Weekly Report: 16-Jun-07

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Weekly Report: 16-Jun-07

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Okay, so I'm a day late.
Sue me.

It seems to me tha we're finally starting to gain momentum.
Let's take a moment to reflect on the Flowchart, shall we?

Ain't that something?

In addition to the amount that has been written, ivemidn has edited a good portion of those scenes (with a new batch posted today I see). Tc has been intergrating the scenes into Renpy, and we now have a swag of sprites to choose from.
I will *hopefully* start blocking these scenes properly this week.
I will also have B-01 written by the end of your weekend.

The two main areas that we're lacking are backgrounds and music. I know TDK has it tough in his solitary department, but fight-o nanodesu!
Also, all of the tunes that I recorded from thte carillon are "classical" works, and hence you can use them for "inspiration".

Backgrounds... well, yeah. I'd like to see the semi-photo type things that you see in Higurashi and the like. I've posted two photopacks of the USyd building (in the Carillon thread) that you can use. this is the cloest buildign I've seen to what I've pictured as the main building, however it wil need to be photoshopped to put the carillon tower in the corner.

If there's any particualy angles that you want to see of that building, let me know. It looks like I'll be making a few carillon recordings.

As for teh great hall adn the dorms, we have few traditional japanese buildings in sydney. I have one idea, but that will require more free time than I have.

As an aside, I will either have more or less free time in the coming weeks. The project that I was working on (Audio control of the Opera Theatre) is now offically "complete". However, it seems that people noticed my work, and it is possible that I might be gettign more work as a result. Only time will tell how this pans out.

We've got a few more scenes that need to be written, and writers need to start thinking about who wants which path. At the current rat,e I foresee us hitting the Trunks in about 3-4 weeks, give or take.