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Re: Rate each path in KS

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It's a bit hard to rate each one, since each girl appeals to more a different kind of person. So, an explanation of my rating system.
10/10 - Exceeded Expectations with flying colours.
5/10 - Met expectations, would remark upon only if asked.
0/10 - Felt nonexistent or was just too poorly done to justify release.

Rin - 10/10 - Grabbed me, sent me through the rollercoaster, I reflected a lot about myself and her.
Lilly - 10/10 - See above. However, more upbeat. Definitely keep it stored for when I need a pick-me-up.

Hanako 9/10 - I could really relate to this character, and I felt the writing was spot-on, as with all the routes. However, she didn't pull me in nearly as much as Rin/Lilly by the end of the game.

Emi - 7/10 - I actually really enjoyed this route, however, certain aspects of the character were not too relatable for me at certain points.

Shizune - 5/10 - Although the route was well written and the character obviously had value to her, she didn't entice me at all.

Misha - 4/10 - You know, this route was actually really nice, but I found the platforming bit to beat the dragon at the end a little too hard for my tastes. Perhaps I'm just not "hardcore" enough.
Lilly = Rin > Hanako > Emi > Misha > Shizune

I'm back in action.
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