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Fullscreen on KS

Post by MegaRizwan20 »

So I was playing Katawa Shoujo in fullscreen and the game was working as it should be with the black bars on the right and left sides. I accidentally pressed FN and Spacebar which caused the game to get rid of the black bars. I tried FN + Spacebar again to see if that would reverse the problem but it didn't work. It just feels weird having the game stretch to my whole monitor. My question is how do I get them back because this doesn't feel right. My graphics card is Intel integrated graphics 4600 HD. I am also using a windows 8.1 OS. Tell me if you need any other information. Please help.
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Re: Fullscreen on KS

Post by erundil »

The problem is your monitor. "FN key" means a laptop/notebook. Most monitors these days have the option to either add the black bars or stretch the image.
The thing is it all depends on the monitor.

a) Try reading your laptop's manual to figure how to fix it.
b) Try same buttons blindly, and the buttons close to those you used to break it.
c) Post the name of the company that manufactured your laptop (Acer, HP, Asus, and so on) or even better the full name of your laptop (not the parts in it, the laptop itself (eg. Asus MX-1915t). Maybe someone here has a similar notebook and will tell you how it works.
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