Help for op movie?

We are not actively looking for more staff at the moment.
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Help for op movie?

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Do you need someone to create an op movie or any other movies for the game? I'm volunteering my skills to help out.
I've been involved in broadcast graphics for 8 years now and I've gone through a lot of bishoujo games so I've seen my fair share of op movies~
Stuff I use for motion graphics: Eyeon Fusion / Nuke / Flame / Inferno / Vizrt (unusual but fast).

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Re: Help for op movie?

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As with everything else, if you're looking to join, the best way to do it isn't by posting "Look how Awesome I am!".

Put soemthing together and whack it up on the Oekaki board. If you pique enough interest then we'll come looking for you...
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