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KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hisao, Page 18

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Edit: To keep from cluttering up the board, I'm going to post my (hopefully)one shot fics and their unintended sequels in here. Super duper special multi-part stupid-long epics might get their own thread, and ones that've already been started will be continued in their own.


Calmansi(Five part Girl x Girl, Yuri, Porn)

With Apologies to Ms. Anne Sullivan(Three part Shizune, Lilly, Porn) Co-threaded with Extremist_Line's Beyond the Impossible(Also Shizune, Lilly)

Reanimation(Nine chapters. Original Characters.)

Broken Dolls(ongoing, Original Characters)

Madame Lillian's Specialty Recreation and Delivery Service(Nine part Hisao, Iwanako, whores. Trap content.)

Afternoon Astral Projection (Twelve part Hisao, Rin, Hanako, everyone. Includes alternate chapter by goldilurks) <== :lol: Part 1 my first fan fic of anything, ever.

Hanako Needs a New Cell Phone (One shot Hanako, Lilly)

The Manly Tea Party (Five part Kenji, Lilly, Feminists)

The Coming Storm (Feminist one-shotTwo part, Feminists, Feminists vs. Kenji) address in case the forum goes kaput. Would ya believe that both "kosherbacon" and "kosher-bacon" were taken? Unbelievable.


Yeah, Muto doesn't strike me as much of a disciplinarian either but the nurse wouldn'tve worked here and I didn't want to make up a character for his job.


"Those make me constipated." snapped Hisao, peeved at the invasion of his privacy.

"And the Procainamide?" asked Muto, holding up a bottle of prescription meds.

"Those give me lupus."

"And the Flecainide?"

"They make me not die."

"Don't be a smart-ass, Nakai. This is all for your own good. If some kid were to take some of this and die from having it interact with his own drugs, it'd be your head."

Hisao, Kenji And Emi stood in the hall, outside Kenji and Hisao's rooms, while Muto and two security guards conducted a random sweep for contraband in the boys' dorm. Although the student body in Yamaku was famously well behaved, drug abuse was considered a potential problem. In order to teach self reliance, most students were allowed to administer their own medication unsupervised. Even though the most desirable drugs were controlled carefully by the nursing staff, it was feared that students would hoard their less vital meds and trade them with others.

"C'mon, Hisao. Don't be difficult," Emi whined. "We're already running late!"

"Who're you again?" Muto asked the girl. He didn't recognize her from any of his classes.

"Emi Ibarazaki, sir! I'm on the track team! I'm just here to pick them up so we can go bowling today!"

“With the bumpers up,” Kenji quipped, straightening out his glasses. “Since we've got a broad joining us.” To Kenji's dismay, Muto didn't raise an eyebrow when Emi punched him in the shoulder right after.

"Yeah, huh. Okay." Muto dropped the issue, but not before wondering why someone on an athletic team wasn't popular enough for him to have heard of. He continued shuffling through a shallow plastic bin that contained Hisao's medicine bottles.

"Nakai, why do you have human growth hormone and anabolic steroids in your med stash?"

"Those are to help me recover from my surgery. Regain muscle mass and help me heal quicker or something."

"Hm, ok. I'm still not sure you should be taking these on your own. I'll check up on this later." Muto flipped through pages on his clipboard, looking for rules that applied to those particular drugs.

"Yo, are we looking out for this stuff too?" One of the security guards emerged from Hisao's room with an opened backpack full of candies and fried snack foods.

"Depends," Muto turned to Hisao. "Are you on a special diet or anything?"

"He most certainly is!" Emi blurted out. "As his personal trainer I can tell you that those items are definitely not part of his approved diet!"

“Hey!” Hisao yelped, making grasping gestures at his snack bag. “I don't binge or anything on those. I just stockpile 'em so I don't have to go to the store often.”

“Well, if you really want them back,” Muto said as he dropped the bag into a filing box. “You can pick these up at the head nurse's office if they're okay with him.”

Hisao glared at his so-called-friend Emi, whom he called here for a favor, only to play Diet-Nazi and betray him.

“Okay Setou, Nakai, unless you have anything to declare, I think we're done here.” With that, Muto and the security staff disappeared around the corner. Hisao quickly retreated into his room along with Emi and Kenji, locking the door closed behind them.

“Fuuuuuck! I thought he'd never leave.” Said Kenji, stretching his arms in relief.

Emi sat down on Hisao's bed and pulled down her stockings to loosen her prostheses. After yanking her legs off, she removed the padding and hard plastic supports from inside to empty out their contents. From her left leg came a clear bottle filled with a cloudy, milky liquid.

“Man, it took me forever to get the recipe right.” Kenji said as he snatched up the bottle of dorm-brewed sake and cradled it next to his face.

“Ah-hem,” Emi coughed, holding out her hand. “Rent's due.”

“Oh, yeah.” Kenji dropped three ¥500 coins into Emi's palm. “Thanks, Ibarazaki.”

“And for my favorite pervert...” Emi giggled as she unrolled the dirty magazines that she had stashed in her right leg and handed them to Hisao.

“Thanks for coming on such short notice, Emi, but why did you let him take my snacks?”

“Now, now Hisao. If Mr. Muto didn't return with something to show for his efforts, he would search even harder next time! You shouldn't be eating that junk anyway.”

“Oh. Thanks, I guess. You sure you're okay with this?”

“I'm used to hiding the byproducts of Rin's gardening hobby so it's no big deal. Don't mention it!” she said with a smile that dissolved into a menacing glare for a moment then back to a smile. “No, Really. Don't.”

“The usual payment?”

“MmmHmm.” Emi replied, drool pooling at the edges of her open mouthed smile, fingers grasping in anticipation.

Hisao held out the bin that contained his medication, and Emi plucked out several bottles each of growth hormone and steroids, along with a few syringes.

“Hey hey, don't be greedy now. The nurse says that I don't even need these really so I probably won't get a refill.”

“Aaaaawww...” Emi whimpered, presenting puppy-dog eyes that appallingly clashed with her junkie's grin a moment earlier. Reluctantly, she returned all but two bottles of each into the bin.

“These are really bad for you, ya know.” Hisao ignored Emi's pitiful look, and replied with equal parts concern and disgust, “You might grow a pair after a while.”

“Oh I'll be fine,” she replied with confidence as she reattached her appendages. “I've got a big competition coming up and I'm just using these to fine tune my conditioning. I'll totally quit once I don't need 'em anymore.”

“Last time, it was just to give you “that extra edge for the big meet” and you were totally going to quit after.”

“Look, Hisao, you want to keep using my legs or what?”

After Emi twirled her way out of the room, Keni put down the dirty magazine that he was reading and held up his bottle of moonshine.

“So, whose liver do ya think is gonna crap out first?”

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Re: Shakedown. (Emi)

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surprisingly, it was only one line that made me burst out laughing...

“So, whose liver do ya think is gonna crap out first?”

i am a sad sad ronery man....

but seriously, prisons have their "supply" runners.... wouldn't surprise me in the least if a disabled school had the same
2 kidneys for sale, slightly used, non-functional, no refunds.
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Re: Shakedown. (Emi)

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I say yes to tacos!

Emi is adiet-nazi and a junky woohoo!
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Re: Shakedown. (Emi)

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I'm liking your new found 'write fagery.' (no that's not an insult) Though might i suggest that you post then in one big thread, rather then make a new one for every story you write. This way user don't have to go on a scavenger hunt for some of your writings.

-then again that's just my opinion.
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Re: Shakedown. (Emi)

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Hey that's a pretty good idea. I've got some other one shots in mind and I think I'll put 'em here unless they're super duper special or if they continue something I posted.

Am I officially a writefag now? :lol:
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Re: Shakedown. (Emi)

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kosherbacon wrote:Am I officially a writefag now? :lol:
<you kneel, I put a stupidly big wooden pencil on your left shoulder>
I hereby grant you the title of a writefag! Arise, Sir Kosher!

I'm in no power to do this now, am I? xD
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Re: Shakedown. (Emi)

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Smoku wrote:I'm in no power to do this now, am I? xD
Well, you pre-read some of mine already, so sure. Why not. :P

I shall wear my title with Pride and do my best to sully my name, reputation, and those of fictional characters. :mrgreen:

I'm a bit of a late bloomer at this, I had a bad experience back in high school. One of my friends decided to try his hand at writing erotic fiction and he printed out some copies for me to proofread. Somehow my parents found them and I ended up having to explain why I was in possession of explicit Pokemon fan fiction and that I wasn't into that sorta thing. I would've rather they found my actual porn stash.
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry (3/4 Emi)

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I've been harsh on the timid moeblob. Today she gets what she wants. Some slight changes to the end made since Smoku previewed it(poor guy keeps getting all the girl-love stories thrown his way)

Hamburgers, Nightlights, and the Event Horizon

Hanako froze in place, with her lips hovering a half inch above Lilly's. She wondered how much more encroaching Lilly would tolerate. First, she agreed to let Hanako share her room. Then she agreed to let Hanako move her futon right up next to hers. She didn't object when Hanako spent a good twenty minutes creeping from her own futon onto Lilly's. She didn't withdraw when Hanako grasped onto her hand and intertwined their fingers. Now, asleep, she would be unable to resist the logical conclusion of Hanako's campaign of intrusion.

Would it really be the conclusion? Would a mere kiss placate the evening's efforts, or would it merely embolden them? Noting the gaps between the buttons in front of Lilly's nightgown and how the hem line had ridden up her thighs over the course of the evening, Hanako wondered just how far she could go without Lilly waking up. Perhaps this was far enough. A light kiss was one thing, but there was no way Lilly would sleep through being felt up.

...But what if she does wake up while being kissed? Would she take it as an innocent kiss between friends, or would she be horrified that another girl would violate her? Knowing Lilly, she wouldn't be mad. Not obviously anyway. Lilly wouldn't fly into a violent rage. She would just carry on being as polite and nice as ever, but with an air of solemn sadness around her. All while carrying a pleasant smile, Lilly would simply wither from confusion and despair inside.

With a shake of her head, Hanako dismissed all her perverted intentions and plopped back down onto her own futon. This was no way to treat her best friend. Even if Lilly knew how she felt, it would be unfair to expect reciprocation. Only a sicko would repay kindness and hospitality with assault. Friendship has been good enough so far, and it will just have to do for now. It might not feel like enough, but what they had already was far too precious to throw away so foolishly.

Hanako looked around what she assumed to be Lilly's old room. It was just as sparsely decorated and un-homely as the rest of Akira's apartment, looking to be stuck in a state of having just been moved into. Or perhaps it was a state of having just been vacated. Several cardboard boxes labeled “Lilly's Room” were stacked against the walls. Absent were Lilly's bed and dresser, which must have been stored elsewhere. Aside from the dim nightlight, the only source of illumination was a table lamp temporarily placed on the floor. Trying to slow her pounding heartbeat, Hanako closed her eyes and imagined how the room must have looked before everything was boxed away, before Lilly moved to Yamaku. The rain outside picked up in intensity and filled the room with a pleasant white noise.

“Hanako... are you awake?” Lilly murmured, apparently awoken by the sound of rain. Perhaps it was a good thing that Hanako didn't kiss her.


“Oh my, it seems that tomorrow's beach trip might get postponed.” Fully awake, Lilly sat up and pointed an ear at the window.

“Y-Yeah...” Secretly, Hanako hoped that the beach trip would be canceled outright. She wasn't looking forward to Akira teasing her for wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants to the beach instead of a swimsuit, or for not getting in the water.

Above all, she definitely didn't want to see strange men pick up on Lilly, no matter how handsome, wealthy, or charming they were. The assumption that Lilly had a whole town full of potential suitors lining up at the door to snatch her up was already keeping Hanako's stomach in a knot. If she had even a remote chance, Hanako wouldn't be resorting to such underhanded attempts at stealing intimacy.

“I'm sorry, it's beginning to appear that our summer vacation isn't going to be very much fun after all.”

“T-That's not true. I'm glad that you invited me to come along. I h-had a lot of fun already.”

“Really? You enjoyed the long car ride, listening to my sister share embarrassing stories about my childhood?”

“I-I liked the one where you first tried doing your hair...”

“Oh no...” Lilly laughed with a blush. “I hoped that I could live the rest of my life without hearing that story again... What about that “home cooked” dinner of ours?”

“I... thought it was good. T-they don't have any hamburger stands like that by school.”

“I'm glad you approve. I just worry that Akira actually lives off of “hangover cures” like that instead of actually eating meals cooked at home.”

“H-hey Lilly. Do you have a lot of friends back here?”

“Well, I haven't really kept in touch, but I suppose there's a few people I'd like to check on. Would you be okay if we did that sometime this week?”

“Y-yeah.” Hanako didn't follow up, instead she emotionally braced herself for a question that she's been too afraid to ask until then. “Um... Do... you... Did you have any b-boyfriends waiting for you out here?”

“Huh? Boyfriends?” Lilly was taken aback. “Well, now that you mention it... I do have someone special.”

“Oh.” Hanako withdrew further away from Lilly, practically falling off her Futon. She felt like she just had the breath kicked out of her chest. “A-are you and him happy?”

“Hm? Well... I guess I am happy with this person. I think we're in love, but... I don't know. We're at a point where I'm at least sure of how I feel but I don't know if the feelings are mutual.”

“W-why don't you ask him how he feels?” Already defeated, Hanako downgraded herself from hopeful lover to supportive friend.

“Its... complicated. I'm worried that my family and friends would disapprove of our relationship. They would probably just tell me that these feelings aren't real and I would forget about everything when I'm an adult.”

“Y-you don't believe that, do you??” Even though it went against her own agenda, Hanako was dismayed that anyone would hinder Lilly's desire for happiness. “Love is love and it's never something you should just forget or t-take lightly. Y-you should just confess your love and worry about the consequences later!”

“You really think so?”

“I know so.” Replied Hanako, determined as ever. As a longtime subscriber to publications such as Yuri Strawberry Girl-Love Z, she was sick and tired of unrequited love and romance stories with sad endings. She wasn't about to let Lilly's life become a clichéd comic book romance. “F-First thing tomorrow, we'll go look up this friend of yours and you're going to make a confession and you're gonna ask him out on a d-date. I-I can back you up for moral support.”

“Oh my... tomorrow?” Lilly responded, somewhat startled. “Well, I guess we could do that but the thing is...”

Lilly groped at Hanako's direction and upon getting a hold of her wrist, pulled her in close enough to feel Hanako's breath against her lips.

“The thing is... I don't think I can wait until tomorrow.”

“Wh-wh... I d-don't understand.” Hanako had conditioned herself against getting her hopes up for so long that she refused to believe that her dreams were coming true.

“Feel this.” Hanako's hand was guided into Lilly's unbuttoned nightgown so that she could feel her heart racing. “You do this to me.”

“I..I had no idea.” she began feeling woozy, realizing that a whole night, in fact, months of beating around the bushes when it came to feelings could have been avoided if she had just confessed to Lilly long ago. “But... Why m-me?”

“Because I love you, that's why.” This was the truest, most honest answer. In depth dissections of her attraction could wait for love letters. “Do you not feel the same for me?”

“I-I do love you. I really do. I'm so happy right now...”

“Then why did you stop yourself from kissing me earlier? I've been waiting all night, no... all year for that.”

“Really? You did? S-so you're okay with a girl... with someone like me?”

“Only if you're okay with someone like me.”

“T-then I won't hold back this time...” Hanako said as she closed in on Lilly's face, finally putting to rest all the scenarios that played through her daydreams and fantasies. Faces locked together, she only withdrew when she felt tears that weren't her own pooling between their lips.

“A-are you okay” Hanako asked as she regained her breath.

“Yes... I'm just glad that it's you.” Lilly continued, “Since it seems that we've both been going about this the wrong way for so long, is there anything you would like to do to make up for lost time?”

“Well... Umm... there's... Nah. I want to but... is it too soon for us to, you know...”

“I do recall a girl telling me to throw caution to the wind and worry about consequences later.” Lilly felt around for a moment and began unbuttoning Hanako's pajamas. “There are many things I would like to do, but only with you.”

“W-well... Okay.”


Disoriented, Hanako's sat up and strained her eyes to get a look at her surroundings. Just a moment earlier she was admiring the way Lilly managed to stay elegant, even half-asleep, with her hair a matted mess, and with her skin shimmering with post-coital sweat. The storm outside brought a blackout to Akira's neighborhood and the nightlight had flickered out. Stewing in the warm humidity of a rainy summer's night suddenly without air conditioning, the two kicked their blankets onto the floor where their clothes were.

"Hanako...?" Lilly asked, concerned with Hanako's sudden restlessness. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

"N-no." Hanako kissed Lilly's hand in reassurance. "It-it's just the lights went out."

Taking the persisting darkness as a cue to finally go to sleep, Hanako nestled her head against Lilly's shoulder, who wrapped her arms around Hanako in kind. Soaking in her girlfriend's warmth, she reflected on that most satisfying evening. Shameful and confusing feelings were replaced with sensations of ecstasy and warmth. She had gone through what seemed like a lifetime's worth of experiences in a few short hours and was elated that she shared it all with someone she truly loved.

The bedroom door creaked open, and a harsh white light shone onto Hanako's face.

"Hey, is the power out in here too...Waaaaugh!!" Akira jumped back into the hallway and slammed the door, almost dropping her flashlight.

"Um... Sorry to interrupt." Akira stammered from beyond the doorway. "I-I'm leaving a flashlight for you right outside the door in case you need it. O-O K-Kay, Hanako...?"

"T-Thank you, Akira."

"N-No problem. G-goodnight, girls."
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Hanako+Lilly 3/13

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kosherbacon wrote:Hanako+Lilly
That was great. Keep up the faggotry good work. :mrgreen:
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Hanako+Lilly 3/13

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Oddly enough, the part I was least comfortable with was the notion that Emi owned a wheelchair and that she'd use it under any circumstance.

On the Nature of Bathing

"All done!" Emi triumphantly announced to Rin's empty room as she finished folding and putting away the last load of laundry.

Rin might have had a good grasp on use of the laundry room, but her ability to fold and put away clothes was lacking. When Emi first came in to check on things, there were at least two or three loads of laundry scattered among loose piles on the floor. Judging by the smell of things, she figured that some dirty clothes somehow got mixed in, so Emi washed everything just to be safe.

"Do try to be more careful Miss Tezuka," the matronly voice of one of the housing staff admonished from outside the door. "Even in our safe community we have to observe curfews."

"Yes, Ma'am." Rin replied emptily as she was let into her room. Once Rin was inside, her escort immediately disappeared down the hallway.

"Rin!" Emi jumped up from the floor in front of the dresser and grabbed Rin by the shoulders.

"Oh hey Emi. Wait... this is my room, right?" After noticing the lack of mess, Rin inspected the walls, checking for the strategically positioned coat hooks she used as aids to get dressed and undressed.

"It's almost midnight. Where were you?!"

"Sleeping." Rin seemed intent on just leaving that as her answer without elaborating further, but reluctantly explained herself after getting a good shake from Emi.

"...At the bus stop in town."

"All the way there? Are... Are you running away from school?"

"Running away... no I was walking towards wherever they were going."


"Ants. They always run like they know where they're going. I wanted to see what was so important to them. Usually it's a crack in the sidewalk but this time they went pretty far."

"Oh. Where were they going?" Emi seemed satisfied with Rin's answer, somewhat caught between realizing the futility of being mad and being genuinely interested in where ants go at night.

"I think they took the bus out of town. I was waiting for them to come back. Hey, Emi, did you steal my clothes?"

"No, I redid your laundry! They were getting wrinkled and stinky just lying around on the floor."

"Aw, you don't need to do this, you know. You're always doting on me like we're married."

"Married..." Emi's normally childish expression briefly faded into genuine solemness. "But I like to."

"Yeah but..." Rin looked pained, trying to muster the strength needed to say something serious for once. "I... I never do anything for you."

"That's not true! You're my friend and friends do these things for each other."

"But I'm usually a... What's that animal that leeches off of things? It's like a worm or something?"

"A leech?"

"Yeah, that. I gotta start doing some things for myself once in a while so I can be useful for you."

"Oh! I know! You need to take a bath, don't you? You can help me with mine!"

Rin took a whiff of herself and noted that she was in fact rather smelly. She wasn't about to fall for Emi's trap, though. Emi no doubt bathed herself after her workout.

"I can manage by myself. I've gotten pretty good with my brush and my bucket. Besides, you never actually need me to help you bathe."

"You can't get really clean like that." Emi fired up the hurt puppy-dog eyes to no avail. "And-and-I really do need your help."

"It's not gonna work."

Not to be defeated so easily, Emi retreated into her room. After a bit of metallic rattling and thumps from within, Emi sans-legs emerged from the room, in a folding wheelchair.

"Geez, I thought you hated using the chair." Indeed, Emi's much-loathed wheelchair normally sat ignored inside the closet, folded away under a pile of spare bedding. Bathing with Rin must have been excruciatingly important for Emi to resort to using it.

"I do. But now I'm totally helpless without a pair of legs to take me to the showers."

"Fine, fine." Rin surrendered to Emi's desperation. "Put that thing away and I'll let you bathe with me."


"Okay, all done. Now your left. Just how long has it been since you shaved your armpits?"

"I'm not sure. I did it a couple times and I stopped cuz it was too hard. Then it got too long to do it myself without getting cut up."

Rin and Emi sat on their plastic stools in the women's bath. Despite her insistence that she needed help, Emi still did most of the work, aside from riding to the bathroom on Rin's back.

"Well, you have to keep up the habit, or else you'll become a Yeti."

"Wait, so if I stopped shaving, I'd become an actual Sasquatch? We should stop then. I would like to try that."

"Yeah, maybe we should, when the weather gets cold again, perhaps?" Emi laughed, washing the safety razor under the faucet.

"Hey Rin... Have you ever been in love?"

"There was a sandwich once... no. That wasn't love. So I'm not sure. Have you?"

"Yeah, I have. Actually, I am."

"What's it like?" Rin turned around to face Emi so that she could get her legs shaved. "Is it nice?"

"It's confusing. Like you know how when you're a little girl you have this idea of a popular boy on some soccer team or a handsome businessman sweeping you off your feet? But then you do fall in love and that person is nothing like what you expected? That's the part I don't get."

"But is it nice, though?"

"It's kinda scary. I don't know if I like it. Maybe it's not really love. I don't think I should believe in something that's supposed to be so wonderful when it just makes me feel so... weird."

"Ow!" Rin winced and pointed out with her toe the raw spot of razor burn on her leg.

"Sorry!" Emi reached into a plastic bag and opened up a fresh razor blade.

"I believe in bubbles. I don't get them, though."

"What's there to get? They're pockets of air surrounded by fluid held together with surface tension."

"No, not like that. See that bit of soapy foam over there that looks like a Luxembourg? Why does it look like that? Why didn't it look like just a blob or something else instead. And why do bubbles pop when they do? Who decides that sort of thing?"

"Um, I don't think I understand..."

"It's real, though, isn't it? Just because you don't get it doesn't mean it isn't real. If it feels like love, then it must be love."

"Thanks, Rin."

Emi continued attending to Rin for a while but slowed down as more troubling thoughts surfaced in her head.

"Hey Rin."


"I've been bathing you for a while, right? It's kinda funny isn't it? After all this time, I don't think there's a spot of skin on you I haven't touched already. We might as well be lovers now, huh?"


"I, I mean like, my hands have been to places where most girls would only allow their boyfriends to touch."

"If you put it that way," Rin cringed, "every relative, nurse, and caregiver who's ever given me a bath has been my lover."

"Well, well, what I mean is..." Emi grabbed Rin's crotch with a soapy hand. "Does this feel different to you when it's me touching you like this? Because right now it feels different to me."

"Yeah, it kinda hurts. You're pulling on 'em."

"Oh." Emi let go. "Then what about..."

Emi grabbed the sides of Rin's head with both hands and kissed her on the lips, almost falling off her own stool.

"Well. Nobody else has ever done that, so I can't say."

Saddened by the fact that Rin just wasn't getting it, Emi hastily finished up shaving Rin and quickly rinsed the both of them off using Rin's bucket. Dwelling on her defeat, she barely noticed when Rin grabbed a towel with her toes and began drying her off.

"Come on." Rin crouched down with her back facing Emi, after draping bathrobes around both of them. "I'll take you back to your room."

"I'm sorry that I'm being weird to you. I've been feeling kinda off lately."

"Off? What's it like to feel on?" Emi giggled briefly at Rin's reply and went back to languishing on Rin's back.

"Rin? Are we really friends or... Or am I just your nurse?"

"You wanna spend the night in my room? Somehow my mess got cleaned up when I was gone and I'd like to show it off."

"I'd like that. Let's stop by my room first so I can get some things."


Since the two of them don't take up much room, Rin shared the bed with Emi, even though she had a futon in the closet for such an occasion. Being more trouble than they were worth in warm weather, Rin's pajamas had long vanished somewhere in the room. At Emi's request, she wore an old gym uniform instead of going nude.

Emi looked up at Rin and wondered why she was feeling the way she felt. Rin just laid there, staring up with her eyes half open. Perhaps Rin was unfolding the secrets of the universe through some unconventional line of reasoning that completely bypassed normal logic. However, she was just as likely to be thinking about food.

Rin was always mysterious like that, even to Emi. Maybe that was what made her so captivating. Emi, on the other hand, wore her heart on her face. She stared longingly at Rin, biting her lip to keep from doing anything foolish.

"Why did it have to be you, Rin?" Emi silently asked with her lips.

"Ow!" Rin's legs jerked.

"What is it?"

"I think I'm broken." Rin squinted and gritted her teeth. "I pulled my groin earlier when I was reaching up for something."

"Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

"No, it's just is kinda throbbing right now. Can you massage it for a bit?"

"Oh, sure." Emi slid her hand under the waist band of Rin's bloomers. "Which side?"

"Left. Lower. No. Lower than that. Keep going. Lower. Okay now towards the middle... Okay good. Right there."

Emi obliged for a moment and stopped, realizing she was just conned into fondling Rin. She looked up at Rin's face and glared indignantly. "Is this some kind've joke to you?"

Rin sat up slightly and kissed Emi in response. "Hm. Interesting."

"What? Why did you do that?"

"It is just like you said. It does feel different now."

"But earlier in the shower..."

"Well that was in the shower. You touch me like that all the time. But now we're in bed. I had to make sure."

"Oh," Emi looked stunned. "So you know how I feel about you now, right? If it makes you feel uncomfortable, I can leave you alone so you can take care of yourself from now on."

"No. I don't mind anymore. I like it when you help me with things. Just give me something to do for you once in a while."

"Just stay with me." Emi fell slack in the bed and wrapped her arm around Rin.

"I can do that."

"Oh, Rin? You're a pervert for making me do that just now."

"Well, you're a pervert for using bath time as an excuse to feel me up. And you could've massaged me over my clothes, by the way."

"I know."
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Emi+Rin (March 20th)

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Don't ya just hate Girl-love stories that just leave you hanging at the end? I kinda do too. Sorry about that.

A Nurse?

Emi laid still on the bed, at a loss for words with her hands above her head in a display of surrender. After some awkward shifting of positions, Rin emerged from under the covers and sat on Emi's stomach.

Their eyes scanned over each other thoroughly, soaking in every iota of detail that they fail to notice on a day to day basis. Subtle details like the depth of Rin's eyes, the sheen of Emi's hair, the candy-like visible moistness of Rin's lips, and the goosebumps on Emi's chest all shone bright as day. That night, the two were truly seeing each other for the first time.

Emi reached out and laid her hands on Rin's knees, tracing her fingertips down slowly until she locked fingers with toes. Acts of intimacy including everything from holding hands to having sex would require some sort of creative improvisation, but Emi and Rin handled those challenges nicely. They've made it far in life, together, even just as friends. They welcomed the coming days that they would spend as a whole greater than the sum of their parts.

Rin tilted her head around and locked eyes with Emi, her normally unfocused gaze suddenly piercing and precise like emerald daggers. She licked her lips slightly and mouthed a few silent sounds, in preperation to speak.

"Okay. Now, you can say we're lovers."
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Emi+Rin (Better ending)

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Liking the new ending better. Nice job!
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Emi+Rin (Better ending)

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H, you gone a unique direction in these.
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