival scenes as well. Emi FINALLY got an official writer as our editor Hivemind decided to give it a go. Now we have the full team together for the first time in the eight months the game has been in developement...except for our little artist problem, meaning that we need sprite/CG artist(s) again.

The game now has ~82 000 words written and the act 1 is completely written save for one little scene which nobody bothered to do. Good job. A considerably lesser amount is in actual ren'py code but maybe it'll catch up.

Download of the week is Emi's theme music. MIDI OGG
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