Amazing game!

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Amazing game!

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I'll be honest, when I first heard about this game (And it's origins on 4-chan) I was sceptical about what the quality was going to be... But boy was I blown away with the result.

This game is much better than any of the games like this that cost money, I was also blown away by the quality of the writing (both grammar/spelling and in storytelling) I've only completed Hanako's story arc... and WOW the story was amazing, I felt the awkwardness of the sex scene and for the people calling it 'rape' seriously? sure, being outside observers we can easily say it was probably not something that should have happened, however we have to remember that these are just meant to be school kids, you know, hormones, naivety, the fact that Hanako admits herself she willingly had sex under false premises... Shit, if that's the case then remove the Barney Stinson character from How I Met Your Mother, because he's a rapist! (I mean after all, women only have sex with him because of the lies he concocts)

EDIT: I'm mostly through Shizune's story, at the first sex scene, now if anything can be considered rape it's that scene, He had no real choice in the matter and was forced to cum inside her.
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Re: Amazing game!

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Biomorph wrote:This game is much better than any of the games like this that cost money...
If you have time, let us know what you've read and played before. Give us a bit of context.

I remember being a new VN fan, reading Season of the Sakura and having good things to say about it. Not too much later, I read Kana Little Sister and then Private Nurse, and being thoroughly impressed. It's been years since then. About half of the visual novels that I like these days are freeware, and half are flawed but interesting commercial games.
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