Wanna Help

We are not actively looking for more staff at the moment.
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Wanna Help

Post by atat »

Want to help, let's see...

Rusty English to German - (VERY Rusty)
Background artist (I'm pretty decent)
and I spent several years working with disabled people as a direct care giver.

I will post a few samples in a while, right now I'm at school (Studying to become nurse).
Also I'll need to scetch a background, as for my writing I'm sure I can scrounge something up. Mostly trippy stuff, kinda like an acid trip with out the acid. Beatnick style (I hate the beatnicks though, ironic really)
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Re: Wanna Help

Post by yoru »

Hey there,
Can't tell you anthing about the writer or background part, but regarding the German translation:

The knowledge of the language you want to translate into is more important than the knowledge of the language you want translate out of.
I had people ask me wether they could help translate, and could speak wonderful English, but horrifying German.

We are pretty much complete at this point.
We have 2 translators, 3 Translation Checkers, 3 Editors, 3 Proofreaders.
I am thinking about getting one more translator, but that would only be a possibility, if the translation style of that person would fit into the style of the others + he would most probably have to have expirience in translating.
The only position where people are still accepted is proofreader.
But, the proofreader won't have access to the script at this point of translation, but will only be able to check the game for errors before it is released.
So the only point where proofreader and downloaders of the game differ, is in the responsibility and the time where they get the game.
Proofreader will have to check for errors, but will be able to play the game much earlier.
Something like a closed beta, with milestones.(first proofreader run will be with 50% of the first act completely done(translated, checked,edited))

As a side note:
I am still searching for somebody who is extremely picky with German.
That person would not even have to speak english, but only be so extremly picky with German, that he would question every sentence^^
Something like a middle part between Editor and Proofreader.

If you have any questions, pm me or visit us on IRC: