Developer Diaries, chapter 5

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Developer Diaries, chapter 5

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So, we decided to make a big push towards a palpable milestone and concentrate on finishing Emi's path as fast as possible. A three-month period where all possible resources are used to bring the sprinter girl's story alive began on 12th. On January 12th we'll see how far we have come. This piles quite a bit of work on some of the team members, most notably Hivemind, the writer, but i think it'll turn out just fine.

This is great because now we can stop bickering about Shizune's hair color for at least three months and get some work done.

So anyway, while Hivemind is buying a stock of new keyboards we are figuring out how much stuff is needed for one game path. The number of sprites, the number of backgrounds, the number of music tracks, the number of CGs. Pretty hard to decide on a fixed number so maybe we'll just wing it.

In other news, sprite reproduction has started, Nicol composed a track that blew up my earphones and Tc is not really on vacation. Delta started constructing the GUI for the game, starting with the main menu. Oh and last week sucked for almost everyone, this week will suck for me 'cause of midterms and the week after this doesn't suck since we get rid of Crud who leaves for Japan for a month or so. Bon Voyage!

Character personality differences across the paths were discussed a while ago. Is it a strength or weakness that some characters have somewhat different personalities, depending on who is writing? Also, mystery of the week is, why do Emi and Rin get along so well? This question merited some indepth psychoanalysis.
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