Congratulations from Poland

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Congratulations from Poland

Post by Renald »

Hi Everyone!

I am Filip and I come from Poland. I suppose that You could not know - Poland is a medium size country in the center of the Europe. Poland is called also “The Second Japan”, but only between people here, i guess :).

I am writing to tell You Guys that Your game is famous even in our country. I mean between people who are interested in anime, manga and that kind of things. I am really glad that fans for fans create enterprise like that and I can see results of Your work with so ease.

I really like your game, especially that mystery girl with scars on her face. She is my favorite character. Moreover idea of Your game is really interesting and superb.

Do your best in your work everyone!

I am really looking forward to see full version of your game.
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Re: Congratulations from Poland

Post by Xynar »

Second Japan? Sounds interesting, care to elaborate?
I choose Lilly... because love is blind!
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Re: Congratulations from Poland

Post by Blue123 »

Thank you for your comments.

Re: Congratulations from Poland

Post by Jaen-ni-rin »

What? Second Japan?
Now, I'm from Poland and it's first time I hear it. The "second Japan" bit that is.

Anyway, before I came across - completely by chance - Katawa Shoujo I weren't into VN (well, one of reasons for that is that here in Poland consoles aren't too popular and VNs are console exclusive mostly), but I'm now head over heels in love with the concept and the execution.
I really love the writing flair KS has. The bits about for eg. the gate or feminist conspiracy totally crack me up. The art is also great - whoever draws Misha (she seriously needs a path for herself) is a genius; Shizune, Lilly and Hanako (library couch art is great!) are great too, with Emi and Rin (I know feet are difficult to draw, but they aren't entirely right in her introductory pic) not being too far behind as well - if a bit uneven in terms of quality (especially visible in the class shot). I know one person can't draw everything, but the less you show different artist side by side the less jarring this will be. And the class shot is the only part where it is visible, so I think it's all good.
Also, I loved introductory movie - it just oozes style and awesomeness.

There was only one thing I really disliked - the way the perspective changed to Hisao's POV in the introduction to show heart thumping. It felt kinda weird that Iwanako wasn't there and it also caught me a bit off guard (maybe it's customary to change POV in such way in VNs. Dunno). It could be a bit better integrated.

I hope you will get the game done solidly and soon, since the first act totally left me wanting more.
Also I don't know what exactly are the translation terms, but since summer vacations are approaching I would be more than glad to translate KS into Polish. That is if there would be any demand for that.

All in all - keep it up^^
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Re: Congratulations from Poland

Post by saiuto »

Hi there,
here comes another guy from Poland.
So, about the game: act 1 was really awesome, especially writing. So far it appears that characters I like the most are Lilly and Hanako (man, they are so cute ^^). The graphics and music are also well done. One thing seemed to be most intriguing - it appears that the title of one song in the game is "Wiosna" which actually means "Spring" in Polish language. I ache full release of the game though, but it seems that I'll have to wait a lot for some more *sigh*.

About the case of "second Japan":
I've heard about it once or twice, but the true about it is that it has two meanings.
One is that our politicians used to promise that Poland would become the second Japan (they meant economy) and lately it gets more and more possible (due to both improvement of Polish and weakening of Japanese one - yeah, partially thanks to the crisis). What is more, now that circumstances aren't so comforting and Poland is sadly becoming second Japan.
Second meaning is that in various Polish environments of manga/anime/Japan/Japanese culture fans is such huge identification and bond with Japanese culture that they somehow "transfer" this foreign culture into their own lives and changing little by little our, Polish culture into Japanese one. Although most of them are claiming that it's fact, I can't tell the difference. I think that the changes exist only in those small environments of Polish fans, because I don't see other people being more Japanese or so anyway. I have nothing against it, on the contrary I love Japan, Japanese culture, anime, manga, Japanese styled games and so on and I'd like seeing Poland becoming second Japan, but... well, for me it doesn't so far.

Once again: thanks for the act 1, you did great work and I'm looking forward for the full version.
And some words to Jaen-ni-rin: It seems that whole team of translators is needed to translate this game, so if you don't mind working with me in one team, contact me on my e-mail (saiutosan[AT]

Best regards,
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