My first even VN

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My first even VN

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Hi, I'm new here. I'd like to write about my thoughts on how amazing this game truly is. Before that, I would like to share a few things.

Visual Novels, I've never even heard of such things until I watched Clannad. When I found out about VN's, my research and explorations lead my to believe that VNs are just H-games or pointless text based games. From that, I ignored VNs and went back to watching more anime. I encountered the bizarre and amazing School Days. It was amazingly terrible; I loved it. Little did I know that School Days is actually a VN! I was ready to buy it and I looked into it and the H content was a little too much for me. I still gave VNs another shot. I checked out Clannad VN but thought it'd be uninteresting because I really hated that ending in the After Story. With more research, I stumbled upon Tomoyo After. Oh my gosh! just reading about it made my heart churn! I looked into 'Let's Plays' on Youtube and the H content was too much for me and the rate E version had ridiculous replacement scenes that I'd rather the H version. Well, this hasn't been a nice welcome for me into this 'genre' of gaming. Yesterday, I was bored and ready to man up and buy a VN. These things can get expensive! I pulled back and looked up a free VN and encountered this amazing game.

With that said, I went into this with the notion that this game will have the weirdest and grossest H-scenes that are poorly done with horribly drawn art and a lame-O storyline. You can say that my standards for this is extremely low. I opened the game and saw gorgeously drawn characters, very nice effects on the background and still frames of the characters, and the music that I would seriously pay for! I was expecting some weird H thing within the first 10 minutes but I was mistaken. It actually took me HOURS before I encountered my first H scene!

Because of my wrongful stigma against VNs, I went into this game thinking of scoring the hottest looking chick to get the most action. I felt bad about this notion the more I delved into the game. Most of the characters are cool, likeable, and pretty distinct.The only ones I disliked were Rin and Kenji because they're too random but I know that's their intended design. I can't make full jugements yet as I've only finished two routes Act I's death and Emi's Good ending...I suppose it is, it ended with Hisao knowing that he's going to stick by Emi. I know they're not real but they felt very real and human . At some point, I was able to look past their looks and disabilities except Kenji's. I was amazed to see that these characters had a certain strength to them that I'm not sure I could muster if I am in any of their situations. It changed my outlook in life. I used to be awkward around disables people, worse I try to avoid them. Now, I don't mind them anymore and I want to help them. I honestly didn't consider getting a girlfriend (after high school), let alone a disabled one. Now, I'm finding myself to reconsider. I think to myself that if my partner would be as amazing, strong, and human as these cartoon character, they're worth more than the normal girls I encounter who are nothing but superficial. BUT I STILL WOULDN'T JOG EVERY FREAKIN' MORNING!!! :lol:

It also helped that Hisao's responses would closely resemble my options. The descriptions of the situation and setting almost made me feel I was there. Hisao's expressions and opinions were heart felt that I can almost sympathize with him even when I would disagree. On Emi's route, I can feel her emotions and her happiness. When she's disappointed/mad, I can feel that too. I felt bad when she's mad and I laugh when she seemed stupid. I can also say that I was actually happy when I see her and sad when she's not at the track. I almost felt like I was Hisao when I play the game. I really like that.

After my multiple untimely end in act 1, I just started playing the game normally. Well, my fear for my health led me to Emi. Her story is AMAZING! I've never ever cried before for an anime/show/book/game. The only two that almost did was in Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin when I watched Kenshin love his wife and kill his wife and in Clannad's Tomoyo OVA. I was about to shed a tear when Hisao confessed his love for her and told her he'll always be by her side. Emi broke down and accepted her true feelings. The problems along the way and the relationship were beautiful. The best way to describe what I experienced from this game's storyline is innocent and beautiful.

The H scenes...well one of them felt 100% wrong. At least, the game showed that anal isn't great. The other's I can understand a little. Except for that 100% wrong scene, the H scenes weren't horribly done and didn't feel very forced. I thought the H scenes with Emi would be very weird but it didn't. Even then, I was able to ignore that she looks like a 12 year old and her disabilities. If this is the full extent of how far H scenes would go in this game, I wouldn't mind it.

This is a very nice welcome for me to the world of VNs. This game is amazing I'd give it a range of 93 out of 100. I guess, I'm stepping into what I thought was the dark side and add VNs to my list of gaming preferences. Again, this has been a very fun experience and keep up the GREAT work 4LS. I'll pray of another one from you guys.

I can't wait to do the other routes and endings! Thanks 4LS, this is a very fun game!
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