Game Stopped Running After 4-5 Months

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Game Stopped Running After 4-5 Months

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I have been playing KS from about 4-5 months now and it ran fine everytime I played it. But today, it suddenly stopped working and displayed an error, "The specified module could not be found.LoadLibrary(pythondll) failed" When I click OK another pop-up appears, "C:\Users\hp\Desktop\Katawa Shoujo\PYTHON25.DLL". Also, I recently installed a Japanese locale emulator to play some more VNs that I had downloaded recently, and I think it is the culprit. Then I uninstalled the locale emulator, but KS still doesn't run. I need help, this was my first and most favorite VN. :(
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Re: Game Stopped Running After 4-5 Months

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Hmm, it does sound like a file has been deleted or moved somewhere. I'm no expert though.
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