Flutter - Level Thirty Six: Invincibility [18/5/24]


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Flutter - Level Thirty Six: Invincibility [18/5/24]

Post by Sharp-O »

When a new player arrives at Yamaku Academy, one who is strikingly similar to herself, Rika goes on a quest to level up her love life while trying not to get a bad ending. Life, love, and video games — what more could a girl need?

♫Theme Song♫: Heads up, Hearts Down (Acoustic) - I Fight Dragons

Act 1: Tutorial
Prelude: The New Boy
Level One: The Haunted Hall
Level Two: Water Hazard
Level Three: Hitboxes
Level Four: Guard Break
Level Five: Gaining Meter
Level Six: Cooldown
Level Seven: Draco Marinus
Level Eight: Heart Piece
Level Nine: Temperance Arcana
Level Ten: Shadow of Memories
Boss Level: White Mage

Act 2: Free Roam
Level Eleven: Re Patra
Level Twelve: Open World
Level Thirteen: Encounter Rate
Level Fourteen: New Challenger
Level Fifteen: Test Your Might
Level Sixteen: Rushdown
Level Seventeen: Tag-Out
Level Eighteen: Crossed Up
Level Nineteen: Lovers Arcana
Level Twenty: Grinding
Level Twenty One: Footsies
Level Twenty Two: Okizeme

Act 3: Pools
Level Twenty Three: No Johns
Level Twenty Four: Labbing
Level Twenty Five: Devil Trigger
Level Twenty Six: Ukemi
Level Twenty Seven: Judgement Arcana
Level Twenty Eight: Flow Boost
Level Twenty Nine: Prestiging
Level Thirty: Frame Trap - Bonus Level: Mirror Match
Level Thirty One: Earthbound
Level Thirty Two: Touch of Death

Act 3.5: Co-Op (Bonus Levels)
Bonus Level: Ludonarrative Dissonance
Bonus Level: Player Two
Bonus Level: Multiplayer
Bonus Level: Degrees of Freedom
Bonus Level: Delayed Inputs (18+)
Bonus Level: Okiagari

Act 4: Going Gold
Level Thirty Three: 1-Up - Bonus Level: Directional Influence
Level Thirty Four: Still Alive
Level Thirty Five: Chip Damage - Bonus Level: Getting Good
Level Thirty Six: Invincibility

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Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/16]

Post by Sharp-O »

Clad in the cutest top and skirt I own — according to Fuuka anyway — I make my way over to the boys’ dorms. I have to admit that the prospect is pretty daunting… Like entering a dungeon blind on your first play-through. I’ve never had much call to come to these dorms and, if I’m honest with myself, I don’t now.


After passing through the halls that are strangely similar to my own, I find the floor that I’m looking for and, finally, the door. My hand freezes when it comes to the unfamiliar number plate and I rethink every step that brought me to Hisao’s door on this drizzly Sunday afternoon.

I mean, I don’t know if he’s even in there… Would he mind an uninvited guest? Why is this floor so quiet? What was I even thinking telling Fuuka about my recent run to the post office…

That’s how all this started! I told Fuuka about Hisao and she, in turn, talked to the British girl with no legs — I forget her name but I know Fuuka hangs out with her — who is in Hisao’s class. She spoke to the sleeping beauty from the Literature Club who found out Hisao’s door number from one of her club members who is also in 3-3.

And the first thing I did with that information was run over here…

If I wasn’t a stalker before

I rap on his door rhythmically and wait in the quiet hall for an answer. It takes all of five, slow, agonising seconds before the hall fills with what sounds like a dozen locks being unlatched. I turn toward the noises to see sneering little face poking out of the door frame on the opposite side of the hall and a door or two down.

“Huh!? Whozzat? …Hisao?” He calls out and tilts his head up and down the hall. With such thick bottle-bottom glasses you think he’d be able to see me… I cough lightly and his head snaps towards me like an angry owl.

“Who’s there? Show yourselves, dammit!” Wow, his voice is shrill…

“Um, hello… I was just wondering if Hisao was her--” I say, taking a few steps towards Hisao’s strange neighbour.

“Gah! G-g-g…” He stammers as he raises a shaking finger towards me. “Ghost!”

What? I look behind me first of all, just on the off chance there is a ghost behind me — which would be cool — but then I look at my own pale hands and hair and smirk a little. His eyesight must be really bad apparently… I raise my hands into menacing claws as a wicked thought forms in my mind.


The door snaps shut loudly and a chorus of rapidly locking latches follows. I have to brace myself against the wall and hold my stomach as I begin giggling uncontrollably. The elevator dings and Hisao appears at the end of the hallway, no doubt confused to find me, of all people, laughing my ass off outside his door.

“Hiiii Rika… What’s so funny?” He asks, an unsure crooked smile pulling at his lips. I point towards the door of his neighbour and wheeze, slipping down the wall onto my butt.

“He-he-he-he thought… I was… a ghost! And then I… said… Boo!”

Hisao’s eyebrows furrow in confusion as they flit between me and the door. “What?” He chuckles as I weakly push myself up the wall and back onto my feet.

“Neighbour… Ghost… Me… Boo.” I huff, throwing pointed fingers and clawed hand gestures to better explain what just happened before I give up entirely. Jokes are never funny when you explain them.

“Riiiight… So can I… help you?” He asks cautiously and I right myself, brushing errant bangs out of my eyes.

“Yeah, yeah… I just wondered, um, if you were… I dunnooooo… up for hanging out? Maybe. If you’re not busy.” I ramble with a smile still pulled wide with manic glee.

Great, now I look like a crazy person… I should have rehearsed this… Hisao, at least, looks like he’s considering it though!

“I did kinda just get back from that little tea shop in town…” He replies, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. I bet he was with the amazon! “But if you’ve got an idea that doesn’t involve another trek up and down that hill, I’m all for it.”

“Well, at least you’ve been to the Shanghai! You’re not a real Yamaku student until you go there, y’know. Did you see Jitters?!” He tilts his head before I clarify. “I mean Yuuko; half-librarian, half waitress, half raw bundle of nerves?” Yes, Hisao, that’s three halves, quit with your frowning!

“Yeah, that was… Strange.” He chuckles.

“Anyway, so the Shanghai’s out…” I ponder, beginning a neat little pace between the two walls of the wide hallway. Pacing usually helps me think but I’m really struggling to think of something.

There’s an air hockey table downstairs; that already has a crowd around it…

The library is always nice an quiet on Sundays; but it’s not like this guy would like to spend the afternoon in a room full of dusty old books…

“Um, Rika? I think you’re going to wear a line in the carpet if you keep pacing. Not that I mind but my neighbour is… a little weird and might think it’s a dividing line for some nefarious purpose.” He explains and, given his expression and what I just witnessed, his neighbour probably is that nutty.

“Whoops, sorry. Just trying to think…”

“Didn’t have a plan?” He smirks, slipping his hands casually into his pockets.

“Shut up, I didn’t expect you to have already been on a date to the Shanghai today…” I pout and he blushes, looking down at his feet and muttering “It wasn’t a date…”

“Gaaah, you’re right though…” I admit, flailing my arms a little in frustration. “I should have thought of something before rushing over here…”

‘Rushing’?” He jabs back, a playful little smile showing up under his still red cheeks.

“Figure of speech! Whatever, listen, do you like video games?” I ask a little indignantly, the new boy’s cocky attitude is only so endearing. He shrugs and talks about playing at an arcade with his old friends. Mention of them seems to drag his smile down a little, which was not my intention at all.

“Well I’ve got a whole bunch of games in my dorm if you wanna play?” I shrug with a little smile. Not my first choice but it’s my own stupid fault for not having a back-up plan. Not that any strategy survives first contact with the enemy.

I grab Hisao’s wrist and begin dragging him toward the elevator, smiling a little more than I really ought to be.

Or a cute boy.


I gesture for Hisao to follow me in. He dutifully bends down to take his shoes off and places them neatly by the door. Can’t grumble at a guy with good manners. He stands up straight and takes a long look around my room.

“Excuse the mess…” I offer quietly as I tug at my loose t-shirt.

“No, no, it’s fine, it’s just…” He frowns, but in more of a thoughtful way than an angry way. “It’s less girly than I was expecting?” He offers and I look at my own room with a new perspective. The second real opinion on my room since Fuuka. She’s commented before about the lack of ‘cute’ things but screw it, it’s my room. I’ll put whatever I like in it…


“I guess not, but I can’t say I’ve really noticed!” I deflect with a smile and move around my table to plant myself firmly in front of my TV. I begin unravelling the second controller I have stashed away and plug it in. Once the TV and PS2 are nice and warmed up, I pull the wicker basket full of games out from under the TV stand and begin to sort through them.

“Okay, Hisao; pick your poison. Tekken 5 or Burnout 3?” I offer up the two games, one in each hand, nudging the basket back under the TV. “Hisao?” I call out again while peeking over my shoulder when I don’t receive an answer. Hisao snaps to attention, looking far too guilty for his own good.

“What is it?”

“Um, nothing, just got distracted by your books. I’ve actually read a few of these.” He smiles but it’s obviously a cover for something. I offer up the games to him and he walks over, taking a seat beside me. While he mulls over the games, I take a quick glance at my bookshelf and see what had really distracted Hisao. A bottle of pills on my bookshelf.

Shoulda known… I bet he was shocked to see medication like that here.

“I don’t think I’d be particularly good at either of these so it’s lady’s choice.” Hisao shrugs, bringing my focus back to him.

“I know it is; that’s why I asked you!” I laugh, playfully bopping him on the arm. He pouts and hands me the Tekken case.

“I’m gonna whoop your butt for that.”

“You’ll try, new boy.” I smirk back.


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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Oscar Wildecat »

I think my heart skipped a beat on reading this. :D

Suggestion for Hisao: Get a life-size cutout picture thingy of Rika in her "ghost pose" and tape it to you door. (Never know, it could work...)
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by swampie2 »

I can definitely get behind this.
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Hoitash »

I am... intrigued.

You seem to have a very different interpretation of Rika than most forum writers -less emo nihilist and more genki.
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by freddy753 »

I'm cautiously optimistic about this. The only Rika route with likable characters I've ever read was abandoned before it could even hit its stride, so I'm hoping you'll either see this through to the end or kill it off before I can get my hopes up. Hoitash was right about most interpretations of Rika being nihilistic and depressing, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as long as you don't lay it on too thick.
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Mirage_GSM »

Finally! A Rika route with a likeable Rika!

And given Sharp-O's previous stories the problem is less whether he'll finish it but more whether he'll be able to stop :-)
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Alpacalypse »

Ooooooo, it did happen! :D

*straps on seatbelt* I'm ready to roll with this!
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Gajzla »

Ohhh, a story from the girls point of view. Always prefer those to Hisao’s. Also, as everyone else has said this is a really cool Rika, not quite my headcannon but a damn sight better than any others I have read.

I look forward to you making me feel bad with the frequency and quality of your updates. :D
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Sharp-O »

I'm glad everyone is excited for this new story and are digging this particular interpretation of Rika :D
Mirage_GSM wrote: And given Sharp-O's previous stories the problem is less whether he'll finish it but more whether he'll be able to stop :-)
Mirage is right, I don't know how to leave well enough alone :lol:
Gajzla wrote: I look forward to you making me feel bad with the frequency and quality of your updates. :D
Unfortunately, I'm working now so the daily updates like Monomyth probably won't be happening but I would like to manage at least one chapter a week.

I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming chapters!
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by kaserkin »

Funny energetic Rika! Yay! It's certainly a big change from the edgy Rikas I've read around here. You're a lean mean writing machine, Sharp-O! I struggle months to write chapters, while you seem to get a new piece out every other day! :P What's your secret? Tell me! :P
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Sharp-O »

kaserkin wrote:Funny energetic Rika! Yay! It's certainly a big change from the edgy Rikas I've read around here. You're a lean mean writing machine, Sharp-O! I struggle months to write chapters, while you seem to get a new piece out every other day! :P What's your secret? Tell me! :P
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Re: Flutter - Level One: The Haunted Hall [13/2/18]

Post by Alpacalypse »

Sharp-O wrote:Alpacalypse is convinced I'm some manner of sentient typewriter
It's the truth, I tells ya! It's a conspiracy by them guvernments to take over our fan ficshun! They'r installin' these things all over 'e in'ernet! :x *shakes fist dramatically*

I am so sorry, I'll go hide in the corner now
btw, nice title card, forgot to mention that
I am the harbinger of your destruction... By herbivorous, mountain dwelling quadrupeds... fear me
I also write now, apparently. Since everyone else does it, I'm putting it here
I have also discovered that I'm a decent proofreader. Anybody with SPaG problems is free to PM me their work for a thorough analysis and/or evisceration. Depends on how I'm feeling.
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Flutter - Level Two: Water Hazard [21/2/16]

Post by Sharp-O »

I don’t think I’ve ever believed in destiny before now. Certainly not in any meaningful way… I mean, how screwed up would it be that I was meant to be born with my condition? What kind of ‘god’ or universal equation or whatever would allow for such a thing? What would be the friggin’ point? And if I was meant to be this broken hearted she-hermit at this school for the limb-lost and biologically damned then… What am I meant to do?

What am I?

Good god, I sound like an anime protagonist. Uuuuuggghh… I thought I grew out of my chuunibyou phase… Shake it off, Rika. You’re not the cosplaying little weirdo you were in Junior High just… get to the point already.

Ah yes, the reason for my little ‘fate’ tangent. Hisao Nakai. We keep bumping into each other and I’m not sure how to take it. I mean, sure, you’re going to meet people in the halls or the cafeteria or even the Shanghai but every day? Multiple times? What’s that old Fleming quote?

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it’s enemy action. Have I gone from stalker to stalkee? No, Hisao seems too nice a guy to be some freakazoid weirdo. Like his neighbour.

Oh god, what if that’s why they were put together? No. Surely not. Argh, get out of your weird tangents and FO-CUS.

Hisao… He’s a pretty nice guy. Funny in that clueless kind of way, handsome with a cute little flick of hair that seems to defy gravity, a tad submissive maybe but that’s not a bad thing… Plus there’s his arrhythmia, which sucks to be honest.

I don’t know the how or why but as someone who’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt; I kinda feel something for him. A camaraderie. A kinship. Not to mention the other feeling… That burning desire to do all the sorts of things that would be no good for either of us. Oh boy… Is it getting hot in here?

The end of the day bell rings and Fuuka is all packed up before I’m even close to remembering what class I just daydreamed through. She impatiently rolls back and forth in her chair as I pack my things away in a hurry before we set off for the girls dorms.

Just as we leave the main building, my bag is knocked out of my hand by someone forcing their way past me and down the ramp. “S-Sorry!” The boy calls back, bandage over one ear and one hand keeping a firm hand on his weird little French-hat before he continues his sprint. Fuuka curses him out as I kneel down to pick up the scattered contents of my bag, two figures appearing from the closing doors. The fatter one huffing and puffing heavily as he leans against the railing and the other being Hisao, of all people. What’s after enemy action?

“Wily… Little… Prick!” The fat guy spits in bewtween wheezes as he catches his breath and Hisao’s concerned expression turns on me.

“Whoa! Are you okay, Rika?” He asks, kneeling to help me gather my things.

“I’m fine, just got my stuff knocked all over the place…” I sigh before, slipping the last of my notebooks into my satchel. Hisao helpfully hands my pencil case over and I nod with an appreciative smile.

“Sorry, it was probably Maeda who did that. Little guy, big bandage on the side of his face, beret?” Hisao apologises sheepishly but the snap of my fingers soon turns his face into one of surprise.

That’s the word!” I beam, finally remembering the word for the silly hat. Fuuka has turned in the meantime, her tirade subsiding in the presence of the two upperclassmen.

“Were you guys chasing that weirdo?” She questions and the fat guy nods, looking very red in the face but still a little apologetic too.

“Yeah, sorry, he just…” He begins but soon waves off his thoughts with his meaty left hand. “Doesn’t matter, sorry if we caused any trouble…” His pudgy face smiles a little and, somehow, I can’t stay mad at him. It’s like being angry at a stuffed bear…

“Don’t worry about it, nothing was damaged. I didn’t imagine I’d be running into you again like this though, Hisao.” I smile, almost teasingly, and he blushes guiltily.

“Sorry.” Hisao follows up and looks to his companion. “We’re not going to catch him, Arai. Better off calling it a day and trying again tomorrow.” He offers and the larger Arai sighs noisily, a rumble of disappointment erupting from his throat before he shrugs with one shoulder.

“Yeah… Sorry to drag you into this, Hisao. I know you’ve probably got better things to do than help my dopey ass.” He chuckles lightly and pats Hisao on his shoulder. “I better go check on Akio, you know how dramatic he can be.”

“Sure thing. See you tomorrow, man.” Hisao responds before Arai gives a respectful nod and wave as he leaves, entering the main building again.

“What was that all about?!” Fuuka grins maniacally as she rolls almost into Hisao’s shins, thirsty for some fresh gossip. Hisao grimaces and rubs his neck. “I shouldn’t really say… It’s kind of a personal matter; one I’m not entirely comfortable being a part of already…”

“You are such a tease, dude!” Fuuka points an accusing finger toward him and I swat it away on his behalf. “Don’t take your boyfriend’s side! What happened to sis’s before his’s?” God damn it, Fuuka…

“That’s not a real saying!” I exclaim indignantly.

“Boyfriend?” Hisao questions and I realise what I should have chastised my friend for — the same friend who is smirking at me like the devil herself.

“Oh yeah, aren’t you guys, like, a couple now?” She rests back, both hand planted firmly on her armrests like a super-villainess. Hisao and I both deny the connection, a little too quickly and earnestly for both of us given our quick glance to each other afterward.

“You kids are just precious. I’ll get out of your hair but if you need help with your assignment, just give your Aunt Fuuka a call~” Her cheery demeanour is only matched by the sickening tone of her voice as she rolls down the ramp with a wave.

“I’m eight months older than her…” I grumble to no-one in particular before my attention is refocused on Hisao. “Ummm, hey. I was, uh, actually gonna do my usual afternoon swim sooooo… unless you wanna tag along and do some laps or somethingYeah.” My voice slowly decends into a whisper as I explain my routine.

Maybe it’s the thoughts I had earlier, maybe it’s Fuuka throwing me under the bus but right now, I would really like it if Hisao couldn’t see me.

“I’m not a very good swimmer… That is… I can’t swim. At all.” Hisao lets an adorable, embarrassed chuckle out and I smile a little.

“Don’t feel too bad! I’m not either because of my…” I want to tap my chest but I’m not sure if he’s figured out I have a condition like his yet, though his fascination with my medication may tipped him off. “I just like to go and have a float more than anything. Helps me unwind after a long day.” I admit which seems to amuse Hisao.

“Well, that’s something at least. I’m supposed to be jogging in the mornings but I’ve realised that having Emi as your running partner is equal parts dangerous and emasculating…” Hisao admits with a slight look of guilt that I giggle at.

“Lil Swift isn’t the best person to compare yourself to. She’s like lightning! If the Doc’s on your back to exercise, you could try swimming.” I nonchalantly shrug — or at least I try to look nonchalant. Not sure it's convincing him.

“Are you going to start pestering me and keeping tabs too?” Hisao’s brow furrows and I laugh.

“I’m not going to be your swim coach, Hisao! And I’m certainly not a spy for the Doc either. Float, sink, do a lap or two — Hell, you don’t even have to get in the pool if you can’t swim.”

“You’d make a terrible salesperson.” He smirks, crossing his arms. I defiantly puff out my cheeks at him. “Are there any actual benefits to swimming?”

“Building muscle mass, clearly.” I flex one frail arm and chuckle dryly. “But honestly, if you want to just come hang out for a little bit, I’d be glad of the company! Not many people use the pool, especially right after classes soooo…”

“Okay, okay, I’ll come check it out…” He relents, but his arm clearly didn’t need to be twisted all that much.


I finish winding and pinning my braid into a bun on the back of my head before I snap the tight elastic swim cap over my hair. I tilt my head in the mirror to make sure no errant strands are peeking out before adjust my navy blue one-piece.

As I make my way out into the pool area from the changing room, towel in hand, I’m beginning to have second thoughts. I just invited a boy, an upperclassman no less, to a private venue where I’m going to be scantily clad in lycra…

Raise more flags, why don’t you? You’ve played enough dating sims to know better than this, Rika…

The dull thumping slowly accelerating in my chest is a concern. As I clamber down the ladder into the tepid water below, I struggle to think of the last time I felt this anxious…

First day jitters spring to mind. I’d been a sporadic attendant of public schools before Yamaku; always being in and out of hospital when I was a kid will do that so being full-time at a private school was daunting to say the least. The only other time would have to be…

The doors opening at the far end of the pool echo throughout the entire room and startle me a little, making me miss the last rung and slip backwards into the chest high water. Not a major deal but still enough for the brunette bystander to show concern.

“Are you okay?” Hisao’s voice carries over to me easily and I nod shakily, waving my arms through the water as I move towards the centre.

“Yeah, just lost my footing.” I smile up at Hisao, making his way around the pool’s edge to where my towel lies on the bench, taking a seat with the small plastic bag he held in his right hand. “So you’re really not going to join me?” I tease with a little smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“So this was a set-up! Nurse put you up to it, didn’t he?” He throws an accusing gaze my way, but the smile on his lips says he’s joking. I decide to play along as he pulls a can of soda out of the bag next to him.

“Okay, you got me! This was all just a cunning ruse to get you to exercise.” I throw my arms up in surrender. “Please forgive me, senpai.” Heh, it’s weird to say that out loud. Could be good for a nickname though.

“Put your arms down!” Hisao laughs, rocking in his seat. “How’s the water?”

“A little colder than I’d like but I’ll adjust.” I shrug before I let my legs go limp and allow my body to gently float in the water. I lay my head back, eyes closed, and take a deep breath, releasing it slowly.

“Soooo… This is it? This is all you do down here?” Hisao’s question, and the snap of the metal ring pull being popped, shatters the usual tranquillity I feel in this moment.

“Pretty much. I just float and relax and just let the stresses of the day go.” I reply, content to bob along the water while Hisao talks. “It’s like meditation, I guess.”

“But with the danger of drowning.”

“No one likes a worry wart, Hisao…” I sigh with a small smile. “So how’s Yamaku treating you? Any more juicy rumours about you yet?”

“Pretty good... Definitely glad the rumours have died out a little.”

“I bet… Though this secret little rendezvous would get them gossiping, I’m sure.” I chuckle.

You invited me, remember?” He responds a little indignantly.

“Certainly did! And yet you’re still sitting on the bench! Live a little, senpai. Dip your toes in at least.” I encourage and open my eyes to look at him. He seems to sit on the thought for a little while, looking at his school shoes and then at the edge of the pool.

“What the hell… You’d just hound me until I did anyway.” He says with self-deprecating smirk. I stand upright in the water and grin at him taking his shoes and socks off.

I’m positively giddy as he rolls up his trousers, the material bunched tight around his knees. He kneels cautiously near the pool edge and lets his legs dangle loosely into the water. “Gah, that’s cold!” He whines and I giggle.

“Not that cold, you wuss! Trying being all the way in!” I playfully splash towards him but the spray doesn’t even reach him, but he still recoils with a laugh. He puts his feet back into the water and grips the edge of the pool.

“So why did you really ask me to come down here, Rika?” He asks, a warm smile spread across his lips that makes my heart figuratively skip a beat. God, he looks so cute. I said I wanted company but I usually prefer the peace and quiet this place affords so it should be pretty obvious, right?

“Rika?” He continues and I look down at the water. I can see the alabaster skin of my arms begin to pinken as my body heats up in embarrassment. “Are you al--”

I don’t give him time to finish as I take a deep lung full of breath and drop under the water. I clamp my eyes shut and focus on my quickening pulse — more specifically, getting it to slow down.

What the hell am I doing? Seriously, what the actual hell? Why am I acting like a freak in front of Hisao? Yes, he’s cute but hiding under water? It’s not like he’s magically going to disappear! And I can’t stay down here forever, I’m going to have to go back up for air and face him. It’s not like he’s going to ju--


The dulled sound of water being displaced startles me and my eyes shoot open and suddenly I’m not as worried about being embarrassed.



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Author's note: I'm not entirely happy with this chapter, mostly because it was written through a haze of painkillers as I struggle with a couple things right now. Long story short; I might have carpal tunnel or some manner of arthritis and it's really doing a number on me. Waiting on blood tests to confirm what it could be but I'll try to get something better out soon. Love, Sharp-O.
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