Developer Diaries, chapter 3

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Developer Diaries, chapter 3

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Soooo, new flashy phpBB3 forums at a different location, as well as a pretty hardcore forum restructuring. We also start IRCing less and posting moar from now on.

In other news, we got our fourth writer which is super, but we are still missing our fifth path writer so that's not too super. As for progression, i wrote a few scenes this week but didnt post them and Crud turned in chapter two of Hanako's festival scene. Nicol managed to compose three more tracks, especially Emi's theme is lovely. Despite her real life burden, Skim drew more sketches of the girls and we are preparing for the sprites. I'm not sure if frump made the BGs yet or if he is aiming for the last night frenzy. Tc put together an improved version of the first day alpha: ...

Next week's saturday is another arbitrary deadline with extremely tough goals... let's see who makes it and who doesn't.
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