For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (Updated 11/1/19)


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For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (Updated 11/1/19)

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You read that right, this is another attempt at a Misha route.

Act 1 Conclusion (You Are Here)

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Act 2 Scene 2 Part 1 Part 2
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Act 4 Scene 1 Part 1 Part 2 (18+) (Disable Adult Content) Part 3
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BONUS: April Fool's Bad End (Follows Act 3, Scene 6)

A little context for this first part, because it's a little different: The Act 1 scenes were written as if they were integrated into the game itself (but in prose form rather than script form). Events start in the "Shanghaied" scene, following the "Slow Recovery" route. Hisao tried to keep up with Emi, his heart gave out, he came late to class, and he agreed to have lunch with Misha and Shizune. The next day, they go to the Shanghai, Hisao and Shizune face off, and Shizune challenges him to make it back to Yamaku before she does.

… I wonder if it's too late to go back to the shop and ask Misha for directions.

The last time I let my competitive spirit get the best of me, I nearly died. Retracing our steps, I find Misha just outside the Shanghai.

“Hey, Misha!”

She looks up, surprised to hear my voice. “Hicchan? I thought you left with Shicchan?”

“Yeah, I got caught up in her challenge. Sorry about leaving you to pay the tab.”

Now I feel like even more of a jerk for running out like that, but Misha looks more confused than annoyed. “Eh? Don't you remember? Shicchan said she was paying for it. Hahaha!”


A mischievous smile creeps onto her face. “So, why'd you come back, Hicchan? Did you miss me~?”

“Shizune kinda ditched me, and I don't really know how to get back to school...” I explain sheepishly.

“Wahahaha! Don't worry~, Hicchan! Between the two of us, we won't be lost for too long!”

That is not what I was hoping to hear, but it's something, I guess.


As we try to puzzle our way back to school, Misha seems to be debating something with herself.



“When we get back, we have more work to do...” she explains, apologetically.

“I know.”

Misha is clearly shocked by this revelation. “You do? How could you know that?”

“You two are pretty obvious with your bait and switch tactics.”

“That's mean, Hicchan! We were celebrating you joining the Student Council!”

A pause, then her expression softens. “We do have lots of work, though... And we could really use your help...”

Time to come clean. “I was planning on helping out. That's why I didn't try to escape.”

“You... want to help?” For some reason she seems truly surprised by this development.

“You two really care a lot about this student council work, and I'd feel bad walking away. It's not like you'd give up if I didn't help, so I really have no choice.”

It's surprisingly easy to talk to Misha when Shizune's not around. It's hard to keep secrets around that cheerful personality.

“But,” she continues, not entirely convinced, “why were you fighting it so hard until now?”

“You know Shizune better than I do,” I casually explain, “it's obvious she wouldn't be satisfied if I made it easy for her to get my help.”

“Wahahahaha! That's right, Hicchan~! Shicchan wouldn't want your help if it was too easy!”


In about half an hour, we make it back to the school. We find Shizune in the main lobby, a furious expression on her face.

Back to the two-man, one voice act, and Shizune's wasting no time in making accusations. “You lose, Hicchan. Asking for help is against the rules.”

“What? There was no rule against asking for help,” I object halfheartedly. Unfair rules aside, she clearly beat us here anyway.

As usual, Shizune's signs are sharp and terse while she glares daggers. Misha's translation conveys none of this, of course. “Asking for help admits weakness. You lose~.”

I really shouldn't be fighting this. I did lose fair and square after all. But she's making this personal, now. “Admitting weakness? Do you play chess with only a king?”

And there it is, her competitive smile. This isn't an argument anymore. It's another game. She throws another volley of signs, which Misha dutifully translates. “Wahahaha! So you're the king now, Hicchan? Is Misha your pawn? Hey! Why do I have to be a pawn? I want to be a horsey~!”

It still feels weird when Misha injects herself into the conversation halfway through the translation. I can't really fault her for wanting to take part in the conversation, though. Either way, we're wasting time, and I'd rather not be stuck here working all day. “You know what? Forget it. I lost. Now what's the work you want me to help you with?”

Shizune is taken aback. She didn't expect me to give in so quickly, I guess. She recovers in short order, and begins signing with a smirk, “I hadn't said anything about student council work, but now that you mention it... Sorry, Shicchan, I spilled the beans, he knows we have work to do. It was hard work, but~ I managed to convince him that we needed his help! Ahahaha!”

Shizune gives Misha an approving smile, but keeps a close eye on me to make sure I don't make a break for it at the last second.


It turns out that we still need to attach signs to backing boards. The sheer number we need to put together is overwhelming, but I've gotten used to expecting the worst, so it's not very surprising. Without saying a word, I start working. This is too much work for three people, but it would be much worse for only two people. Better to just get it done rather than complain more.


Two hours pass...

(The scenes continue as normal from here. Misha mentions how she and Shizune met and the Student Council orders Chinese because it's too late to get food. Kenji freaks out because he wasn't expecting the festival to arrive so soon. Hisao spends the festival with Misha and Shizune, wins one cat doll, which he gives to Shizune, and he and Shizune head to the rooftop while Misha gets food.)

“The stars are nice tonight. This couldn't have been a more perfect day.”


As we finish the meal, everything begins to wind down a little. There are still crowds of people talking down below, but the sound has diminished from a dull roar to a loud murmur. Looking around, I notice that the roof is full of couples enjoying the evening together. Boyfriends and girlfriends, looking at the stars and sharing each other's company.

Shizune and Misha are talking to each other about something. Considering Misha's staying quiet, it's one of their private conversations. They're both very cute. They've spent a lot of the past week trying to pull me into the Student Council. They really want me to be their friend.

...Am I their only friend?

They obviously know a lot of people, but I've never seen them spend time with anyone but each other. And with me, I guess...

The other girls on the roof are leaning on their boyfriends, holding hands, a few even stealing quick kisses. Are they broadcasting their relationship, or just too wrapped up in each other to care?

I feel a twinge in my heart. The figurative kind, for a change. If it weren't for this condition, that could be Iwanako and me. She was the girl of my dreams, and, against all reason, she liked me too. Can lightning strike twice?

I look over at Shizune. She's professional, severe, but also has a softer, more childish side. Something drives her, to go above and beyond in everything she does. If I hadn't decided to help them with the festival, she'd still have done everything. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with that drive. Still, it's nice spending time with her, and she has a lovely smile, too.

And then there's Misha. Bright, cheerful, and bubbly. Nothing but honesty and sunshine. She seems afraid of rejection, though – as if she expects Shizune or me to just suddenly up and leave. She's also loyal. It's obvious she doesn't care about the Student Council as much as Shizune, but she works alongside her day in and day out.

They have a really special bond. If I get close to either of them, wouldn't that push the other away? Do I want to be responsible for either of them losing their best friend? Their only friend?

“Is something the matter, Hicchan?”

I start, jolted out of my reverie. Misha and Shizune must have finished their conversation. Shizune is looking off toward the sky, holding the cat doll's paw. At some point, Misha must have moved closer to me, a look of concern on her face.

“Huh? Oh, no, not really,” I lie. If I told her what I was thinking, she'd probably laugh in my face. Friends or not, they're both way out of my league.

She's not buying my dismissal. “Are you sure? You don't look like you've had a good time at the festival.”

“I don't?”

“You aren't smiling, and you almost look like someone died.”

Someone died? I guess I did. My old life is gone, never to return.

“I'm just... adjusting to transferring.”

She seems to be thinking whether she should push further, but decides against it. “I know I've said it before, but I really do appreciate that you decided to help us. It means a lot.”

“Well, isn't that my job, as part of the Student Council?”

“Haha! You're right~! In that case... I appreciate you joining the Student Council. Shicchan does, too.”

As I'm about to respond, there's a loud bang and a flash of light. Misha jumps in surprise, then turns around to look at the source of the noise. I didn't expect there to be fireworks, but here they are, all the same. Misha watches the fireworks with awe and wonder. I can't really blame her. It's been a long time since I saw fireworks, but this is an impressive display, especially for a school in the middle of nowhere. They really are quite beautiful. 

Glancing over at Misha's expression, it feels like we're sharing something special. Somehow, her smile seems more real, and her eyes sparkle with the reflected fireworks. She's completely entranced by them. I find myself looking at her more than the fireworks.

The fireworks go on for some time, staying strong the whole time. After the last one starts to fade, we sit there staring at its memory, not quite accepting that it's over.

I notice Shizune watching us. I can't quite tell in this light, but I think she's smiling.

Suddenly, Misha makes a loud yawn and stretches, nearly hitting me in the face. Shizune picks herself up and makes her way closer to us so Misha can see her signing, “I think it's time to turn in for the night. I agree, Shicchan!”

As we walk back to the dorms, I decide to speak up.

“Uhm... Sorry.”


“About the doll. I know you wanted one, too.”

She smiles at me gently. “It's not your fault. I know you're getting tired of me saying this, but thanks, Hicchan~. You really did help us out a lot.”

I'm not sure I could ever get tired of her gratitude, but I didn't really do anything special, “It's really not a bi-”

She cuts me off. “Hicchan, it is a big deal. This is the first time I've seen fireworks. I always fall asleep before they start. But I got to see them this time~.” Her sincerity fades into an amused smirk. “All because you wanted to help a young woman sleep at night! Wahahaha!”

When we arrive at the dorms, we pause for a minute where the path splits to the girls' dorm and the boys' dorm.

“Thanks again, Hicchan. For everything.”

Without warning, Misha catches me in a firm embrace. I'm slightly taken off guard, but it does feel nice - the warmth, the softness, and the gratitude. I glance over at Shizune. Her expression is a mixture of shock, indignation and... jealousy? After a moment of indecision, she comes over and throws her arms around the two of us, turning it into an impromptu group hug.

It lasts for a moment, then they break off, Shizune looking mortified and Misha looking only slightly less embarrassed. I try to think of a way to break the silence, but only give a weak “See you in class tomorrow,” and start walking toward the boys' dorm.

I'm not sure what to make of this evening. It was nice spending the day with Misha and Shizune. I feel like I could really get used to that. But that last hour was pretty confusing. Does Misha like me? Does Shizune like me? Do they both like me? It's nice to be appreciated like that, but was there something more there? And if there was, what then? I decide that it's probably best to sleep on it. I'm probably imagining it all, anyway...

Act 2 Scene 1
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route

Post by Helbereth »

I want to be a horsey~!
Oh God, mah drills!
That's innuendo, right?

It's a little rough and skips a lot of things that could have had subtle changes, but it's written well where you put the time. The idea that Hisao would go back to the Shanghai looking for directions made sense, though you could probably have explained it a little better. There's a few little grammatical errors, misplaced punctuation and the like, but they're rather infrequent.
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route

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Trust me, if I felt comfortable with it, I would have taken the entire final scene-and-a-half and fine-tuned it to subtly push things more in Misha's favor. As it is, though, I'm not sure how much the devs would appreciate me taking such a large section of their work and quoting it nearly verbatim. I figured two entirely original half-scenes was a fair compromise.

In my first draft, Hisao's turning back was framed as an explicit choice, but the first draft was also written in script format as if it were part of the visual novel itself. "I wonder if it's too late to go back to the shop and ask Misha for directions" was from the original work, and I figured it was the closest thing to a real branch choice for the Misha path.

As for grammar, punctuation, etc., I tried proofreading, and a few others did as well, but it's quite hard to catch everything. Also, I'm much more of an essayist than a creative writer, so I'm still getting used to the contours of creative writing rules. I'll be the first to assert that I'm quite rusty on the rules of punctuation when it comes to conversations. You can expect an edit to clean it up a bit in the near future.
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route

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I claim part of the responsibility for the punctuation issues.
I was supposed to proofread, but I'm afraid I concentrated more on other issues, and as my own proofreaders can attest, I tend to use too much punctuation myself if I'm not careful. I blame German punctuation rules...
Anyway, the next revision should have those issues mostly fixed.
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route

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I wake up to a blaring alarm way too early in the morning. I must have never changed it after the disaster that was my last run with Emi. I fumble for the snooze button and the alarm shuts off, but it's too late. I toss and turn to try to get back to sleep and wake up at a sane hour, but I'm already too awake. Giving up, I take a shower and get dressed.

There are exams today, so I start studying, but can't focus. So much happened last night. Sleeping on it hadn't helped, because I still can't think straight. Glancing out the window, I decide a quiet walk in the morning air might clear my mind.


The abandoned stalls scattered across the campus paint a bleak picture. Yesterday, everything was full of life, today, everything is empty and dead.

I shake my head. My heart may not work right, but I'm still alive. And I've already made two good friends in my first week here, and met some other interesting people, too. Everyone seems so nice here. Even Kenji, I guess.

… Good friends? Is that what Shizune and Misha are? Is that what I want them to be? I think I want something more, but can my heart take it? And what about Iwanako? Would I be betraying her? She left because she felt guilty over this. Over me. Is it right for me to just throw that away?


I find myself back near the dorms. Fat lot of good this walk did. I'm more confused than ever. Looking around, I notice there's something different. This must be Rin's mural. It's bright and confused and all sorts of grotesque. But I think it's speaking to me. I can't quite tell what it's saying, but it means something. I know it!

“Hicchan? You're up early~.”

I jump a little, surprised by the sudden noise.

“Hey, Misha.”

For a moment I wonder why Misha didn't try sneaking up on me like she usually does, but I figure it doesn't matter. “You're awake too, so it can't be that early.”

“Wahahaha~! I guess you're right, Hicchan!” I wince. That probably woke a few people up. She looks a little puzzled, “Do you always stare at walls in the morning?”

“It's not a wall!” I respond reflexively, then realize what I said. “...Okay, it IS a wall, but I'm looking at the painting.”

“Oh, yeah! Tezuka's project~!” She comes closer, standing next to me, putting on an exaggerated expression of thinking deeply. At least I think it's exaggerated. “Hmm... I think it needs more blue.”

“... I don't think that's how you're supposed to look at art.”

Misha nods in agreement, “Orange, then? Orange can be a pretty color.”

I give her a sideways glance, but she seems sincere. Art must not be her thing.

As if struck by a bolt of lightning, she perks up, forgetting the mural. “Oh yeah!”


She snaps her fingers decisively, “I remembered why I'm out here!”

“Why?” I ask, becoming alarmed. She's acting very urgent all of a sudden.

With a huge smile, she explains, “To take a walk~!”

I'm speechless. It's hard to be angry at that triumphant grin, but I'm trying my best. Without another word, she begins walking in a random direction. I hesitate, then catch up to her, matching her pace.


We wander through the city of empty stalls. Again, for me. Looking around, I recognize a few of the stalls, but most of them are unfamiliar. Misha and Shizune must have been working like crazy for well over a month.

“It was Shicchan's idea.”

That came out of nowhere, “What was?”

“The stalls. You were looking at them.”

I'm not seeing the relevance. “Building stalls was Shizune's idea?”

“Hahahaha~! No! No~, that's not what I meant! Haha, Shicchan wanted us to visit YOUR~ stalls!”

This is getting more confusing, not less. “ stalls?”

“The ones you built~!” she clarifies brightly, “She said it would be good for you~!”

I hadn't realized it, but she's right. Most of the stalls we visited were ones I had built. “I guess she wanted to lord it over me...”

“Hicchan...” She looks concerned. “Hicchan... do you not like Shicchan?”

“Huh? No! Why would you think that?”

“You don't ever say anything nice about her.”

I guess I have been rather negative recently. “I do like her. She can be fun, and she's usually nice to be around, and you like to point out just how cute she is,” I note wryly, “but... she's so competitive. Everything's a game to her. And she always needs to win. It's annoying.”

Misha looks like she's about to respond, then her eyes catch something over my shoulder, and she stops, biting her lower lip as if trying to decide something. I turn around, and my heart sinks. We're close to the school buildings, and the head nurse appears to have noticed us standing outside. By the time I notice him, he has already started walking toward us. It looks like my brush with death isn't an excuse to cut out of exercising. I prepare for the worst.

“Mikado! You're early today.”

Does this mean that I'm not the one he's after? That's a relief. I look around. Who's Mikado?

Eying the two of us, the nurse assesses the situation. “Hmm... I see... Don't worry, Nakai. I'll have her back to you in a few minutes.”

“Huh? Back to me?” I guess this means that Misha's Mikado... Come to think of it, I vaguely remember Mutou calling her Mikado as well...

He flashes his goofy grin, presumably in a reassuring smile. “We'll just be a minute, okay? You can wait outside the office.”

Helpless and lost for words, I follow the two of them dumbly as they enter his office. What did he mean by back to me?

Somehow, in spite of all the blind people, the deaf people, and the amputees, it's surprisingly easy to forget that this is a school for people with disabilities. And it's not really a big deal to most of the people here - about as relevant as hair or eye color. I wish I could be that nonchalant...

A few minutes later, as promised, the two of them emerge from his office, both wearing huge grins. Are they plotting against me?

“Just a second, Mikado. Now I need to speak to Nakai for a minute.”

The nurse grabs my shoulder and pulls me a few feet away, then begins speaking to me in a gentle confiding tone, “I may have been a little hard on you after your little incident on Friday. I was a little short with you and Emi, and it really wasn't your fault. You still expect your body to work the way it has all your life. Now, I understand if you don't want to continue running, but please try to keep at some sort of exercise routine.”

He sighs, then continues, “I didn't want to panic you before, but I guess it's clear that you don't realize just how serious this is. In your current condition, even basic exertion could be fatal.”

The nurse keeps talking, but I don't really hear him. Fatal. He's right. I did nearly have a heart attack from throwing balls. Wiffle balls. I'm reminded why I have so much trouble accepting my condition. Deaf people don't run the constant risk of death just by living their life.

A gentle shake brings me back to reality.

“Nakai? You there?” I nod, still a little dazed, and the nurse smiles, “Well, it looks like you got the point. Just try to stay in shape, and you won't even have to think about it, okay?”

I nod again, still feeling a little numb. How could I forget something like that? His job is to make sure I don't die, and I still managed to ignore him. Twice.

Satisfied, the nurse takes his leave. “Okay, kids, don't forget that classes start soon.”

I turn back around to see Misha a bit closer than anticipated - or altogether comfortable, given the situation. That huge grin is still plastered to her face. “Guess what~, Hicchan?”

That's not a good sign. Very little good news starts with “Guess what?”

Her smile gets even larger as she hops up and down excitedly. “We get to be exercise buddies! First thing tomorrow morning~, we meet back here at the pool~!”

That means I'll be waking up this time every day? Wonderful. I guess it could have been worse. Swimming buddies with a cute girl on doctor's orders? As long as I don't try racing the swimming superstar, I should be fine, right?

“So, Hicchan~, what was that conversation about? It looked important.”

I'm surprised she can ask something like that so casually. Does she have no concept of personal privacy? Fortunately, I have some ammunition to turn this around. “You know, he was just checking how I'm handling my first week here, making sure I'm taking care of myself, the usual. What about you?”

It's not technically a lie, and even at that, it wasn't fair of her to ask. Unexpectedly, she seems as taken aback by me turning the question around as I was at her asking it, but only for an instant. “Ahaha, I guess it was like that for me, too~. Just making sure I'm taking care of myself~! Ahahahaha!”

That's an odd reaction. I'd like to figure out what it means, but it's not often I have the upper hand in a conversation with Misha. I need to strike while the iron is hot. “So, Misha Mikado?”

She looks a little uncomfortable.

“Shiina. Shiina Mikado. Everyone calls me Misha, though~...”

“Shiina? So wouldn't that mean you're Shic-”

“No, Hicchan. Shicchan is Shicchan, and I'm Misha.”

That was also not expected. She seemed really bothered by that last comment. I fumble for a follow-up, but my stomach interrupts me.

Seemingly forgetting the entire conversation, she cheers up. “Good thinking Hicchan! We don't want to miss breakfast! Wahahahaha~!”


The cafeteria tends to be quiet this early in the morning. Most students seem to skip breakfast or grab something quickly before they rush off to class. Finding a table, we sit across from each other. Misha seems to have chosen an array of western breakfast foods – yogurt, oats, and an assortment of fruits.

Throwing all the food into a bowl, she begins enthusiastically smashing it together with a spoon.

Noticing my confused look, she pauses for a moment to explain, “I'm making a parfait!”

Her bowl is filled with an orange-purple goo from all the ingredients being indiscriminately mashed together. I'm no expert on parfait, but that doesn't look right...

Casually watching me with one eye and her food with the other, mixing with one hand and signing with the other, she displays impressive coordination as she begins speaking, “So, Hicchan, what is it about Shicchan that annoys you?”


“You said that Shicchan was annoying~. I want to know why.” She makes it sound so simple.

I play with my food a bit, to avoid responding, but the guilt wins out. “I don't know... she can be cheerful and playful and friendly, but she's usually... cold. And everything's a contest with her.”

“Shicchan's not cold!” Guess I hit a nerve. “She's just... cautious.”

“Cautious? She looks like she's constantly judging me! And disappointed in what she sees.”

She's acting like I'm criticizing her, and not Shizune. Her face contorts as she seems to be mulling something over, then she brightens considerably.

“Hicchan~, do you know why I like parfait?” She asks, gesturing toward the pile of goo in front of her. It's kind of gross. Why can't she eat something normal for breakfast?

My lack of a response seems to provide the hint that she needs to explain further. “Parfait comes in layers~...”


“On the top, there's usually yogurt. Not everyone likes yogurt.”

I fail to see where this is going. She doesn't seem to care. “Under the yogurt, there can be oats and nuts, those kind of things. Not everyone likes those either. But~!”

She makes a dramatic flourish. It's a wonder she manages to avoid flinging food everywhere, with her constant signing. “After all that, you find strawberries! And everyone likes strawberries!”

That's not true. Not everyone likes strawberries, either. “So, why don't you just eat strawberries?”

She stops to think, as if that idea never occurred to her. “Well~... you see... it just tastes better when they're all together!” She glows with pride at her answer, then rewards herself with a mouthful of sludge.

“So you're saying that I should take the good about Shizune with the bad?”

“Muh?” she asks, though a mouthful of “parfait.” Swallowing, she continues, “Were you even listening to me? I was talking about parfait, not Shicchan. It's rude to ignore people when they're talking!”

Her mini lecture doesn't last long. “But that is a good idea~, to take the good of people with the bad. I never thought of that.”

She gazes into the distance, lost in thought.

“Even then, it's probably much easier for you to appreciate the good things about Shizune than it is for other people,” I muse, more to myself than anything.

Unsurprisingly, Misha's ears perk up. “Why would you say something like that~, Hicchan?”

Is it really that hard to see?

“You're the only one who really talks to Shizune. Everyone else talks to you while she watches.”

“That's not fair, Hicchan! ...Although, I think I understand what you mean...”

There is a lull in the conversation as she forlornly pokes at her goop. In the blink of an eye, though, she brightens up. “I've got it~! Okay~! Okay~, okay~, okay~! You can't talk to Shicchan because you don't know sign language, right?”

I nod, thinking to myself that that should have been obvious.

“Well~...” she beams, another smile forming. “We can teach you sign language! It will make Shicchan happy that you're learning it, and I want to become a sign language teacher~. It's good for everyone!”

It sounds like a good idea, and I have been meaning to ask her about it, but still… “Both of you? Wouldn't it be better to just have one teacher?”

She nods, as if she expected that question, “Normally, yes, but sign language is usually taught by two people~! It helps everyone out!”

It's clear that she's very enthusiastic about this idea. I do want to learn sign language, but I'm still not sure.

“Won't this take time away from student council duties?”

A hint of surprise, then suspicion. “When did you start getting excited about student council work?”

Before I have time to respond, she continues. “It doesn't matter anyway. We don't have much student council work for a while. Besides, we're friends, so it's an excuse to spend time together~!”

I do like the idea of spending more time with the two of them, and it's clear that, Shizune or no, Misha won't give up on this. I decide to concede gracefully. “Yeah, we are friends, aren't we? It does sound like a good idea.”

In response she jumps to her feet and flails her arms around wildly, thankfully without her spoon in hand. “Yay~! Hooray! Yay, yay! Shicchan will be so happy!”

She really seems to want me to become better friends with Shizune. I guess it couldn't hurt. Besides, learning sign language means Misha can join the conversation, rather than relay it. I'm sure she'd appreciate that, too.


Even after our relaxed breakfast, there's still a little time before class, and we arrive early. The class is mostly empty. A few students are staring at their notes blankly, trying to study, but clearly failing.

Whoever scheduled exams to happen right after a festival must be a sadist who hates fun.

I glance over at Misha. She's already pulled out her own notes, and seems to be poring over them in intense detail, chewing furiously on the end of her pen. Her other hand spins another pen rapidly. Nervous habits they may be, but not many people could pull that off.

Her notes seem to be dominated by pink unicorns, prancing about the margins, performing gymnastics, and... is that one playing the flute? Unfortunately for her, the exam covers physics.

Shizune arrives just before Mutou, who somehow looks more disheveled than usual. I don't think I would have pegged him for the partying type. Or even the remotely sociable type, to be honest.

I must have done something right during my hospital stay, because I don't have much trouble with Mutou's exam.

The rest of the classes pass by smoothly. Until the last class. Another test. English, my old nemesis.

Surprisingly enough, Misha, whose panic and frustration over the physics exam nearly brought her to tears, manages to finish the English exam first. After finishing, she rushes out of the classroom. I don't blame her.

Shizune finishes shortly after Misha, clearly annoyed that she couldn't finish first. And here I am watching the other students instead of paying attention to my own test.

I hate English.


By the time I've finished my exam, Misha and Shizune are long gone. The student council room is locked and empty, and, frankly, I don't know where else they'd be. I grab something quick for dinner, then head to my room. Those library books aren't going to read themselves, after all.

Act 1 Conclusion | Act 2 Scene 2
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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I'm really enjoying this so far always good to see more Misha
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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You know, the more I read this, the more I realize I am an idiot.

The entire time I've experienced Katawa Shoujo, I still have NO idea what "Shicchan" Or "Hicchan" means.
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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Shadowyeclipse wrote:You know, the more I read this, the more I realize I am an idiot.

The entire time I've experienced Katawa Shoujo, I still have NO idea what "Shicchan" Or "Hicchan" means.
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

Post by Shadowyeclipse »

ProfAllister wrote:
Shadowyeclipse wrote:You know, the more I read this, the more I realize I am an idiot.

The entire time I've experienced Katawa Shoujo, I still have NO idea what "Shicchan" Or "Hicchan" means.

Got it now.
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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The distressingly familiar sound of the alarm is an unwelcome wake-up call. I never kept any exercise routine before; to have one forced upon me is more than a little annoying.
Shutting off the alarm, I stumble over to the dresser and contemplate my options for swimming. My parents must have been aware of the pool, because they thought to pack my swimsuit. I don't think I'm ready to broadcast my condition to the world, so I grab a t-shirt to hide the scar on my chest while I swim. That will cause too many uncomfortable questions, and I don't think I'm ready to answer them. I'm going to need to change into my uniform after I finish swimming, so I may as well put it on now so I can pack light.

Having gathered everything I need for the day, I leave my room and enter a world that is still very much asleep. Unlike me, it has its priorities straight.
Misha had mentioned that the pool was in the auxiliary building, and a plaque on the wall confirms this, indicating that it's just down the hall, through the changing rooms. I enter the men's changing room and get changed into my swimsuit and t-shirt. I'm not sure I like the idea of swimming in a shirt, but I guess I don't really have a choice anymore.
Leaving the changing rooms, I enter the actual swimming area which is, unsurprisingly, completely abandoned. The pool is divided into several lanes for swimming laps, with a large section in the shallower area, presumably for water aerobics. The air is full of the inescapable smell of chlorine.
“Hicchan! You're early~!”
Turning around, I see that Misha and Shizune have both emerged from the women's changing rooms. I find myself startled by Misha's appearance. Her trademark drills are missing, replaced with a loose braid hanging over her shoulder. Her swimsuit looks like it was designed for a six-year old: a one-piece pink swimsuit with a skirt and a large sunflower on the chest. All it's missing are the floaties.
Shizune, on the other hand, is wearing a swimsuit particularly oriented toward reminding people that she's a woman. A skimpy two-piece suit with a black and white pattern, it leaves very little to the imagination.
“Okay! Okay, okay, okay~! First things first! We need to stretch!”
It was probably too much to hope that swimming wouldn't require stretches. I'm not terribly familiar with pre-swimming routines, but Misha seems to know what she's doing, so I follow her lead. Shizune seems completely uninterested, standing impatiently with her arms crossed. I can’t help but notice Misha's figure as she flexes. It's not quite as idealized as Shizune's, but it’s still very attractive. I try not to stare.
…I think her swimsuit skirt might actually be longer than her uniform skirt.
“Alright~! We're done stretching! Now, Hicchan, how good are you at swimming?”
A look of concern crosses her face. “You... can swim, right, Hicchan?”
“I can swim!” I reply, perhaps a bit too forcefully, “...but I don't really know many strokes...”
“Hm... okay! Let's see what you can do! Swim to the end of the lane~, and we'll go from there!”
It hasn't been terribly long since I last swam. It was a regular part of gym class during the warmer months, after all. I remember enough to make a passable dive, though, and half-swim half-flail to the end of the lane. This is embarrassing. I never was a very good swimmer – only good enough to get a passing grade. At the end of the lane, I turn around. Shizune is sitting by the edge of the pool, her feet dangling into the water. It may just be my imagination, but I think she's laughing at me.
With a splash, Misha pops up out of the water right next to me, her hair no longer in a braid. It's now floating around her in a pink cloud. It looks a whole lot shorter when it's curled into drills.
“You did a good job, Hicchan. Your form needs a little work, but that's why we're swimming buddies!”
With her pointers, it's not long before I'm able to do something that could accurately be called a breaststroke.
“Much better! Now, these are short lanes, so we need to swim eight more laps for today!”
And with that she shoots off down her lane. She takes to the water like a fish, effortlessly swimming at a remarkable speed. I would never have guessed she was such a good swimmer. Having already learned my lesson, I take care to swim at my own pace.
The swimming is a little easier on my heart than running, but I'm pretty thoroughly exhausted by the last few laps. When I finally finish, I steady myself against the pool ledge. My heart seems fine, but my arms and legs feel rather tired. Misha surfaces next to me, finishing up her swimming as well.
“So,” I begin, “you must really swim a lot.”
“Ahaha~. I used to, but I got bored with it, so I stopped.”
“I see,” I glance over at Shizune, who hasn't moved from her spot. “Does Shizune not swim?”
“Wahahaha~! Shicchan says that swimming is pointless, and it messes up your hair.”
Speaking of hair... “You aren't wearing your hair..." I trail off, making a spiral motion with my finger. "It won't hold that way in the water?”
“Actually, I think it might! Hahahaha~! I was planning on curling my hair after we swim, while you're checking up with the nurse!”
I had forgotten about that completely. The swimming is because of my heart, and we're here because the nurse convinced Misha to get me into a routine. It only makes sense that he'll want to check on me after the disaster that was my last running session.
I'm just about to knock on the door of the Head Nurse's office when it flies open, revealing a familiar twin-tailed figure on the other side.
Emi looks surprised for an instant, then angry, then she settles for a neutral, somewhat annoyed expression. Even when she's angry she looks unbearably cute.
“Hisao! I was just... leaving. See you!”
That was abrupt. I guess I did kind of burn a bridge with her...
The nurse wastes no time in cutting my reflection short. “Nakai! Good to see you! What brings you here this morning?”
Taken off guard, I fumble for a response, “Um... I thought you... Mish- er, Miss Mikado? Told-”
The Nurse sighs, “You didn't have to take it literally. I know why you're here. Take off your shirt and I'll do this quickly, so you can get back to your 'extracurriculars.'”
My “extracurriculars”?
“I don't think-”
“Nakai, I may be an adult, but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot. A young teenage couple, up early in the morning, “exercising” on doctor's orders. What's that sound like to you?”
“Well, there were three of us...”
The Nurse arches his eyebrows, “Three of you? Already bored with just one?”
“What? No! We were actually swimming! Nothing else!”
“Relax, Hisao, I'm just messing with you,” his teasing tone turns stern, “and you're messing with your heart rate.”
He's right. I am getting excited. Over what? Implications that I'm having sex? He probably deals with issues like that all the time.
Noticing my discomfort, he fixes me with a solemn gaze. “All jokes aside, Mikado's a good kid. I trust her judgment.” The facade cracks a little as his toothy smile returns. “And she would probably beat you senseless if you tried anything funny. So that's one less problem for me to worry about.”

He says he's not joking, then indirectly threatens me with bodily harm? And so casually, too. What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?

“Anyway, Nakai, my 'spy network' informed me of a little incident that happened here on campus. I'm no master of romance, so I figured I might want to get the opinion of someone around the age of these kids.” He pauses to reassure me, “Don't worry, I won't be breaking confidentiality or anything.”
That's a random thing to ask. No harm in helping anonymously, right?
“Okay, I guess...”
That must have been the right answer. “You'll help? Great. Anyway, this girl was being a little careless, and she accidentally hurt a boy when she was trying to help him. Come to think of it, the boy was quite a bit like you. So the girl offered to apologize to the boy, and the boy accepted the offer, but when the scheduled time came, he stood her up.”
I get the feeling I know exactly who this boy and girl are...
“Now, as you can imagine, being stood up for an apology hurt the girl's feelings. And it was a pretty dick move in general. So, all this being said, don't you think the boy should apologize to the girl and make it up to her, Nakai?”
I respond with the name on both our minds, “Emi.”
“Yeah. I figured you wouldn't pick up on my implications if I was too vague.”
Thank you for the vote of confidence.
“I guess you have a point,” I admit. “I think she's avoiding me, though.”
“Give her some time to cool down,” the nurse counsels. “Besides, you're likely to accidentally bump into her eventually. It wouldn't be the first time, I've been told. That's it for now. I expect to see you same time tomorrow,” he grins widely, “...or else.”
“...Or else what?”
He responds with a mock pained expression. “Or else I'll be disappointed that you're not taking your health seriously. You don't want that on your conscience, do you?
“I guess not.”
Not even the faculty is normal around here.
I find Misha and Shizune waiting just outside the Nurse's office. As promised, Misha's hair is up in drills again. I don't think I spent that long with the Nurse, so I can only guess that she's become very good at doing her hair.
“Okay, Hicchan, now it's time for breakfast~! We need to work off all that exercise, after all~! Wahahaha! And~! And we're going to give you your first Sign Language lesson this afternoon!”
This is going to be a long day.
“Yeah, thanks. Looking forward to it.” Her grin indicates that my lack of enthusiasm didn't register.
Morning classes pass by uneventfully. As the lunch bell rings, I manage to slip by unnoticed while Shizune and Misha are busy with some discussion or other.
Standing in the cafeteria line, I congratulate myself for sneaking away successfully. While I'm busy celebrating this small victory, a pair of hands cover my eyes, letting me know that I'm not quite as clever as I thought.
“Hahaha! Guess who~, Hicchan!”
“Hmm... I think I would have to say the person in the fifth seat from the left in the second row of class 3-3.”
There's a pause, and I feel the fingers of her right hand gently press into my face as she counts. Her hands feel soft and delicate, but her grip is surprisingly firm.
“Oh~! That's right! How'd you know, Hicchan?”

Upon conceding defeat, Misha removes her hands, and I turn to face her. In response to her question, I shrug. “It was just a lucky guess.”
“Wahahaha! You're good at being lucky! But~!” she puffs out her cheeks in anger before continuing, “you're also good at being mean! Why did you run away like that?”
I decide to take one of the more credible - and more truthful - explanations, “I was afraid you two would decide to take me to the Shanghai again and force me to skip even more classes.”
“That's ridiculous, Hicchan. We never go to the Shanghai on Tuesdays,” she responds matter-of-factly.
Somehow I doubt that's entirely true, but they could have a reason for avoiding Tuesdays. With a slightly downcast look, she continues, “besides, we shouldn't be skipping classes for a while. It would be irresponsible.”
“...I guess you do have a point.”
Is everyone else really right this often, or do I just lack a spine?
“So~,” she continues, “we're going to eat lunch together, right? Right!”
It then occurs to me that Shizune's nowhere in sight.
“Where's Shizune?”
She looks a little disappointed as she responds, “Shicchan said she had to do some student council work. She wanted me to reprimand you for running away.”
With that, she raises her hand, then brings it down firmly over my head.
“Ouch! I don't think that was really necessary...”
She smiles, pleased with herself. “It was. So~, where do we want to eat?”
I shrug. “Beats me. I haven't been here long enough to know the good spots.”
“In that case,” she responds cheerfully, “I get to choose!”
She starts thinking out loud, “It's a nice day out, a little bit warm... I know!”
She looks me in the eyes, as if she needs to convince me. “Let's eat on the roof~! You can see really far, and there's a cool breeze~, and it's quiet, too!”
As quiet as anywhere can be when Misha's around, I guess. I don't really have a better idea, so the roof it is.

Act 2 Scene 1 | Act 2 Scene 2 Part 2
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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Climbing the stairs, it occurs to me that the roof is a pretty stereotypical romantic location, and it is just the two of us. Is she planning something? No, that couldn't be it. I don't want to ruin our friendship over something so silly, so I'll let her make the first move. It's safer that way, since it's more likely than not that I'm just imagining she'd be interested in me.
Unfortunately - or fortunately, as the case may be - we find that we're not alone on the roof. A slight figure is casually leaning against the fence, staring off into the distance. In that stance, it's easy at first glance to miss the fact that she has no arms.
“Hello, Rin,” I call over to her, almost waving before I realize how stupid that would make me feel. I catch myself in time to make it look like an awkward, entirely unnecessary adjustment to my hair. God, I'm such an idiot.
She doesn't notice, and it almost looks like I woke her up. She stares at us for a little too long, then replies, “That's strange. I was only expecting one person today. Now there are three.”
I'm guessing she's counting herself. “What brings you up here today?”
She thinks about the question, before answering flatly, “My feet.”
I should have expected that one. “Do you know why you're here on the roof?”
Her answer comes a little more readily this time. “I'm on the roof because I walked here. I walked here because I usually forget to eat.”
Misha's unusually quiet. I bet she's laughing at me trying to talk to Rin. Was she planning this?
I decide to approach from a different angle. “I saw your mural the other day. It was nice.”
She doesn't seem too interested in the subject change, but she responds all the same, “I don't think I like it. It needed more blue. Or orange.”
Somehow, some part of me was afraid she'd say that.
“You should stop doing that,” Rin comments, changing the subject, “it's depressing.”
I must have missed something. “What's depressing?”
“You don't smile. Ever.”
That's hardly fair. “Of course I smile! You may have never seen me smile, but we've only met each other twice.”
Rin slowly digests my words, then cocks her head to the side and turns toward Misha. “Have you ever seen him smile?”
It looks like Misha grabbed a seat on a bench and started eating while we were talking. Her eyes dart back and forth between Rin and me as she swallows. After what feels like an eternity, she finally responds, “Maybe once? Twice? You don't smile often...”
Rin nods, satisfied that Misha's response confirms her impression.
Misha continues, “Miss Tezuka's right. You should smile more~. Like me!”
“No, not like you,” Rin retorts, “You smile too much. That's depressing, too.”
Misha's face falls, but she doesn't seem sure whether to be saddened or just confused.
“Okay, then, Rin,” I ask, somewhat afraid of the answer, “is there anyone who smiles just the right amount?”
Rin's eyes wander up and to the left. Either she's thinking, or a pretty speck of dust caught her eye. She slowly rotates, making me think that she forgot about us and is looking at an interesting cloud. Then, without warning, she speaks, “Emi.”
“Emi? I guess she does smile a decent amount...”
“No,” she corrects me, “Emi's standing right behind you.”
I turn around, and, sure enough, there Emi is, and she looks less than pleased. I can't help but notice that this is the first time I've seen her in her regular uniform. It looks good on her.
“What are you doing here, Hisao?” she asks, sharpness in every word. “The offer was for last Friday. This is Tuesday.” She begins to pout. “I had to eat two and a half meals all by myself. And it's all your fault!”
“And mine,” Rin pipes in, “I wasn't very hungry.”
“Yeah,” I say, trying to think fast, “I did have every intention to meet you but-”
“But the Student Council had an important meeting.”
I can't believe I forgot Misha was even here.
“Hicchan had just joined the Student Council, and we had very~ important things to discuss before the festival! He told us that he had made plans, but this was very very very important, so we forced him to cancel. Sorry he didn't get the chance to tell you~.”
I don't think I remember things happening that way, but the explanation seems to have calmed Emi down. In fact, I think she's been infected with a case of the giggles.
“Hicchan, eh?” she snickers. “I like that. Maybe I should start calling you that, too.”
Dear god, it's spreading. I swear, some day I'll get back at Misha for this.
The situation largely defused, we arrange ourselves in a rough circle and begin to have lunch in earnest.
“So you and Rin are friends?” I ask, noting that Emi brought food for Rin as well as for herself. “Or is this just special?”
“It's mostly because we live next door to each other,” she explains. “I help Rin take care of herself, and Rin... does what Rin does.”
Rin looks especially pleased with herself. “I certainly do!”
She then turns her attention to Misha. “Mikado – I should be calling you Mikado, right? Because you're calling me Tezuka? What's wrong with you?”
Even Misha has trouble taking a question like that in stride. “Wrong with me?”
Emi rolls her eyes. “Rin likes collecting people. She wants to know what your disability is.”
“I can guess,” Rin offers.
Finally understanding the question, Misha bursts into laughter. “Ahahaha! No need to guess~. There isn't~ anything wrong with me! Ahaha, I'm at this school to learn sign language.”

No disability? I seem to remember the Yamaku brochures mentioning that all students are welcome, disability or no. And a school like this would certainly give plenty of opportunities to practice your sign language...
Rin begins to look rather downcast. “That's especially boring. Nothing wrong with Mikado, Hisao's package is completely in working order...”
Emi narrowly avoids a spit-take, and Misha's eyes light up mischievously.
“Hicchan's package? You're going to have to explain how you learned something like that,” she grins.
This didn't end up nearly as bad as I expected my apology to Emi to be. No, this is much worse.
“It's nothing,” I protest, to deaf ears.
Thankfully, Rin comes to my aid. “It really was nothing. I asked Hisao if he had a problem down there, and he made it clear that that wasn't his problem. Then we took our relationship to a new level.”
Or not.
Emi and Misha feed off each other, snickers turning to giggles turning to full-on laughter.
“My, my, Hicchan,” Emi teases, “I didn't expect you to be such a lady's man.”
Rin seems to be running what she said back, trying to figure out what was so funny. I decide to help her out. “They're giggling because they think you were implying that we had sex.”
“Sex? With you?” Rin seems to be seriously considering the concept. I probably should have kept my mouth shut.
“No,” she concludes, with an air of finality. “I'd have to be very depressed for that to happen. Probably on drugs, too. And you'd have to be the first man I run into.”
Ouch. Brutal. Honest, but brutal.
Emi and Misha exchange glances. That last comment may have taken the joke too far even for them.
Mercifully, the bell rings, giving a convenient escape from the awkward buildup. We take our respective leaves, but, with the one entrance, don't actually split up until we reach the third floor.
Hopefully, we'll never speak of this conversation again.
Returning for afternoon classes, we find Shizune already in the room as the other students gradually file in. Misha and Shizune have a quick conversation in sign, punctuated by several uncomfortable glances from Shizune. I've probably earned a personal escort to the sign language lesson. With no chance of parole.
The classes themselves are rather unremarkable. Just the usual being trapped in a classroom for boring lectures while precious moments enjoying a beautiful day are lost forever.
As expected, Misha and Shizune corner me the moment the day officially ends, but they don't actually drag me this time. They just stand ready to tackle me if I try anything funny.
Unsurprisingly, they escort me to the student council room, one of them to either side. The space is set up with a solitary chair standing in the middle of the room, facing a couple important-looking desks. It feels more like an interrogation than any sort of educational setting. I'm hoping that this isn't what was keeping Shizune busy over lunch. I'm also hoping that she didn't have to move those desks by herself.
Something tells me I'm wrong on both counts.
The actual lesson feels more like a comedy show, with a loud and unfocused presenter trying to keep a coherent lecture while the quiet one performs all sorts of antics. After a surprisingly short amount of time, Misha actually manages to take control of the situation, and even keeps Shizune in line. On top of that, I feel like I'm actually learning something, amazingly enough.
We spend several hours practicing sign language, taking a break for dinner. Evidently, Shizune decided to try her hand at cooking again. I was under the impression she had given up on it. Regardless, it is very good, and Misha teaches me the signs to express my appreciation.
I get the feeling that I messed it up somehow because Shizune doesn't respond.
When all is said and done, I come away feeling fairly confident with the alphabet and knowing a modest vocabulary of relatively useless words. When am I going to need to know the sign for “armadillo?”
It's rather dark when we finally wrap the lesson up, largely because Misha looks like she's about to fall asleep standing up. As we leave the main building, Shizune seems to remember something and runs back inside, telling Misha that she'll catch up.
We walk along in silence for a short time, before it occurs to me that Misha's more tired than she's willing to admit. As we move forward, she wobbles and staggers in a crooked line. I offer my arm for support, which she gratefully accepts.
“Thanks, Hicchan,” she mumbles, a little bleary.
It's been bothering me, and I'll admit that this isn't the best opportunity to get a coherent answer, but I ask anyway, “At lunchtime, your explanation to Emi. That's not what really happened. Why did you cut in with that?”
She looks over at me, gaining a little more clarity upon hearing a serious question. “It was close enough. Besides, we would've made you come even if you told us. It was an important meeting, after all.”
I'm not sure I'd agree with the importance of that encounter, but she seems insistent.
“'sides,” she continues, “'s my duty as Student Council vice president to look out for junior members.”
Misha's the Student Council vice president? That shouldn't come as a shock, but I guess I never really thought about it.
We reach the fork between the two dorms, but Shizune's nowhere in sight. I decide that I should probably escort Misha to the dorm. It's just about curfew, so I can't really take her all the way to her room, but there should be someone who can take her the rest of the way.
I'm about to mention the plan to Misha when she leans her entire weight against me, catching me somewhere between a hug and her simply draping herself over me. She's a little heavy, but I'm sure that's more because I'm in poor shape and worn out from a long day of swimming. It is nice being this close to her, though, as she is very soft and warm. It certainly doesn't hurt that the most natural way to hold her up in this situation is practically a hug itself.
Half-awake, she seems to appreciate the gesture, sighing contentedly. “Mmmmmmmsssssss... Hicchan...”
I think that I should probably try to get her to start moving toward the dorm, since my strength will only hold out for so long, but this does feel very nice. Every resolution to get moving meets an equally strong resolution to wait just a little bit longer.
A loud snap makes the decision for me as it jolts Misha into slightly more wakefulness, and I reflexively push her away ever so slightly.
I'd say Shizune managed to sneak up on us, but neither of us was really paying attention to anything around us. She's clearly not amused as she snaps a second time, pointing toward the boys' dorm. I don't need to refer to the sign language lessons to figure out what she's saying.
She follows up on her gestures by taking Misha by the arm and guiding her to the girls' dorm. Misha's practically asleep, and Shizune has her back turned to me, so I can't really wish them a good night. As I walk down the other path, I hear Misha call out sleepily, “G'night, Hicchan~!”
She doesn't always seem all there, but Misha's very sweet. I smile as I head back to my own room.
These past two days have been just as eventful as the week before. It feels like more has happened in the past ten days than in the past year. Certainly more than in the past four months. Should I expect every day to be this full? Every day certainly feels more valuable. A brush with death or two will drive that point home.
I've spent a lot of time with Misha these past couple days. I kind of feel bad that Shizune hasn't really been around, but I guess it can't be helped. I'm certainly getting to know Misha better. There's a lot about her that simply doesn't appear when she's working as Shizune's translator. I want to learn sign language so that she doesn't have to do that. I want her to be able to be herself. I want to be able to be really good friends with her - and with Shizune, too.

Act 2 Scene 2 Part 1 | Act 2 Scene 3
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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This is actually pretty cool.

Waiting for 3.


I don't know, but this seemed a little out of character for Rin, IMHO.

Rin looks especially pleased with herself. “I certainly do!”


She's a little heavy
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/8)

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“No,” she concludes, with an air of finality. “I'd have to be very depressed for that to happen. Probably on drugs, too. And you'd have to be the first man I run into.”
:shock: Holy shit Rin, that's just cold.
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Re: For Want of a Nail - Misha Route (New Chapter 11/15)

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A little out-of-character-ness on Rin's side of things. Not exactly something I blame you for since Rin's character is hard to "get" in the first place, so occasional bad notes are bound to happen. That said, bringing up the lunch with Emi that Hisao skipped out on was a good idea, and you used it to great effect. Tweak Rin a bit and this scene will be pretty much perfect.

Well, not perfect, but pretty effing good.

Story as a whole is shaping up really well. I look forward to future chapters.
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