When and how did you start playing KS?

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When and how did you start playing KS?

Post by Sleepy_0 »

I started about 3 months ago.

On Namuwiki (a different wiki from Wikipedia in Korea), there is a "random article" feature. When I'm bored, I sometimes click it, and that's where KS came up. Out of curiosity, I started reading the wiki article, and after avoiding spoilers, I downloaded the game and started playing.

I feel a bit regretful that I started so late.

Additionally, I only discovered the KS Forums recently. When I first found them, I was surprised that people were still active there.

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Re: When and how did you start playing KS?

Post by OtakuNinja »

Started playing just before the game was released after reading about it in the newspaper. Wasn't disappointed

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Re: When and how did you start playing KS?

Post by DerailedOmegaMale »

KS was the 2nd VN I ever played. I didn't like the 1st one.
As a result in the beginning I wasn't interested in KS even though I was aware that it existed. But later in the same year when KS was released I saw the picture below and it convinced me to try reading KS after all. My reaction to KS was wa-a-ay more dramatic then just sitting in the dark in front of some empty booze bottles. (I'd not look at this forum more than 10 years afterwards otherwise, right?)

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Re: When and how did you start playing KS?

Post by nl4real »

Found it through Chilled Chaos' Let's Play.

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Re: When and how did you start playing KS?

Post by DarkWizard41 »

I played it after reading about it on /v/... about 6 years ago, when I was still in high school. Time does fly, huh? I read it at the perfect time in my life, and I spent MONTHS ruminating on it afterwards. I think like Persona 3, it hits harder when you play it at that age, when you can really fit into the protagonist's shoes at that vulnerable, transitional part of your life where you are ready to question what you are and both fear/hope for the future.

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