A year of production!

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A year of production!

Post by cpl_crud »

You and TcDohl are in charge now. You don't need the Core Team to guide you. Just push on and be wise.

Good luck.
And that was pretty much it.
There was a bit of pre warning, what with the old "Core team" decided t oself destruct and all, but this unceremonious private message was basically the start of the Katawa Shoujo that we have all come to know and love.

I am currently torn between writing another circle-jerking anniversary rant and just going to bed, so I suppose I'll just go to bed. But at least we can all guage our progress by this date, as opposed to the lunacy that was pre-production.

Also, as a side note, I was teh 186th person to join those original forums. I only noticed that now.

Peace out.
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Re: A year of production!

Post by ukshadow »

1 year already?

You mean to tell me I have been lurking here for a year?

I wish I could contribute in something... :(