Weekly Report: 23-Jun-07

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Weekly Report: 23-Jun-07

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Eh, my wonderful CAD drawings will have to go unnoitced this week, as I'm in teh process of changing servers.
Anyway, there's a lot more colours and a lot less "red block of doom" that was the original Grid 2.

I've recently posted the reviewed "Mud Map" for Grid 2, so we can all see what we're in for. Unlike the 50-scene monstrositythat I orignally envisaged, we're now down to a stately 24. So, if everyone starts getting into gear, we should have this section down pat by the end of July.

In the writing stakes, we've finally come to a rough idea of Shizune's Scenario. I have also thought at length about Hanako's scenario, however I haven't had time to put it to paper.
On that note, wenow have writesr for three of the paths.
Anon 22 will be writing for Shizune, StirFriedWeasel for Lilly and myself for Hanako.
Slots are still open for Emi and Rin, so if you'd like to take on those paths, let me know.

Also, should you find yourself writing a path, but you don't like parts of the scenario, gimme a hoy and we'll discuss changes.

In the art world, the trickle of sprites is looking good, I'll start writing up more CG requests as time moves on. For now, I really just want to have as many varied sprites as possible so that TC and I can go through grid one and block it.

I should have my new (faster) server by this time next week. I'll post the details here.
Lordi is also apparently close to having his sever, so we might 9finally) be able to have a dedicated website.