The piano and a change


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The piano and a change

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I made a little scribbling. I hope some will enjoy it. It could be considered a bit long tough... Here goes.

The school bell rang signalizing the end of yet another of Mutou's boring lessons. The school festival was over just a few days ago. The whole lesson I was drawing random pictures in my notebook just not to fall asleep because of teacher's monotonic speech. Shizune was observing my doings almost all the time, making an angry face showing dislike towards my laziness and un- interest in the lesson but she didn't make any gesture for Misha to translate to me.
Misha on the other hand showed enthusiasm and every time I scribbled anything funny, she laughed.
-Wahahaha, that one's cool, Hicchan! I really like it!- she said out loud a few times, but I got used to it a little and I wasn't surprised that Mutou didn't even raise a brow after these few bursts of enthusiasm.

When the lesson was over, students packed their notebooks and started leaving the class as usual. I waited a bit for the crowd to go away. I knew the corridor was crowded at this time as well. I let out a yawn, watching as Shizune and Misha get up from their seats and leave talking using sign language.
-We're going to the student council room now, Hicchan! We have some paperwork about the culture festival report. You can still join us, we still have free spots in our ranks.- said Misha. Shizune gave me a smile, tough not so warm like before, when I first came here. I didn't help them up at the school festival, I was busy helping Lilly, afterwards I wanted to take a rest and hang out with her and Hanako. I enjoy having them close by. It seems right since they bring me peace and allow me to run away from Kenji's crazy world of feminist assault on the world, boredom of doing totally nothing alone or running around with Emi, like the Nurse advised.
-Nah, I'll pass. Thanks for the invite- I smiled back at Shizune and waved goodbye to the duo. When the left I was quite alone in the classroom. No, wait. That's not true. I turned right. Hanako was there, reading a book. I moved a bit closer and checked the title. “Pincher Martin”.
-Sounds interesting.- I thought loudly
-O-oh! H-h-hisao!- Hanako noticed me so close, blushed a little and closed the book quickly, hiding it in her school bag.
- Hello, Hanako- I greeted her. I done it a few times in the few past days, yet she still is startled and surprised by that fact the same.
-Wanna go find Lilly and have something to eat in the city with the three of us?- I asked.
-W-what? Umm.... Well...- she felt silent for a while. The silence got a bit awkward. I never asked such a thing like eating together outside. Even if it was with Lilly, I'm sure Hanako would be embarrassed by such an offer from a guy she barely knows. I didn't consider that. Sigh.
-Well...? - I broke the silence- Would like to go? I'm sure you're pretty hungry. It's my treat.
-u-um... a-alright... but let's find Lilly first!- she finally answered and we left the class.

The crowd had nearly gone since the lessons were over. We went to Lilly's classroom. Hanako was stepping on the darker tiles on the floor. It's the game she's used to play while walking here. I caught myself doing it too sometimes, like now.
-Hey, Hanako?
-gah!- she got startled in the sound of my voice- y-y-yes?
- Maybe let's change the rules
-W-what do you mean?
-Let's step on the brightest ones now.
Hanako, tough surprised, agreed to the sudden change of rules to make the game more interesting and a bit more challenging, since the most bright tiles were harder to spot and thus step on without stopping and taking a more accurate look. So this time we both stepped on the brightest ones of the floor on our way to Lilly's classroom. It felt fun, tough looked so silly. As Hanako kept her distance from me, I spotted a wider smile on her face.

We decided not play too much not to have Lilly wait for us too long. On our way there was a familiar figure of a man. The guy was sticking to the walls as if trying to be assured they are still there as he touched. His face showed a bit of impatience or irritation as he moved and looked around cautiously. Tough I'm pretty sure he didn't see much. Because it was Kenji.
-huh!? Who's there by the wall?- Kenji seemed to have spotted us by the sound of footsteps. He nervously adjusted his thick round glasses on his nose.
-Oi, Kenji, it's me- I waved at Kenji. Hanako froze behind me, so I'm sure he hasn't seen her, tough she wasn't aware of it.
-Me? Me who? I don't trust you. Do I know you?- he asked clenching his fists as if he was ready for a fight.
-Hisao. You know, the guy next door. You still owe me money for the pizza.
-Ah, hey man. You surprised me- Kenji loosened a little. Naturally, he totally ignored the part about money- Hey... you sure your not an agent of the feminist empire? They expand their influence, you know. Ya never know when a man in their service stabs you in the back.
- But I'm in front of you. Would be pretty hard to backstab you, would it?
-... you do have a point. But whatever. You listen to me?That's right! They recruit weak willed men now! Madness! I'm goin' to my base to construct a proper plan against their territory expansion... Join me, man.
- Uuhm... I'll pass on this offer. See, I'm going to your classroom. You just finished the lessons, right? Is Lilly still in the room?
- We didn't. Don't you know? The history teacher suddenly got sick so they canceled our last lesson. It's them feminists who tried to assassinate him, I bet my life on it.
- oh... well thanks for telling me. Gotta go. See ya some other time, Kenji- I wave a good bye and make a strategic retreat with Hanako behind me on the next turn to avoid Kenji's further blabbering and noticing her by him.

-Phew... we lost him- I sighed with relief.
-U-u-hm, who was he?- Hanako decided to ask.
-Oh, he lives next door to my room. You remember Kenji, he was in the class we helped in the preparations for the festival with Lilly.
-A-Ah, yes. Y-you're right.- Hanako noded- S-so what do we do now? I think Lilly's back in the dormitory now...
- Oh, well... Then let's pass on the lunch. But let's go tomorrow. It's Saturday. Wanna come?
-ah!- Hanako's face is blushing.
-What's wrong? You have a fewer? Should I take you to the Nurse?- I asked with concern in my voice.
-ah, no! I-I'm fine! S-s-so see you tomorrow, Hisao!- Hanako nervously answered and ran away.
-H-hey, wait!- I yell, but she's not stopping- See me tomorrow at the painted mural at 12! And take Lilly!- I yell loud and clear to make sure she heard. Well, she's not deaf so I guess we're appointed. Heh... it's a bit embarrassing to yell in the middle of the school corridor but there's practically no one here.

I didn't want to get back to the dorm yet. I wouldn't like to stumble upon Kenji just yet. Which reminds me this happens too often... So I decided to walk a bit around the school. Think I'll take a long way around and then go get some fresh air. I'd ease my conscience, since I promised Nurse to take care of my health.

As I passed by the halls, I discovered this strange new feeling- of being attached and nearly used to this place already. The halls were filled with nothing but silence now, since quite a couple of minutes passed since Hanako left. I'll just pass the music rooms and go to the exit. There's no meaning in just walking around like a vagabond.
Approaching the music classrooms my ear started to catch something... sound. As I recall, no music club or band has practices today, so what could that be?
It surely was a piano. Someone played it in music room 2. I decided to pass by, but the music was so... elegant. It entangled me, wrapped around my head, taking over my mind and body. I just stopped. The door wasn't fully closed so I could take a discrete peak. Right before I took a look, a voice started to slowly join with the piano, forming an even more beautiful song. A female voice filled the classroom, signing slowly lovely words. Perhaps it was a magic incantation, because I felt charmed in such I way, it's impossible to describe. The music had taken me over. I slipped in by the door and entered the classroom.
There was a big, black piano close to the window. And playing it was an angel-like woman, singing in the same time. Her skill was brilliant, I was petrified right before this sight. The sun was shining through the window, making an illusion of a godly aura making the person shine, like a creature not of this world. Her golden hair reflected the sunlight making her yet more beautiful.
It took a while but I noticed that the woman playing and singing was Lilly.
Such skill and talent... I made a step towards her, making a careless sound. I didn't care of being noticed anymore. But I didn't want her to stop playing either.

She seemed to notice my presence, since she stopped playing and the expression on her changed to “surprised”.
-I-is anyone here?- she asked.
-It's me, Lilly
-Hisao?- she asked just to be sure. But she already recognized the voice and made a warm smile.
-Yes. I had no idea you could play and sing so well
-Hm? Oh this... it's not much. I'm just coming here every Friday when there's no one here and enjoy it a little... Sorry for being harsh on your ears with this- she said modestly.
-Wha-..? not at all! I liked it a lot. I... Well, can you play just one more song, please?- I don't know how I came up with such a request.
Lilly looked surprised but answered- I wanted to finish and leave but... since you ask so politely, I can play one more for you.

She smiled again and started a different, calm song. I sat down on a desk close to listen. I really liked it.


Continue with the story or you don't want me to?
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Re: Piano

Post by kosherbacon »

There's a few spelling errors in the first half and the use of hyphens instead of quotation marks were a bit hard to read at first but keep going! :)
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Re: Piano

Post by Elroy »

:D You've got my support!
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Re: Piano

Post by Smoku »

Lilly finished her song. Even after her fingers stopped pressing the piano keys, I still stared at the instrument, spacing out, making a mind trip to magical worlds of beautiful music and peace. Worlds without troubles, without my disease and without Kenji.
-Hisao?- a kind voice broke me from my daydreaming-Shall we leave now?- and the voice again. A sweet one.
-O-oh!- I just noticed the situation I'm in and felt awkward- Off course! Sorry. I was just spacing out. I really like your music. Do you play for a long time?- I asked getting up from the desk. So did Lilly from her seat in front of the piano.
She picked up her white cane and answered- Well, I used to play since I was a child about 5 years old. Oh, but it's nothing really. I'm not good or anything- modesty again.
- But it was fabulous. I'd really like to hear more in the future.

We chatted whilst making our way through the school hallway towards the exit. Just one more turn and... BOOM! I crashed with something. It made a rather strange sound, crumbled and scattered on the ground. Paper. Quite a lot of pieces of paper. They were carried by a now angry person nervously gesticulating towards me and putting her glasses back on her nose.
Shizune looked like she was going to explode.
-Wahahahaha!- the other person let out a noisy laugh. Naturally it was Misha. She put her papers down on the ground and so the three of us picked them up.
-Sorry, Shizune, I really didn't mean to- I apologized. Misha translated everything
Shizune only got madder. She noticed Lilly and she got furious.
-What happened, Hisao?- Lilly asked. It's only natural, she can't see anything...
-I just crashed into Shizune and Misha. Don't worry
You'll be punished for this, Hicchan, I swear. I mean Shicchan swears.- Said Misha.

We parted ways with Misha and Shizune. Lilly was silent
-Yes, Hisao?
-Why do you and Shizune hate each other so much?
-Oh... well that's pretty obvious, don't you think?
-Um... not for me. Please explain.
-Well, we... have different ways of going on in life. I relay so much on sound. On the other hand, she relays mostly on her eyes. Imagine someone deaf having contact with someone blind...
-Yes, I can imagine. You have Misha but it's just not enough, is it? But it's not much... is there anything else?
-Well...- Lilly makes a pause, then decides to continue- I think it's because of the music.
-... What do you mean?
- You see- Lilly went on as we exited the school building- Shizune hates instruments. She deems them pointless, because she can't hear them. I think she wasn't deaf right when she was born. She could have had some interest in music right before she went like this... I also suspect that recent instrument malfunctions are caused by her sabotaging the equipment. Naturally, I don't have proof. But I shared my thoughts with her around a year ago. She got really angry and she hates me for this. She could have overreacted a bit, but that only confirms my theory, I think..
-Oh... I understand- I finally said. What an interesting turn of events. I never would've guessed such a thing.
-Also I find my piano malfunctioning quite often and I don't think it's a coincidence.

We talked a while and I just remembered that I was supposed to ask Lilly about tomorrow's lunch.
-Hey, Lilly. Do you want to eat lunch tomorrow with me?
-H-huh?- Lilly stopped. Her face got red- A-a-are you asking me out?- that sounded a bit like Hanako
-A-Asking out?? Well... I was thinking about lunch together tomorrow. How about it?
-I-if you're the one who asks... Sure. Why not.
-Great. Let's meet by the mural near my dorm at 12. Hanako was happy about it too. It'll be nice then with the three of us.
-...- Lilly's silence could destroy worlds and break the universe- So Hanako is going with us.
-Y-yes. Great, isn't it?
-Yes... perfect.- I chill ran down my spine. Lilly's tone is.. scary
-Are you mad by any chance?
-Hm? oh...- Lilly went slowly back to her normal calm and noble self- off course not. See you tomorrow then- The atmosphere cleared as Lilly gave me a sincere smile.
She left to the females dorm and I went back to my room.


I'm in my room. I double- checked if the window is closed and sealed of just about right. Feminists may lurk right outside and shoot me down anytime. You never know.
That school festival scheme is over. Maybe just to cloud my senses and make me lower my guard. Ha! Like hell I'll let it down.
I drink the last drops of my vodka... damn, last drops. Gotta go and buy some at the city again.
I have a feeling my neighbor is being drawn to the enemy side. Fuck traitors! I can't allow it.

Kenji logged out of the Anti-feminist manly forum, turned of his PC and once again read his favorite manga. They call it yaoi. Heck, no babes in it and that's great! And he liked the mechanic guy hero...
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Re: Piano

Post by kosherbacon »

Jealous Lilly? I would've never imagined.. I totally want to see where this is going. I read a yuri manga involving a mechanic just now. It's pretty weird but nowhere near as weird(or icky) as what I think Kenji is reading...

Anyways, I like the turn of events at the end. Please continue!
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by Smoku »

Continuation. Kosherbacon, you're my only true fan <cry>

(Still Kenji's head)
I finished the yaoi and hid it under my bed. Time to go to the shop. Good this freakin' Saturday is free. And the weather outside isn't bad... Then again what if the feminists will catch me with my guard lowered?? I'll be done for.
Then again... I'm the mighty Kenji! I know the truth about this world. That the females plot against men. I can't be unprepared. But, damn! The booze! ok.. I'll play it smart: I'll write my knowledge on a few pieces of paper and leave them on the desk. After my death, Hisao Nakai will find all the information, uncover the truth and fight in the name of male kind for me. Brilliant idea!
I scribbled all my surely proper information quickly. All other plans are hidden under my bed so I'll write a hint for Hisao to find them later.
I put on my shoes and with my inseparable scarf, I left my fortress- the dorm room. On my way I met Hisao making his way back from the bathroom back to his room.
-Hey, man!
-Oh, hey, Kenji. What's up?
-Just going to buy some stuff at the shop. Listen, man... There's a thing I need to tell you..
-No money for you, you bastard- replayed Hisao quickly
-No, it's not it! It's just...
-Come on, spit it out.
-If I won't come back by sunset, enter my room and check the desk.
-Huh? Why should I do that?
-Just do it. It's important to me. Ok?- I showed my hand to Hisao, probably wanting to receive a shake in approval.
-Yeah, whatever.- Hisao shaken Kenji's hand just to get over another one of his stupid, pointless speeches.
-Thank, man. You're the greatest.- I went off- See ya.- And I left the dorm. It was a bit before noon.

I made my way out, past the mural and... lost consciousness. A great impact threw me away enough to bounce off violently. Before I hit the ground with my head and sinked into darkness, I heard a girlish scream:
- Oh, my God, I did it again!


Totally ignoring and forgetting what Kenji asked me, I went back to my room preparing for today's lunch with Hanako and Lilly. I still had a few extra minutes. Enough to finish of a few minor homework stuff and clean the room a little bit. 13.00 was close so I decided to lock my dorm room and leave for the mural outside the dorm.
The sun was shining on a cloudless sky. Pretty nice weather. Great for a walk.
I passed by the mural and at a single second something reflected a sun ray straight to my eyes. What's this by the mural...? I approaches the shiny object lying beside the mural. It's a pair of glasses. Pretty strange, thick and big glasses, to be exact. I know them from somewhere... hm... OH MY FREAKIN GOD! These are Kenji's glasses! What are they doing here? Where's Kenji? He couldn't just lose his glasses, he barely sees a thing even when he has them on! I have a bad feeling about this...
-H-Hisao?- a trembling voice interrupted my thoughts. It was Hanako. She approached me with Lilly, when I didn't pay attention.
-Is everything all right, Hisao? You didn't notice us?- added Lilly.
-N-no, it's fine. Hello. Let's get going for some food, shall we, ladies?- I hid Kenji's glasses to my pocket.
-Y-you look pale... is everything really alright?- Hanako seemed worried.
-Yes, naturally? Why wouldn't it? Haha. Come, come. I'm starving.
I decided not to think about this bizarre event. Kenji vanished?Was he abducted? Oh, nevermind. Time to relax and spend some free time with friends.

We exited the school grounds and made our way to the city close by.
Lilly seemed a bit troubled so I decided to ask:
-What's wrong, Lilly? You look a bit gloomy. Something bothering you?
-Oh, it shows so much? It's... not that much really. Just that I tried to play the piano this morning. Since it's Saturday, I do some morning practice. But.. I couldn't. I discovered quite a few strings inside the piano were cut off.

To be continued.
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by kosherbacon »

Poor, poor Kenji. He gets his ass kicked in all the fics. :P
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by PharaohSauron »

kosherbacon wrote:Poor, poor Kenji. He gets his ass kicked in all the fics. :P
He's a true man, so he can handle it.

In fact, he welcomes it.
Remember, folks:
I'm watching you.
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by chaix »

we do seem to have a vendetta against him. Obviously none of us care about the "no hitting the guy with glasses" rule.

btw if no one is saying "this sucks" feel free to keep going, it probably just means that we just don't feel like the post would be interesting enough (or it got buried before we noticed something new)
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by kosherbacon »

Smoku wrote:Continuation. Kosherbacon, you're my only true fan <cry>
See? That's totally not true. Just keep on writing as long as it stays fun.
chaix wrote:we do seem to have a vendetta against him. Obviously none of us care about the "no hitting the guy with glasses" rule.
However, I do seem to be the only fan of Kenji.
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by Smoku »

Aaww, but I like Kenji. It's just a.. special way of liking that makes me want to run him over with a truck sometimes. but it's liking!
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by Snicket »

I'm liking this, keep going.
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Re: The piano and a change

Post by Smoku »

Continued. This story will now be narrated sometimes by Kenji and sometimes by Hisao. Everytime I change it, I shall write “Eyes of Kenji” or “Eyes of Hisao” (which you probably observed in the previous posts). Enjoy. On with the story:

Eyes of Hisao (still)

I understood now, why Lilly was so depressed. If her words from yesterday were correct, then there's a high possibility that it's Shizune's work. To think she could be so mean.. Well, I DID see her and Lilly argue and certainly Shizune looks like the one from “The Dark Side” here. There is a chance that the incidents with the piano sabotage are her doing. I don't want to accuse her for nothing but..
Oh well, I'll investigate it later. For now it's time to cheer Lilly up and spend some time with all three of us. We chatted happily on our way to the city. Lilly was actually leading the way. I'm still amazed of how skilled she is with that white cane, how can she find her ways in a world so dark.

We made it to the city with no trouble. Lilly recommended a certain place we could eat, although the trip was my plan. Well, that's great because I didn't know the city all too well to suggest a fine place. The beautiful blind girl led us through the streets like a natural guide. She knew where to cross the street, her extraordinary ability of hearing things so well and distinguishing sounds made me forget for a while that she can't see.

Lilly grew in my eyes every day bit by bit. Her kind personality, composure and friendliness made her a fantastic friend. Well... She is very beautiful too... those long blond hair, the slender body, those big, soft- looking breasts, long legs... gah! Throw away perverted thoughts from the head immediately, Hisao Nakai! My heart starting beating a little faster... I took my meds so it shouldn't be a health issue, I hope.. I'm not tired or...

We entered a place called “Shanghai”. It was a neat looking, Chinese- styled place. Not too big, but there were no customers here. No wonder, this place isn't probably the most popular place in town and besides it's the middle of the day. Not many customers usually come to places like this at this hour, I think.
- This is a place my sister showed me. You know, Hisao. You seen it at least once didn't you?- Said Lilly
That was indeed true. I was here. I know Yuuko works here part time, apart from working in the school library. I like the turkey sandwiches.
As for her sister... she's “handsome”. Yes, “Handsome” is the word. She looked pretty, no doubt... but so... manly too. I'm confused. Nevermind.
-I-it looks nice. Let's sit there- Hanako pointed the table in darkest corner, probably to avoid sight of anyone who may enter.
Yuuko approached us with her usual manner.
-Um... may I take your orders?- she asked.
-Ah! Y-y- Yuuko!- Hanako let out a surprised scream
-Oh, hello, Hanako. I work here part-time. So... what do you want? Eat? drink? I hope I'm not bugging you... am I doing ok? I'm not sure..
-You're doing fine, Yuuko. Hello, by the way. We'd like to read the menus a little. We'll call you when we pick something, ok?- I told her to avoid any awkwardness possible and not to upset her by anything.
-Well, if you say so... I didn't approach you too fast? Oh, I don't know if I'm good for this job...
- You're a fantastic waitress and a librarian- I said to comfort her. I guess it made her a bit happy, because she left without further interrupting us.
I wonder how is Lilly going to choose her food...
Lilly seemed to be manipulating with the menus, like she was searching for something.
-A-ha!- she said happily and pulled out a blank looking menu with... Wait, it's Braille language. I had no idea they had a menu written in Braille in this place. Good for Lilly.
Hanako was reading the menu. I already knew what I'm going to order. My usual sandwich, naturally. But I pretend I'm thinking, to make Hanako feel more comfortable and not to rush things.
Lilly was making her way through the menu a few times. She finished. Hanako seemed to make a choice as well so we called Yuuko again:
- May I take your orders?- she asked again
- You already said that.- I replayed.
-I-is that wrong of me? Shouldn't I? No, wait.. I was told to ask this question every time I approach a client.
-nevermind, it's cool. I'll take two turkey sandwiches, please. And a cup of tea. Lilly?
-I'd like the Green salad and some silken tofu with soy sauce. And a cup of tea, like Hisao- Lilly replayed. She seemed happier then before we got here. I'm glad.- How about you, Hanako?- She asked her friend.
-W-w-well... I'll take French fries, the Small Spicy Tortilla and a small s-steak. Make it o-overcooked. And with four chili peppers.- Hanako made an order.
All eyes turned to her. I raised my eyebrow. That was... unexpected. Even Yuuko looked surprised. Lilly opened her mouth to say something but she shut it immediately.
-W-w-why are you staring at me like that? I like spicy food and a bit overcooked meat. S-s-sorry...- Hanako answered and broke the awkward silence.
We kept quiet a little. Then Yuuko added:
-M-Maybe some desserts with it?- she asked an smiled.
-S-Sure- I finally answered.- Why not? I'll take a Taiyaki with vanilla cream.- I ordered.
-I-I-I'd like... a portion of b-b-burning bananas...- Hanako added. Something like a thunder stricken my brain. It's so, damn, awkward!
-I'll take cream ice cream with chocolate sauce then- Lilly quickly added to just get over with it.
Yuuko vanished like a mist, stealth like a ninja, straight to the kitchen.


me and Lilly changed the subject to music. We talked a bit about what can Lilly play and such. I admitted I tried to play the guitar a few times but I sucked.
Yuuko brought the food. Hanako asked for a glass of water, which is free in this place.


It's dark. I remember leaving the dorm and heading to the city but it ends there... something ran into me.
I think I regained my senses. But I can;t see a dang thing.
-Shit, where are my glasses?- I screamed.
-Whoa, he's up- a young male voice stated the obvious.- Keep still, we're still examining your body, Kenji.
-... The hell, what happened to me?
-I-I'm sorry, Kenji!- a squeaky girl voice said towards me- I was running carelessly again! I'm very, very sorry. Nurse, will he be okay?
-Emi, keep it down. He just got up. We still need to make an X-ray of his head and a few little stuff to see if his head is hard. He hit the ground pretty hard when you ran into him.
That's IT! When I just let my guard down a LITTLE bit, I was attacked by that little bitch feminist weapon! The devil called Emi! Oh, god, I'm going to die? No, wait. I'm here. Nurse will defend me, will he? Will he??

- I-I'm sooo sorryyyyy.... - Emi's voice started to crumble as she herself began crying.
Why the fuck is that little mass murderer crying?? This is a conspiracy, to trick the Nurse and stab me when he's gone for a minute! What the fuck else could it be?
- That's enough, Emi. I hope you learned your lesson. Stop crying.- Nurse comforted and scold Emi at the same time.- As for you, Kenji, boy.- he turned to me – Little miss Ibarazaki here ran into you during her practice. While falling, you hit with the back of your head on the ground. She called me immediately. We're going to the x- rays. But before we do so, I'll have to put you into sleep for a while. I have to do some tests, cause I'm not sure what's wrong with you, apart from the wound on the head. It's not only the hit...

As Nurse finished talking, he put a mask on my mouth. Some gas flew right to my body.
-Now I want you to count to ten. Are you ready?
- What the...- I wanted to finished the sentence but I got so sleepy, I dropped out.
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Re: The piano and a change

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Man, I got hungry just reading that dinner order. :P
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Re: The piano and a change

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dang... i know I'd feel awkward if a burns victim ordered food like that while I was nearby....

then again... i like my steak rare or blue... i imagine that must be awkward for vegetarians around me...

dang it.... now I want popeseye steak....
2 kidneys for sale, slightly used, non-functional, no refunds.
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