Weekly Report: 08-Jun-07

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Weekly Report: 08-Jun-07

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Hi again everyone, it seems that I've made it ot teh second of these weekly reports.

First up, the skeleton:

as you can see, we've now got Grid 1 pretty much covered. To those of you writing those last few scenes, best of luck; I'm looking forward to seeing some results.

However, this week the writign team has been dealt a pretty serious blow. After a fair amount of deliberation, TheHivemind has stepped down from his position as Head Writer. HE hopes to continue as our main editor, however he is unable to meet the commitment required by the project. And that's fair enough. PROTIP: Never let the internet interfere with what real lives you have (or if you're lucky enough to have a lot of real lives, don't let it interfere with that).
Well, you make your own priorities. I'm not going to critisize nor condemn anyone for that.

Anyway, this leaves us in a bit of a bind. For now, however, we will be assigning a writer to each path. That writer will become solely responsible for that path, under the guidance of TC and myself. Should you be one of these people, feel free to make use of the other writers around, just so long as you get your paths written.

What I'd like from each of these wirters is a scenario (for Hanako and Shizune), and some idea of how you're breakign down those paths into scenes. Just as we've been doing the grid, I'd like to see a scene-by-scene outline before we get too ahead of ourselves.

I'm accepting applications for these positions, however I may also be randomly assigning them. (and don't think you'll lay a finger on Hanako's route unless you've got a damned good reason :p).

In the art world, I'm liking a lot of the sprites taht are coming out of the woodwork, however I'd like to see more work on teh backgrounds. I'll be taking photos of teh USyd buildings this weekend (hopefully) to use as templates for the Main building. These will require some photoshopping, so if you're skilled with the 'ole pirated software, gimme a hoy.

IN music land, TDK is still suffereing in silence. If you've ever played an instrument, or made up your own tune to whistle, then drop him a line. I intend to do somthing... when I havethe time. Hopefully I'll finally be able to record the USyd Carillon this weekend, however it's raining cats and dogs here, so that might not be an option.

Apart from that, we look to be almost on track for teh goals of the second blitz, so good work all. Finally, just to show that I do actually think about y'all at work: