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KS Shorts

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Edit: Here is a list of all the 'shorts' i've done thus far:

The chase

Piggy Back

Thunder & Light



Note Cards

Walking Stick

The Painting

Last Man Standing

Awkward Moments

Jump Start



Perks and Privileges

OC Profile

Check Out

OC Day 1 & 2

OC Day 2.5

OC: Unwanted Visitor

OC: Peg Legs and Sidekicks

OC: Some Time After

Silent Treatment

Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

Foot Notes

CYOA Threads

Basically these are just some snippets of things that I came up with that really has no purpose other then just being weird.
Note: These are random are only my sad attempts at humor

-The chase-

As the bell chimes signifying the end of class I let out a deep sigh. It was lunch time and I was running late after my morning run and forgot it. Watching at the room emptied, look under my desk. "Maybe I didn't forget it and it was just my imagination." *sigh* "No lunch." Contemplating if I should meet up with usual lunch grew and then go get something from the cafeteria or grab something later and meet up with them then. I hear light foot steps in approaching. Snapping my head to the direction of the notice Hanako approaching holding a small box wrapped in a pink napkin. Stopping next to me she holds out the box.

"H-Hisao, here. I-I made you a lunch.
I reach out my hand to grab it, but she quickly retracts it
"U-unless you already have one and d-don't want it"
I shake my head
"No I don't, I was actually deciding if I should meet up with you and Lilly and grab something then, or grab something after."
Grabbing the box it slides out of Hanako's hands
"Thank you"
Hanako blushes
"I-It was nothing, I have some left over W-when I made mine and didn't want to waist it."
A blatant lie, but I say nothing and smile as I take it from her hands
"Still thanks"

Lilly Appears in the doorway
"Hanako, Hisao, you two in here?"
I instinctively wave my hand, but soon realize it doesn't do any good and just say something
Lilly Smiles
"Oh good your both here"
I stand up
"Then shall we?"
I turn to Hanako
Still blushing she nods

We exit out into the hallway and start heading towards the tea room. Lilly walks to my left, while Hanako is to my right. Continuing down the hall, i start to turn a corner, but suddenly stop. I hold out my hands causing the two girls to stop. Hanako stops just short of my hand, while Lilly bumps into it before stopping.
Lilly turns my way
"What is it Hisao?"
I lower my hands
Lilly raises an eyebrow

Just them the familiar sound of metal on stone is fast approaching getting louder as it nears. Then suddenly it stops. I take a few steps forward.

“What the....?”
Lilly grips her cane
“Maybe she turned a corner”
I turn back in her direction
“No I don’t think so; it was really close a second ago.”

I poke my head around the corner just as Emi pokes her head out.
I respond with an suprised tone
“You know if you’re going to scar some one, you should try being a little quieter about it. I could hear you coming all the way down the hall.”
The girl smiles
“I wasn’t trying to scare you.”
I raise an eyebrow
“Then what….
She cuts me off mid sentence
Grabbing the lunch out of my hand she bolds down the hallway
“Try and catch me”
I blink a few times before going after her
“Hey get back here!”
I shout back at her
“Na, Na, you can’t get me”

Before heading to fare down the hall I see Hanako and Lilly standing at the edge of the hallway.
Lilly Grabbing her cane
“Oh my, what happened? Were did Hisao go?
Hanako turns to Lilly
“Emi just took his lunch and he went chasing after her”
“Oh my”

Chasing after the girl at top speed I start to catch up
I scream at the little sprinter
The girl manages to say as I close the gap
The girl looks back again
“H- Hisao your heart”
If she would of said this when I first arrived at Yamaku, I would of stopped instantly. But the early morning runs coupled with the “new and improved” medication I was taking for the last few weeks have made my heart stronger
“That wouldn’t work on my Emi; our little runs each morning have made me stronger”
I see the girls shoulders droop
“Crap! He’s right”

Nearing the end of the hallway, Emi takes a left. Her prostatic legs screeching and sliding as she turns. I follow shortly after.

“You may have me out match on the track, but with those things are hindrances in the school.”
She stumbles a bit as she takes another corner
“Your mind tricks wouldn’t work on me Hisao”
Seeing her now having trouble keeping her balance on the freshly waxed floor I cease the opportunity to catch up. Coming within almost arms reach I let out one final Yell.

Almost able to grab her, I feel my legs start to tingle, shit I know this feeling. I’ve reached my limit. If I don’t stop now I’m going to keel over. Slowing my pace, Emi gets farther ahead.

Just then I hear fast foot steps approaching from behind me. I turn back and see Hanako running up behind me
She meets up with me and matches my speed on my left.
“Y-you alright Hisao?
“Yeah I’m ok, just reached my limit that’s all”
Her dark purple hair swaying back and forth along with her breast bounding up and down as she runs. I get a glimpse of her almost always covered right eye. Seeing a look I’ve never seen on her before. She was pissed, either at the fact that Emi stole my lunch or that I couldn’t get it back. What ever the case may be, I didn’t want to me Emi rate now.

“I’ll get her!”
Hanako says with a stern tone as she passes me and catches up to Emi.
My works are cut off as she leaves me in her dust. Hanako is fast, maybe even faster then Emi. Na, she’ll run out of steam too and we’ll both be out run by that little girl. Then again, she was able to catch up rather quickly. Considering that she’s figured out Emi’s weakness to floors that I have, she might have a chance. Still keeping some what of a pace I see Hanako catch up Emi.

Emi looks back
“Whoa! Were did you come from?
“Give that back! That belongs to Hisao!”
“I take it, your Hisao’s precious some one that gave this to him.”
“So what if I em?”
This response catches Emi off guard, which Hanako used to run past her, cuts her off and stops her.
The little girl lets out as she’s brought to a stop. Seeing this I speed back up and cut her off from my side.
“It ends here Emi”

- A sudden voice-
“Damn your persistent I didn’t think Hanako was capable keeping up and even passing Emi”
I’m a little thrown off by this and stop just as I meet up with Hanako and cut off Emi
“Who’s there?”
“Oh Hisao, you know exactly who I em. 20 points if you get it right”
“Wait a minute, Rin?
“Bingo! 20 points for you”

Rin steps out from one of the class rooms with a sly grin on her face
“Ten more and you get a prize”
“A prize?”
I scoff in response

Emi Looks at Hanako and me then at Rin.
“I failed”
“Yes you did”
Rin exclaims with a harsh tone

I grab my lunch out of Emi’s hand
“What exactly did my lunch have to do with this?”
Rin looks at me
“Oh that. I bet Emi that if she could take your lunch. I’d wear a girl uniform for a day and let you take care of me”
“Who else? I wouldn’t be able to do my usual things with a skirt on”
“You and your games”
“But since Emi lost, she has to wear a boy uniform”
Emi pouts
“It’s not fair”
I cross my arms in response
“Well I’m glad that we could be part of your twisted game”
I turn to Hanako
“Let’s go”
She looks up at me

Leaving the two girls at the end of the hallway, we head back to the tea room. I turn to Hanako.
“S-something just came over me. You’re not mad are you?”
I shake my head
“No, not at all”

Walking back to the tea room, we open the door to see Lilly sitting at the table. She turns to us as we enter.
“Oh my, are you two alright?”
“Yeah were fine”
Hanako nods
“w-were ok”
Lilly smiles
“Well hopefully every thing got taken care of”
I hold up my lunch
“Mission accomplished”
“Well that’s good”
Lilly turns to Hanako
“I brought this with here like you asked”
She holds out Hanako’s lunch box
-She blushes-
“T-thank you Lilly”


-I'll add more "shorts later
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Re: KS Shorts

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That was an entertaining read. Nice job!
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Re: KS Shorts

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Validus Razgriz wrote:That was an entertaining read. Nice job!
Agreed! :D
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Re: KS Shorts

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Hanako running sure was fun to imagine. Cute idea.
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Re: KS Shorts

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Ok i went with a possible scenario between Emi and Hisao. Its not really anything special. I just though i'd try something. Don't worry i have a few other funny one like "The chase that I'll put up when i finish them.

-Piggy back-

The skies still a slight shade of pink with the rising of early morning sun. I jog sluggishly around the school track. These early morning runs have been a contributor to my ever increasing good health, but waking up so damn early in the morning is starting to get to me. Waking when it’s still dark can deter anyone. I let out a sigh as I round the corner of the track. The familiar sound of Emi’s prostatic legs approach ever so closer. I sigh again at she slows to my speed. She turns her head in my direction.

“What’s wrong Hisao? You don’t seem to all that into it today.”
I drop my head to my chest
“Yeah I didn’t get much sleep last night.”
She gives me a pouty face
“Aw, well that’s too bad.”
She speeds past me and runs in front of me
“What are you up to now?”
I say with a distrustful expression
Turning around in font of me, she starts running backwards. Still keeping ahead of me with a big smile on her face
“What do you think of this?”
“Now you’re just mocking me”
She speeds up
“O’really? I thought that this would get you out of that rut your in.”
“Not really, that fact that you can still stay ahead of me even while running backwards makes me feel worse.”
Her smile fades and she start to speed up some more
“Hmm, you’re no fun”

Still speeding up she starts to go off course and towards a pile of hurdles and a large wooden fence that separates the school from the track.
I scream at her as she nears the pile
Turning around she dodges the pile, but hits the grass with her leg blade and slides down a small hill and into the fence.
Emi screams as she disappears out of sight
I run after her, sliding down the same hill I meet up with her
“You ok?”
She turns to me about to cry, her body is covered bits of grass and dirt
“Y-yeah, I’m ok. But my leg is stuck.”
Looking over to her legs I notice one has gotten wedged between two of the boards of the fence.
“How did……never mind. Let me try”
Grabbing on to Emi’s stuck leg I try to pull, but it doesn’t budge
“M-Maybe you should go get some help”
The young girl says trying to hold back her tears
“One sec, I have one more thing I want to try”
Emi blinks at me
Changing positions I kneel behind Emi and wrap my arms around the stuck leg
“The morning dew on the grass makes it hard to get a good footing”
Emi follows and grabs the part of the leg that I’m not holding
“On three”
Emi nods

Using all my might I pull on the prosthetic leg. With Emi’s help we break it free of the fence, but were sent falling backwards. Emi’s back hitting my chest, while my back hits the ground.
“Good idea Hisao”
Emi says with her usual energetic tone
Emi tries to turn her head a, but gives up and rolls off
Still not getting a response she straddles me
“Hisao are you alright?”
I look up at a pair of dark green eyes an inch from my face
“Y-yeah I’m alright; you just knocked the wind out of me”
A complete lie, I had actually been in a daze since my head bounced off the only apparent hard part of the hill
“Oh good, I thought that you had another heart attack and, and…”
She trails off and sounds like she’s about to cry again, I pat her on the head, which seems to calm her down.
“No I’m fine, but I need you to do something for me”
She blinks at me in response
“Sure what is it?”
“Could you get off me please?”
Suddenly realizing that she’s still on top of me she darts off and rests her knees on the grass
“S-sorry I was so worried that you……So I tried to help you, but you had come to and…”
I cut her off
“It’s alright, no harm done”
I get up and dust my self off. Emi tries to stand but can’t seem to get a grip in the grass, so I hold my hand which she takes and I try to help her up. Helped to full standing position, she slips again. I catch her; she looks up at me slightly blushing.
“S-sorry, I can’t seem to get a grip in this grass”
I smile and pick her up
“W-wait what are you doing?”
I sigh
“Well if you can’t get up the hill on your own, I’ll have to help you.”

She remains quiet as I carry her up the hill, holding her in my arms I sneak a glance at her pouty face. She catches me and starts to blush.
“I’m not enjoying this you know.”
I let out a slight laugh and carry her to a near by bench and set her down. She holds out her legs and lets out a light sigh. I turn towards her.
“What’s wrong?”
Her head drops
“I bent a blade”
I kneel down look at her leg blade; sure enough the one that didn’t get caught in the fence was bend almost in half. It must have hit a fence post when she was sliding into it. I grab the blade and try to bending it back.
“Your wasting you time Hisao.”
I look up at Emi’s sad face
“So what do we do now?”
Tears fall from her face and on to her scraped legs
“I don’t know, I’ll have to wait here while you get help”
I wipe her tears away
“Non sense, I’m not leaving you here like that. I’ll help you.”
I stand up, her eyes follow
But, how?”
I pick up the young girl and hold her in my arms; she seems to be a little taken by my actions.
“I-I’m not heavy for you to do that.”
I never thought that Emi would use ‘heavy’ and ‘I’ in the same sentence
“No problem”

Carrying the little girl away from the field, I can tell she does not liking that I’m carrying her. Either being that she hates asking for help or that she thinks that it’s a bother for me. Her little legs swaying back and forth at each step I take makes it obvious that she’s trying not to make things difficult for me. I try to ease the tension.
“So, uh were to?”
“Over there”
She points with her free hand
Following her orders I head towards the entrance of the school, passing by a row of benches.
Emi says with a stern tone
“Put me down”
Stopping I head towards the nearest bench and set Emi down
I stand in front of her with my arms crosses
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothings wrong, it just feels weird being carried.”
Did I carrying her make her feel uncomfortable?
“That sounds like something is wrong.”
I say as I look down at her
She sways her legs under the bench
“It just feels weird being carried that way.”
I cock my head
“So what would be a batter way?”
“I don’t know, maybe….”
Before she can finish I turn around and kneel in front of her
“…piggy back?”
She stumbles with the response

Hearing the bench creek, I feel a set of small arms wrap around my neck along with a warm body pulling closer. Two little prostatic legs jet out from each side. I reach behind me and grab Emi’s flesh thighs. She lets out a little yelp as I do this.
“What is it?”
I ask
“Your hands are cold.”
I chucked at the response and rise to my feet. As I do this I feel the Emi’s grip tighten and her heart start to race. She must be scared; maybe we should try something else.
“You alright?”
“Yeah, I’m just not used to being up this high.”
I smile and start to trek towards the school.
“So uh, were….”
Emi cuts me off
“The girls’ locker room”
I try to think were that is, but don’t seem to know.
Emi laughs
“Just follow my directions and you’ll be fine.”

With firmly secured on my back we head off towards the girls locker room. She seems to want to say something, but I’d feel bad forcing her tell me. So try to ease her mind a bit.
She cuts me off
“Why is it when I’m with you I get like this?
“What all hot and bothered?”
I instantly realize that I should of use a better word choice
“Well yeah, my heart seems race when ever I talk to you, now I can’t seem to calm down.”
I want to say something, but I can’t think of anything appropriate, Emi cuts back in
“It’s probably nothing.”
She fakes a laugh and falls quite.
Saying anything at this point may just make things worse.

Following her instructions we head down the school halls, all the while I can feel her heat pounding in my back along with her heavy breathing in my right ear. Stopping at the entrance, Emi still hasn’t seemed of calmed down. I can still feel her little heart on my back. I try to get her mind of what ever is bothering her.
“So uh here we are”
“Rate here is good”
I kneel down and Emi pulls her legs from my sides and removes her arms from my neck. Using me as a support she hobbles on her good leg and faces me. Her face completely red she still breathes heavily.
“I can take it from here.”
“Are you alright Emi?”
I ask with a concerned tone
“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little worn out that’s all.”
She’s hiding something, but it’s none of my business, so I change the subject.
“You sure you got it, you don’t need me to….”
Emi cuts me off
“Yeah I got it”
Still sporting a red face she opens the reaches for the door and hobbles in before it shuts behind her. Rising to my feet I get up to walk away, but then suddenly theirs a loud thud.
Knowing exactly what it is I turn back towards the door of the locker-room.
“Emi, you OK?”
“Hisao, could you come in here?”
I poke my head in a bit
“Are you sure it’s alright?”
“Yeah no one else is in here.”
Opening the door I see Emi on the floor a few feet from the door. Her legs sprawled out as if she was trying to crawl across the floor. Walking to her side I start to pick her up, she wraps her arms around my neck instantly and smothers her head into my chest.

“Sorry for causing you all this trouble Hisao.”
“It’s alright, it been no trouble at all.”
Saying this seems to put her at ease, she looks up at me with a slight smile on her face
“I need you to help me with something.”
“Sure, what is it?”
“Could you help me get my other legs?”
Her change in tone is a relief, she points towards a long wooden bench in near some lockers I set her down. Looking up at me she points to one of the lockers. I stop at the one she’s pointed at.
“This one”
Emi nods
“Yeah, that it”
Opening the locker I see Emi’s school uniform handing on a hook, her “other” Prostatic legs resting on the side of the locker. Pulling them out I carry them over to Emi, who smiles at I set them down next to her. She looks up at me.
“I got it from here”
“Are you sure?”
She nods and smiles
“Yeah I got it.”
“Then I should….”
I point towards the door
Walking towards the door I swing it open, standing on the other side of the door is a girl from my class. She looks confused by my presence.
“It’s a long story”

I exit the locker room and into the hallway. Putting some distance between the locker room and myself. Suddenly I hear the door burst open. Turning around I see Emi, she’s wearing her “other” legs but still in her track/PE uniform.
“Wait Hisao!”
Stopping me watch as Emi darts runs towards me. Her face still slightly blushing,
She stops just a few feet from me.
“What is it?”
“I-t thinks I’ve figured out, what’s been bothering me.”
I raise an eyebrow
“What is it?”
She signals me to move in closer
As I lean in she wraps her arms around me and kisses me. Her soft lips against mine I instantly wrap my arms around her as well. Her little tong moved along with mine, they seemed as if to slide over one another. As she finishes, she looks up at me and smiles.

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Re: KS Shorts

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That was extremely cute. I baww'd at the end. Well, HOPEFULLY (HINT! HINT!) this is not the end... Please write more! :P
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Re: KS Shorts

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I could totally see Emi running backwards to tease you. nice story, but some writing mistakes made a bit of it hard to read, and killed the mood near the end.
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Re: KS Shorts

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Really, like what?
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Re: KS Shorts

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Snicket wrote:Her little tough move with mine, they seem slide past one another.[End?]
That was the thing that bothered me at the end. Everything else was minor, or me being nitpicky.
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Re: KS Shorts

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Oh i see, I missed that one. I was supoose to be

"Her little tong moved along with mine, they seemed as of to slide over one another"

i'll fix it.
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Re: KS Shorts

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[Note:] this was a left over piece of “Lucky Rabbits Foot” that I couldn’t seem to place any wear.

-Thunder and Lightning-

Awoken by a thunderous boom, I almost jump out of bed. I feel my hands cut through the air as I’m awaken, one actually hitting the lamp on my night stand. I stop it before it falls off. Looking around the room I notice the sound of falling rain coming from my open window.

“So that’s what it was”
Half slurring as I talk

I slide out of bed and walk over to the window with a zombie like motion. AS approach the window theirs another boom of thunder followed by a strike if lightning. Closing the window I look out at the storm. Another strike of lightning strikes before I close the shades. I’m usually able to sleep though most storms, but since I left the window open it was herd at full force. Returning to my bed I hear a sudden knock at the door. I sit up and look back at the window.

“No that’s closed”
Parsley slurring

I hear the knock again; I shoot my head towards the door.
“Who’s there?”
I almost shout the response
“H-Hisao are you awake?”
“Well I em now, what do you want?”
“C-can I…”
Before who ever this is finishes, I jump up out of bed and swing open the door
Standing before me is Hanako, soaking wet and trembling I her Pajamas. The dim light of a light down the hallway reflects her little foot prints leading to my door.
“What are you doing here?”
“T-the storm woke me up and I got scared.”
A girl this age scared of a storm? But before I can finish my though I Hanako still trembling in her wet Pajamas. I open the door more and signal her to come in. She enters and I close the door behind her. Turning on a light I look at the trembling girl before me.

“How did you know were to find me?”
“Y-you told me when you first came here.”
How/ when doesn’t seem to some to mind, but I turn my attention to girl in my room.

“We need to get you some dry clothes.”
She nods and gives s slight smile

Walking over to my closet I pull out another set of Pajamas and start to turn towards head towards Hanako, but stop when I see my towel draped over a chair.

“You know if you want you could take a shower and warm….”
Hanako cuts me off, shaking her head side to side
“N-no that’s alright, I just need to dry off.”
A little puzzled over her response I grab the towel as I pass the chair and hand them to Hanako along with the Pajamas. She gives me a slight smile and I open the door to exit the room.

“Let me know when you’ve changed.”
She nods

Exit my room I shut the door behind me and lean on the wall next to my door. ‘I wonder why she didn’t want to take a shower.’ Maybe she thought some one would walk in on her.’ I laugh. ‘Well that makes sense, she is in the boys’ dorm after all, and I suppose I don’t blame her.’ The almost dead quiet of the hallway makes the sound coming from my room easy to hear. The sound of wet clothes hitting my wood floor makes me shift my position a bit. ‘Dose that mean Hanako’s nude in my room?’ ‘If I were to walk in there….’
I shake the though from my head. ‘What’s wrong with me, Hanako trusts me and I’m thinking about doing something like that.’ Leaning up against the wall I let of a sigh, crossing my arms behind my head I close my eyes. ‘How did she know were to find me? Why didn’t she go to Lilly’s room?’ ‘Why risk getting caught by the night patrol and getting wet just to see me?’ The questions linger in my mind for a minute, before I figure out the answer. ‘Is it that she start to trust me….or is that she just wanted a reason to come see me?’ I smile to my self at the thought of the second reason, but quickly come to a conclusion.

“I was probably the first one.”
I say it out loud to myself

As quickly as I come up with the conclusion, Hanako poker her head out the door.
“I-I’m finished.”
I turn in her direction, seeing me acknowledge her statement. She pulls her head back into my room.
The wet clothes and my towel are neatly folded on the floor; I pick them up and look at Hanako.
“I’m going to put these in the dryer”
She nods as I exit the room

Walking to the dryer I open it up and neatly place Hanako’s clothes in the dryer. I stop as I pink lance bra and panties comes into my hand. Holding them for a second I place them in the dryer followed by my towel and turn it on. ‘We don’t need people poking around finding those.’ I start back towards the room, but then suddenly stop. ‘So all she’s wearing….’ I shake off that thought too. ‘What’s going on? Why em I thinking all these weird things as soon as a girl visits me. I enter the room to see Hanako looks up at me as I enter. She’s sitting on my bed with her hands folded on her lap.
“I put your clothes in the dryer, they should be done in a little bit.”
She nods
“S-Sorry to bother you with this.”
She starts to blush

“It’s alright, but…”
‘But what are you planning on doing now?’ Is what I want to ask. But that seems too obvious.

She says still partly blushing

“But, do you mind sleeping in the same room with a man?”

Hanako’s face turns bright red; she nods and forces a response.

“I-I don’t mind as long as it’s with you.”
Her words come off shaky, but stern

I’m a little taken by her response to my question.
“Alright then.”
After racking my brain for the best answer that’s all I could come with.

Opening up my closet (though I don’t know why it was closed) I grab a spare blanket and lay it on the floor next to my bed. Grabbing one of the pillows I toss it on top of the blanket.

“Y-you really don’t mind?”
Hanako asks as she lies down in my bed.

“No, I don’t mind, in fact it’s….”
Looking over at my bed, I see Hanako is already asleep. I turn out the light and take my place on the floor. Staring up at the ceiling, I start to dose off. Suddenly the buzz of the washer knocks me out of my daze. Slowly standing up I unlock the door and grab the “forbidden laundry” from the dryer. Returning to my room I set the freshly folded clothes on a table by the door. Locking the door I take my spot on the floor once more. As soon as I lie down I feel another warm body next to me. As I turn I feel two arms wrap around me and pull me close. I do same, which causes Hanako to gasp to response.

“I thought you were a sleep”
“I was but, I woke up and didn’t see you next to me on the floor.”
“Oh that I had to grab your clothes from the dryer”
“Don’t worry about it”
Feeling her body pressed against mine, I can’t help but think she just wanted to spend the night with me. Feeling the warm embrace of each other I feel the heavy breathing of Hanako. ‘She must have fallen asleep.’ Feeling an odd sense of security in this position I surrender myself to by bodies ever desire to sleep. As I slip into the dream world, I suddenly realize Hanako’s abscess of a bra and panties.
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Re: KS Shorts

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Nice story! Again, some spelling and grammar mistakes, but those are easily fixable.
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Re: KS Shorts

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Haha, reminds me of the sweet dreams one that was on here too. It's a good idea and I can see how you both got there.
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Re: KS Shorts

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I need to know what happens next! Does he just sleep, or does he peek on her..?
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Made you look.
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Re: KS Shorts

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[Note:] Now for something completely different. My attempt at at humor, but it probably isn't very funny. Enjoy


The early morning sunlight cuts through the window shades like a beam of fire, hitting me rate in the eye. Awakening from my slumber I look around the dimly lit room. ‘What day is it?’ I pick up my watch from the nightstand…’hmm it’s Sunday.’ Setting the watch back down I lye back down and try to go back to sleep.


After almost an hour I give up my on my futile attempts of sleep and get up. Grabbing some clothes from my closet I head off to the bathroom and take a shower. Exiting the bathroom feeling refreshed I head back to my room. Nearing the room, the door next to it flies open and Kenji walks out.

“Oh Hisao, there you are.”
“Hello Kenji, what do you want?”
I reply with an annoyed tone. I’m in no mood for his Feminists World domination theory.
“I’m kind of in the middle of something rate now, can this wait?”
He shakes his head
“No dude, this is something you must see rate away…”
Before he can go on a tangent, I cut him off
“Fine, fine, what ever.”
Maybe if listen to his “Theories” about female work domination. He’ll shut up about it.
“Excellent Hisao, come with me”

I follow Kenji into his room; it smells of sweat and old food. I almost gage at I enter. Garbage and dirty clothes litter the floor and are piled at numerous points in the room. ‘I got a bad feeling about this.’ Looking around the rather large room, I see a wall of TV’s numerous sizes and models stacked from floor to ceiling, taking up an entire wall. As I walk closer to them I see what looks like security footage. Nearing the TV wall it’s confirmed. Numerous angles and locations appear on each TV. Dozens of locations appear on the monitors; numerous places in and around the school, the dorms, and even his front door. Hundreds if not thousands of people go about there daily business, completely unaware that there being watched.’ I feel like I’m going to be sick.’ ‘What the hell is wrong with this guy?’ I say to myself. Kenji appears behind me and sets his hand on my shoulder.

“I see you’ve noticed my security system.”
I turn to him with a sour look
“You know this is highly illegal, right?”
He shakes his head
“The protection and survival of the human male, justifies the breaking of a few little laws.”
‘A few little’ I repeat to myself. This isn’t ‘a few little laws’ this is a strait up felony and I want no part in it. I make an attempt to for the door, but Kenji stops me.

“Leaving so soon? I have yet to show you my important findings.”
This guy isn’t going to let me leave till I listen to his damn theories. I’ll humor him and then make a break for it as soon as I get a chance.

Pulling out a cork board on wheels he sticks dozens of little pictures and snippets of information on it.

“As you can see, they’ve already taken over the Student counsel, the art club, and now the tack and field area. If we don’t stop them….
Kenji go’s off on a long tangent. Pointing to each picture or information with a heavily worn teachers’ pointer, I get the feeling that if I try to leave while that’s in his hand he’ll probably hit me with it. ‘I didn’t know they even made those anymore.’ Phasing out the rest of his tangent, he points the thing at my face to get my attention.

“Any questions?”
I look at the pointer then at him
“Uh yeah, do you have anything to drink?”
He places his free hand on his chin as if it would increase this memory
“Drink, drink, yeah uh I have some tea, some soda, and maybe a beer….”
“What about coffee, do you have any of that?”
“Coffee? Yeah I have some lying around here some were.”
‘Lying around?’ I hate to think where it is in this room of chaos.
Disappearing out behind a mountain of garbage I start to head towards the door, but as soon as I reach for the knob, Kenji pocks his head out.
“Found some.”
Damn it so close
“So uh what kind is it?”
He emerges from the pile and tilts the can in his hands as he approaches me.
I dunno man; I got this from some one a long time ago and...”
Great mystery coffee
“Let me see it.”

Taking the can from his hand I look at it.
It’s written in some foreign language, I can’t seem to make out what it says. It’s a blue can with white lettering on it, with a lightning bold going through one of the letters. I open the plastic lid and see it’s unopened. ‘Well at least it’s not poisoned.’ I try to take comfort in this, but can’t seem to shake off the unpleasant feeling.

“Is this all you got?”
Kenji nods
“Sorry dude, I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so it’s either that or nothing.”
‘Maybe I should choose nothing.’
“Na that’s alright, I’ll settle with that.”
I instantly wish I would have said ‘no’

Disappearing behind another pile of garbage and dirty clothes, Kenji pulls out an old fashioned looking coffee maker. This thing must have been older then me. Hopefully it still works. Setting the coffee maker on a table covered with papers and numerous photo graphs, Kenji plugs it in.

“This thing is pretty old, so it may take a minute to start up.”
“Yeah, yeah…”

I walk over to the antique coffee maker and put the coffee grounds in the little try.

“Hey could fill this thing with water.”
As I hold out the empty coffee pot
“Oh, yeah I got that.”
Kenji produces a large judge of water

“What the…”
“Yamaku’s water is tainted and ……
I cut him off
“Ok what ever, just give that to me.”
I grab the judge out of his hand

Pouring the water into the coffee maker it percolates’ the mysterious coffee into the pot below the machine. With a little spuder the pot fills and the machine stops.
Letting it cool a bit I pour a cup and take a sip.
It tastes normal.

Kenji grabs a cup and pours one for him self. He slams it and grabs another cup.
*Twitching* “T-This P-p-pretty good”
He slams another cup

I look up from my cup
“Uh you may want to lay off the coffee man.”
*Twitching* S-shut up! I know what I’m doing”
Grabbing the coffee pot he consumes the remaining contents.
Kenji yells at he jumps to his feet

Standing up
“Dude you ok?”
*Twitching* O-Of course I’m O-Ok, I’ve never felt better.”

Still twitching Kenji burst through the door and out into the hall
He yells as he burst into the hallway

I poke my head out into the hallway as Kenji charges down it.

“Aw crap”
I muter as I exit the room

Flying down the hallway at top speed, he kicks the door leading outside open nearly knocking it off the hinges and out into the school grounds.

“I just hope he doesn’t put his shirt over his head and….”
Before I can finish my sentence I hear a shout outside


The blue coffee can, lays on its side as a result of Kenji's sudden out burst. Its contents spilled on the floor, its reads; "Jolt High Octane coffee"
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