Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 3)


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Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 3)

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Well now, I started this back in 2013 and because of various instances of procrastination have only just managed to cap act 2, so I'm more or less halfway done. More less than more, tbh.
I figure now is a good time to share the story with you guys, but by now the story is so long that I don't feel right dumping it all in this thread (especially with 100 lines a post max, each scene tends to be in the 300-500 range and there are 15 scenes out as of this moment), so I've decided to simply share the pastebin link where you can find it:


There ya go. I hope you'll enjoy it.

...Okay by now you'll have noticed the entire route is in script format and you want to know why.
Funny story. Not really, but the short version is initially I was arrogant enough to want a playable version of the route, 4LS caught wind of it, reminded my editor and I we'd breach the license if we did, so we scrapped any plans for making a playable route. By then, though, I'd written too much to feel like going back and rewriting it all in a normal format, so I decided to stick with it.

It's got some perks, it's got some downsides, it is what it is.

Anyway, there it is. I do plan on finishing it. I hope to get your feedback. Future updates will be posted in this thread for those of you who don't care for pastebin.
Miki at her Mikiest
Miki at her Mikiest
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 2 finished)

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It's a pain to read, but I like it so far. :)
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 2 finished)

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I like it a lot. I just wish 4LS wasn't TOO anal to KS fans wanting to make something to add to it.
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 2 finished)

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3-1: Truancy

#dorm exterior, morning

#door squeaks open and shut

"This morning looks promising, as yesterday's cloudy skies have parted leaving a clear spring morning. Suppressing a yawn, I head for the track."

"The outside world is still wet; yesterday's rain has tinted everything a dreary shade, from the bricks of Yamaku's buildings to the path I'm walking on. I choose to side with the blue sky instead and try to ignore the mood."

"A gentle breeze goes right through my running clothes and the sudden chill makes me shiver. The morning temperature is still something I haven't gotten used to and has managed to climb the ranks to become my number one annoyance."

"It used to be in third place, but by now my second greatest annoyance has been eliminated, since I don't mind getting up this early anymore. I don't sleep as much as I used to anyway, which is probably a side effect from any one of the medications I'm on."

"If I didn't have to take so many different kinds of medicine, I'd consider bringing the issue up with the nurse. As it is, it's not so big a deal that it's worth the hassle of figuring out which drug is causing it."

"Still, even when I started -especially when I started- I had one even greater annoyance."

"I didn't like having to realize how bad a shape I was in. It felt like I was starting from scratch, as if I'd never played sports in my life. If it wasn't for Miki being there to encourage me, I'd probably have given up."

"So now I have to make sure to return the favor. At the very least I should do a better job than I did yesterday."

"The rain started shortly after I made it back to my room. From there I could hear the rustling of drops hitting leaves outside my window, and hoped she at least made it back inside as well."

"I texted Suzu about her, but when I didn't get an immediate response I tried to keep myself busy."

"Homework was a poor distraction. It didn't keep me from checking my phone every couple minutes, just in case I'd missed Suzu's reply."

"I hadn't."

"I ended up needing most of the evening to finish up. Between my silent phone and uninteresting homework I tried hard not to think about the celebrations Miki and I should have been having."

"Suzu and the others would probably be there too, of course."

"It's no use dwelling on that sort of thing, though. There are still things to look forward to that belong to just us, like the morning runs."

"Maybe focusing her attention on a novice like me will help distance herself from yesterday."

"I quicken my pace, though not because of her. I want to warm up as soon as I can."


"When I arrive at the track I'm feeling warm enough to keep from shivering, but I'm disappointed to find the area deserted."

"All evidence of yesterday's track meet seems to have been cautiously removed. The bleachers are wet as if nobody sat on them. Misha's table looks to have been taken back inside and I can't help glancing at the shed further down the field."

"It's as if the track meet didn't happen. It feels like a form of denial and the notion makes me question how best to broach the subject with Miki."

"Or maybe I should let her bring it up if she wants to, and avoid putting my foot in my mouth as soon as she shows up."

"I scan the track, just to see if I haven't missed anyone, but as if the absence of clicking legblades isn't enough, I confirm that Emi isn't here either."

"She might be taking the day off to rest up from her runs. Even if she was competing against Miki, I have to say she was spectacular."

"A kernel of guilt sinks in my stomach and I quickly look to see if Miki is on her way over yet. She isn't, but I decide to stop thinking about Emi's athletic prowess all the same."

"Maybe Miki is skipping her morning run as well. I wouldn't blame her. According to my watch I don't have much time left before classes start, so I begin my warm-up."

"I used to think it a pointless exercise, since I don't run particularly long distances, and no amount of stretches could save me if I tried to sprint, but I've had to acknowledge their use."

"Standing around on the track was cooling me down, but the stretches warm me back up."

"Miki still hasn't arrived by the time I finish the last one, so I decide to start without her. I don't want to gamble on Mutou running late as well. It's better to just get it over with so I'll make it to class in time."

"Who knows, she might like seeing the commitment she inspired in me. I smile at the thought and begin my run."


"Miki didn't show up for class either and I catch myself staring at the empty seat beside Suzu for the umpteenth time."

"Even in her absence, she makes it hard for me to focus on Mutou's voice. He might as well be speaking in a different language. The rest of the class doesn't seem to understand or care and Suzu hasn't given anything away all day."

#bell rings

"The classroom empties with a speed and diligence that my classmates seem to have saved up all day."

"Suzu glances at me and slowly puts her bag on the desk, taking her time to pack away her things one by one. I've learned to recognize this as an invitation and so I make my way over."

hi "How is she?"

su "Take a guess."

"I can only grin sheepishly at her retort. Ask a stupid question, I suppose."

hi "I didn't hear back from you, so I decided to wait for her at the track like usual."

su "By the time I saw it, I didn't want to wake you without having anything new to report."

hi "It's fine. Anyway, it didn't really occur to me that she might skip out. Didn't think she'd end up taking the entire day off though."

"Suzu scoffs, sliding her pencil case into the bag."

su "She can be a bit dramatic sometimes."

hi "Did you manage to talk to her at all?"

"She shakes her head, letting her cool demeanor slip for a second."

su "No, I heard her come back, but she locked herself in her room. I'll try again when I get back."

hi "I didn't think she'd take losing this hard. No wonder you were so worried before."

"Suzu shrugs, looking away. Her fingers idly rub the straps on her bag."

su "I didn't know this would happen. I don't even know why she's so upset about losing to Emi. There's no shame in losing to the fastest girl in this school."

hi "I don't know. I think it might not have to do with Emi, I can't imagine Miki being that petty."

"Suzu raises a skeptical eyebrow at my suggestion, but doesn't try to dispute it. She frowns at her watch and swings the bag over her shoulder as she gets up."

su "I've got to go. I'll try to talk to Miki."

hi "Do you want me to walk you back? I mean, since she isn't here to do it and all."

su "That's okay, I've got to go by the nurse's station anyway, someone there can walk me the rest of the way."

hi "Alright. Then could you let me know if she's feeling better?"

"She smiles before leaving the classroom. After picking up my own bag, I walk past Miki's desk and it catches my eye once more. There's something wrong about the silence that's left. I push the thought out of my mind and leave."
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 2 finished)

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#track, morning

"As I approach the track I hear the familiar sound of Emi's running blades."

"I didn't have as much trouble waking up this morning, mostly because I didn't do much sleeping to begin with. Miki has been absent for the past two days and I'm starting to doubt if she'll be back to normal at all this week."

"When I step out on the track, Emi gives me an excited wave and runs up to me."

emi "Hey!"

"I hesitate to reply. In some ways it feels like I'll be consorting with the enemy, but I try to suppress that thought as soon as it arises. It's not like Miki would care if I made small talk with Emi, just because she lost to her."

"Even so I have to fight the urge to look over my shoulder."

hi "Good morning, Emi. How are you?"

emi "I'm fine, thanks. What's up with you though? You look surprised to see me."

hi "Well, to be honest I thought that after Sunday you would take a break."

hi "Oh, and congratulations on winning, by the way."

"Emi smiles appreciatively and plants her hands on her hips."

emi "Thanks! I did have a reputation to defend, after all."

emi "Anyway, I run because I like it, so this doesn't feel like a chore at all. It's good to see you're still at it, though! I'm impressed!"

"Her praise makes me grin. I know I'm running for my own sake and not to gain anyone's approval, but to have someone acknowledge that effort feels good."

hi "Thanks, Miki's been a great coach. I don't think I'd have stuck with it without her."

"Her smile fades and she pouts, giving me an unhealthy dose of puppy eyes. The gaze makes me regret what I said, though I'm not sure why."

emi "Are you saying you wouldn't have stuck with it if I was your coach instead? You'd have ditched me?"

hi "What? No! That's not what I meant, Emi."

"She smirks briefly, before shaking her shoulders as she covers her face and pretends to sob."

emi "You shouldn't break hearts, Hisao!"

hi "I know, that's what got me here."

"Emi's performance ends in giggles and she shakes her head."

emi "I'm glad you're doing well and sticking to your schedule. But you can bet that if Miki let you slack off I'd kick her big butt!"

"Laughing, Emi realizes what she said and pretends to swing a leg prosthetic. I double over as my laughter drowns out her staccato giggles, which she takes as an invitation to pretend to hit me with her imaginary leg. She doesn't stop until I raise my hands in surrender, gasping for air."

emi "So how is she doing?"

hi "I'm not sure. She stayed in her room the past two days, not even Suzu got her to open up. I'm hoping she'll come out to run with me, but I'm starting to think today is a wash as well."

emi "That sucks."

hi "Yeah… She seemed so confident about winning, especially after that first race."

"Emi stares off at the track, remembering."

emi "I was surprised she won. To be honest, I was cocky enough to think I'd win it all."

hi "I think you need that kind of mentality to really give it your all."

emi "Maybe. Maybe it made me overconfident."

"I look out to the path to the track, but there's still no sign of her."

hi "Well, I should do my run while I have time."

"Emi gets up with me and quickly bounces onto the track."

emi "Hey, if Miki isn't coming anyway, how about I run with you instead?"

hi "You sure? Don't you have classes soon as well?"

emi "Do you really think I need that much time to get ready? C'mon, let me see how much progress you've made!"

"It's a request I can hardly ignore, so I quickly do my stretches and set off to show her just what I've been up to since the last time."


#bell rings

"The bell announces our lunch break and our teacher smoothly transitions from explaining English grammar to dismissing the class. Unfortunately she even finds time to assign homework before the students make their way out to the cafeteria."

"She hands Suzu a copy of the packet to take to Miki at the end of the day. I stare at mine, but it looks like gibberish to me. With a frustrated sigh I fold the packet into my notebook and slide it into my bag."

"Miki's absence is starting to worry me. I've considered talking to Mutou or even the Nurse about it, but I don't think they'd need me prompting them to do something about it, if they haven't already. Besides, the staff here value privacy even more than the students."

"Case in point, Shizune has taken an interest in Miki's absence as well. She and Misha are hovering over Suzu's desk."

"I don't need to move any closer to hear Misha's bubbly voice relay Shizune's questions."

mi "Shizune wants to know why Miki is skipping class."

"Suzu winces at the sound of her voice. She frowns and stares at Shizune for a moment. Then her eyes roll back and she slumps over her desk."

"I've seen Suzu do that only once before, and quickly realize she's faking it to get out of the conversation."

"The two girls are caught off guard by this development. Misha puts her hands on her hips, staring inquisitively at the sleeping girl. With a shrug she turns to go for lunch, but Shizune doesn't budge."

"Misha tilts her head at Shizune, who smirks in return. She gestures for Misha to pay attention, then slowly moves her hand towards Suzu."



"I crane my neck to see what Shizune is planning, but when her hand stops near Suzu's ear, I realize what she has in mind."

"I wish I could warn Suzu to drop the act, but it's too late."
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 2 finished)

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"Shizune snaps her fingers so loud that Suzu jolts up, covering her ear."

su "Ow! What the hell?!"

"Shizune scowls at her, showing no sign of pity or remorse. A gentle reminder why the Student Council seems perpetually understaffed. She signs off a flurry of gestures that Misha happily translates."

mi "Wahaha~! That was very rude, Suzu! You shouldn't use your condition as an excuse to behave like an uncivilized oaf!"

su "And you shouldn't be so eager to spread yours around. Hasn't Misha ever told you how loud your fingers are?"

"Given Suzu's cool delivery it was clearly meant to be a taunt, but Misha's translation seems to cause Shizune to take it as a compliment. She smirks."

mi "Then be a good student and tell me why Miki hasn't been showing up for class."

"Misha pauses to sign to Shizune. The two exchange gestures, and Misha continues, ignoring Suzu's obvious confusion."

mi "Losing a race is no reason for a girl who's supposed to be graduating this year to sulk in her room."

"She stops translating as the last words sink in. She frowns and shakes her head at Shizune disapprovingly. Ignoring Shizune's reply, she leans in."

mi "Is something wrong? Did she stay out in the rain and get sick?"

"Misha's carefree smile and Shizune's scowl make the pair a natural good and bad cop duo, but maybe it would work better if the good cop didn't have to speak for both parts."

"Suzu glares at Shizune, upset by her harsh tone and lack of sympathy for her best friend."

"She takes a deep breath."

su "Well, I'm not sure if I could tell you what is going on, I mean I haven't been able to talk to her and ifyouaskmeI'mnotsureit'ssuchabadthingforherto-"

mi "Wait! Wait!"

"Suzu ignores her, speeding up instead until she is talking faster than Misha can sign."

su "forhertostayhomeacoupleofdaysImeanyouandIbothknoweverynowandthenwehaveanoffdaywherewe'dlikenothingmorethantostayinbedandleavetheoutsideworldforwhatitisdon'tyouknow?Wellofcourseyouknowyou'redeafsoyou'reusedtoblockingoutmostoftheworld-"

"Misha starts waving her hands, trying to get Suzu's attention, but Suzu's eyes are locked on Shizune's. Her mouth is smiling slightly, but her eyes radiate something else entirely."

"Shizune, for her part, has given up on Misha's signing and returns the stare with equal intensity."


mi "SUZU!"

"Misha's voice echoes in the empty classroom, Suzu winces again, but both girls stare at the usually cheerful translator in surprise."

mi "I don't care what's going on with Miki, but I think that if she needs more time, that's fine. But you and Shicchan were both mean to each other and I want it to stop!"

"Suzu swallows and allows herself to blink. Embarrassed, she looks away and mutters an apology. Misha nods, more to herself than in response, and signs at Shizune."

"The Student Council president frowns at first, but when Misha insists with the same determination she showed Suzu, Shizune relents and throws her hands up in defeat. She signs a quick message and leaves the classroom at a brisk pace."

mi "Shicchan says to make sure Miki keeps up with her homework. I hope she'll feel better soon, I'm sorry for the things she said."

su "It's fine. I was out of line as well. Thanks for understanding."

mi "That's better. See you!"

"She quickly leaves, chasing after Shizune."

hi "You alright?"

"Suzu flinches, realizing just now that I'm still here."

su "Yeah. But I'm not sorry, she had it coming."

"Chuckling, I approach her desk."

hi "Miki's still in her room?"

su "Yep."

hi "Any change?"

su "Nope."

hi "Want to go get some lunch with me?"

"Suzu gives a weary sigh and slides off her chair to join me."

su "I suppose."

hi "What a relief, after the way you chewed out Shizune I wasn't sure you were hungry."

"With a snort, Suzu shoves me gently."

su "Her I can eat for breakfast. This is lunch."

"She flashes a proud grin and leads the way."

"Together we leave the classroom to find a place where we can eat. Thankfully the tension stays with the empty seats."

#Hisao's bedroom, morning

#alarm beeps, then is switched off

"The first thing I see when I wake up is the stopwatch lying on my nightstand. At first I felt special for being entrusted with it, but lately it feels more like a burden."

#wooden drawer sliding open

"I open the drawer of my nightstand. It's empty, aside from the note my parents left me on my first day and my house keys."

"I doubt Miki will want this thing back any time soon. I don't want to have it remind me of the track meet every time I see it either, so I slip it in the drawer on top of the note."

#drawer slides shut

"I get ready for my run, but as I get dressed I realize I'm not excited anymore. At least, not the way I was at the start of the week. Miki has skipped out enough that I don't expect her to be there today either."

"It bothers me, even though I'd never ask her to force herself just for my sake. In any case, Emi warned me how easy it is to drop out of running altogether, so I'll borrow some of her determination and go by myself."

"Maybe I'll get lucky and she will still be there, she seemed more than happy to run with me yesterday."

#classroom, afternoon

"Miki actually showed up for class today. Shizune seemed pleased with herself when she saw her come in, probably thinking her talk with Suzu inspired this change."

"I'd hoped that coming back to class would mean she's moved on, but as soon as I saw her, I realized that wasn’t the case."

"Miki seemed an entirely different person."

"Usually Miki will lead the way, making sure nobody bumps into her friend, but today Suzu came in first, keeping a close eye on Miki instead."

"Miki lingered at the door, as if hoping for a reason to go back to her room. She only sat down when Suzu called her over."

"Oddly enough Miki meekly followed her friend's request. She didn't complain, or tease her. In fact, she hasn't spoken a word all day."

"The teacher tried to call on her a few times this past hour, but Miki seemed to be staring off into space each time. After a few seconds she'd turn her head to face the teacher, but even then she remained silent. It was no different during our other classes."

"Even when taking notes, her pen moves but the page stays blank. She's here physically, but her mind might as well be on a different planet."

#bell rings

"The bell is the first thing to draw an immediate response from her. Miki robotically shoves her notepad and pens into her bag and gets up. Suzu hurries to match the girl's speed and leaves the classroom with her."

"Miki is paying just enough attention not to bump into anyone and doesn't seem to notice her friend joining her."

"I watch them leave, once again finding myself the last person in the classroom aside from the teacher. Miki didn't notice me all day."
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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A shell-shocked Miki? Damn, that's rough to have to experience. I love this, especially Suzu taking advantage of Shizune's deafness to get back at her.
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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I was a bit confused at first - does this story start somewhere in the middle?
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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yeah, the first two acts are on the pastebin, and 1-1 is meant to be a deviation from KS's act 1 scene Exercise. First post links to the pastebin where you can read the scenes up to this point.
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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I must say it is suprisingly nice read, considering it is in script format. It is not as dramatic as that one other script *ahem*.

I think pasting here content of story (already accessible on pastebin) isn't really neccessary. On the other hand, posting news about new entries would be useful.
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it and yeah, I can't lend my script the same weight, hehe.
I see your point about the pastebin, and I definitely agree in regard to the first two acts, primarily because I'd already finished them. Act 3 and onwards are still being written however, and rather than making a post that announces its update, I might as well post the chapter in question and leave it up to the reader to read it here or on the pastebin.
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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3-2: Rubber and Glue

#hallway, people passing by in the background

"It's Friday and most of the students are trying to get to the cafeteria as quickly as they can. The menu as always features a choice of either bland or barely edible food and since most people don't bother making their own lunches here, it's first come first serve."

"Fortunately I don't fall in that category, so while Suzu and I do head downstairs along with the others, we leave the herd to go outside instead."

#outside, bench

"While the blossoming flowers and the forest on the other side of the fence make it one of the most tranquil places on campus, I can't help feeling uneasy as this spot doesn't exactly have my best memories of Miki attached to it."

"Suzu decided to let her stay in her room today, since Miki didn't show any sign of improving when she took her to class yesterday."

"I reach for the lunch I packed in my bag for today, but I know I'm just trying to put off our conversation."

"Fortunately for me, Suzu seems equally disinclined to get the ball rolling and produces a lunchbox of her own."

"We glance at each other's meals, mumble praise and eat slowly."

"From the corner of my eye I can see Suzu looking up at me. I immediately eat another mouthful and chew it carefully. To avoid her stare I glance over to my left, at the carefully tended flowerbed."

"Twenty times is the recommended amount, right? Better make it thirty."

"The flowers have started to bloom. Bright colors help make this place stand out from the rest of campus. It looks so different from the rest that I can't help but wonder if we're not sitting in someone's pet project."

"Maybe one of the teachers or students is maintaining this place. Even the lawn looks like it is tended to with scissors rather than a mower. I wonder how long that would take?"

"Next to me Suzu clears her throat. Maybe she chewed on something spicy, so I offer her my bottled water while I examine the wall opposite us. She gently pushes the bottle away, so that can't be it."

"Boy that masonry is fascinating."

"She coughs again and I can't pretend I don't know why anymore. I did come here to eat, however, so I quickly help myself to another mouthful."

"As I chew, I count the bricks. It's actually kind of fun, maybe Suzu would like to play the game too."

"I can see her staring at me from the corner of my eye. Maybe she wouldn't."

"By now I've chewed so much that I dread swallowing, but I can't exactly spit it out and pass it off as providing the local flora with mulch either."

"Suzu puts her lunch next to her on the bench, announcing that time is up."

su "Hisao? You can swallow now. I'm sure by this point there's more saliva than rice in your mouth anyway."

"Guiltily I comply. The food disappears along with my appetite."

hi "Sorry. It's just this whole mess with Miki…"

su "It's not going to get resolved if we keep ignoring it. We need to do something."

"The look Miki gave me when I caught up to her here flashes through my mind. I'm not sure that if I get involved I won't be treated as an intruder this time as well."

hi "Why? Don't you think she'd come to us if she needed help? Maybe after the weekend she'll have bounced back on her own."

su "That's a gamble and one with low odds at that. Even if we did wait, how do you think she'd feel, knowing we left her to her own devices to sort out whatever it is she's going through? I think she needs her friends. Don't you?"

hi "It's not like you didn't try to reach her, though. There's only so much we can do if she isn't willing to let us in."

su "Let me in."

hi "What?"

"Suzu's eyes harden and for a brief moment I feel the stare she gave Shizune."

su "You didn't so much as greet her yesterday."

hi "I didn't think she'd hear me. She looked like her mind was exploring Jupiter."

"With a sigh she relents. I don't really think I did anything wrong. Miki didn’t show any sign of wanting anything to do with me, or anyone else for that matter."

su "Idiot… Never mind. Miki needs to come back to class in any case. She doesn't have the kind of grades that allow her to just take a week off and I don't want her to fall behind."

"She sounds more like a parent than a friend, but I don't feel like pointing that out."

hi "What can I do, then? We saw yesterday that dragging her to class doesn't work. Have you tried talking to her again?"

su "Yes, so many times that I had to tell myself I was being annoying, because she still wouldn't say anything to me."

hi "Do you think we should get Mutou involved?"

"Suzu rolls her eyes dismissively."

su "Please. He's not equipped for this kind of thing and besides, I doubt Miki would tell him anything even if he tried."

hi "He's a teacher, it's supposed to be part of his job. He gave me some good advice when I first got here. Without that I might still have been moping around about having to go to a place like this."

"Suzu glances at me, quirking an eyebrow. Her eyes widen and with a triumphant smile she looks away."

su "Miki doesn't have the same connection with Mutou that you do; for one, she doesn't care for physics if the questions don't involve cars somehow."

su "But I just had a thought… Maybe you should try to talk to her? You might stand a better chance with her."

"The last words linger in the air and I think back to the festival and our trip to the park. I can feel my heart beating a little faster."

"I catch Suzu staring at me and try to focus on our conversation, instead of Miki's smile."

"I might stand a chance with her."

"Even if Suzu didn't mean it that way, the words echo in my mind. I need to focus."

hi "Why do you think so? Why me?"

"She smirks knowingly and I can't help feeling like a cog in one of her plans."

su "You're alike. In the general sense, I mean. You both enrolled in the middle of the year, both of you have fairly recent disabilities and I can only guess at how that's changed your lives."

hi "If you put it like that… But do you think she'd even tell me anything? Yesterday she didn't even seem to know I existed."

"Suzu groans, annoyed with the fight I'm putting up. She scowls at me and takes a deep breath to avoid voicing her frustration."

su "It's worth a try, isn't it? It's your choice, I obviously can't force you."

#Choice! This only pops up when you pick 2-8's "Be evasive" en_M8b.

#If you picked en_M8a instead, skip the choice menu as you will automatically proceed to label en_M32a.

"I'm not sure. Suzu is right about being there for her, but the last time I tried to support Miki it backfired. There is no way of knowing if that won't happen again this time."
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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label en_choiceM32


with menueffect

"Talk to Miki"
return m1

"Give Miki more time"
return m2

#if you choose 'Give Miki more time', the scene continues at label en_M32b here:

label en_M32a

hi "I guess I'll try talking to her, but I just don't really think it's going to work."

su "What are you talking about? I'm sure it will. You're her friend, aren't you?"

hi "Yes, but-"

su "That's all that matters. You owe it to her to try."

hi "Yes, but last time I did she yelled at me for it and before that she yelled at you for worrying over her training and the track meet."

su "That's all?"

su "Miki's impulsive, stubborn and quick to fly off the handle. That doesn't mean she won't listen to reason."

hi "She didn't-"

su "Oh act your age, will you? Yes, she yelled at me before the track meet, but we both know how stressed she was. As much as Miki likes running, she didn't go out three times a day just for the fun of it."

su "And she yelled at you moments after losing, of course she'd be upset. But the fact she decided to leave –rather than take it out on you- tells me she cared enough to keep from doing something she'd regret."

su "And that tells me there's a good chance you and I can get through to her together. Do you understand?"

"I try to get a word in, but I realize I'm making excuses again. Suzu is right. I need to do something. Waiting around for Miki to get over this on her own is going to take too long and after all she's done for me, the least I can do is try to talk to her."

hi "You're right, but it's still a little hard to believe I'll make all that much difference. I promise I'll do what I can, though."

su "I'm glad you came around. We'll go see her after class."

"It feels a bit sudden, but I can't back out of this. If there's any chance of being able to help even if it's just by talking to her through a closed door, I owe it to her to try."

hi "Alright. I hope this is going to work."

su "Miki can be stubborn, but she's not unreasonable. I think she will at least hear us out."

su "…At least I hope she will…"

hi "What?"

"Suzu packs her lunch away quickly, pretending not to hear me."

su "Come on, lunch is almost over and I'd like to make it to our next class without getting trampled. You can ruminate in there. If you ask nicely I'll even draw you some flowers to gawk at."

"I try to think of something clever to throw back at her, but nothing comes to mind. Suzu seems to notice and smirks victoriously, nodding her head at me to get up."

"Since she shows no intention of staying, I pack up my half eaten lunch and obediently walk her to class, ruminating."

#Girl's dorm, hallway

"The afternoon's classes passed in a blur, I'm not even sure I wrote all the homework assignments down. All I could think of was what I'm about to do."

hi "I'm not sure what I should say to her. I mean, I don't want to end up only making things worse."

"Suzu offers a reassuring smile as she leads me through the girls' dorm. It's funny, it seems much more crowded here than back with the boys."

su "It's enough that you think before you talk. When you put your mind to it even you manage to say the right thing every once in a while."

hi "I appreciate the vote of confidence, but what you're really saying is you have no clue either, right?"

"She narrows her eyes and sighs, defeated."

su "If you can hang on to that perceptiveness of yours, you'll do fine."

"I think I just won an exchange with her. Maybe that'll make for a good story to tell Miki."

"As we walk past the common room the din of friends and classmates chattering feels oddly nostalgic. It's like I'm walking the halls of my old school again. The boys' dorm just seems so much quieter, more like a long-term care wing than a place for teenage boys to stay."

"From the corner of my eye I notice a blonde girl showing off her dress to her friends with such flair it takes a double take for me to notice the cane she's leaning on."

"She notices my stare and jokingly curtsies. I open my mouth to greet her, but Suzu disrupts the reverie with a tug at my sleeve. I settle for a wave before continuing down the hall, inciting a cascade of giggles."

"Suzu grumbles at the din and I am acutely aware of what this must look like. I am tempted to go back and explain why I'm here, but Suzu's pace doesn't give me any opportunity, nor do I feel like I would improve matters any."

su "If you keep stopping to ogle every pretty face in this place we'll never make it to Miki's room. Focus, will you?"

hi "You're right, sorry."

su "It's fine. We're almost there."

#Hallway first floor

"We climb a flight of stairs and turn into a new hallway. Suzu slows down as we get closer to her and Miki's rooms."

"Suzu produces a key and opens the door to her own room, casually tossing her bookbag inside before turning around to face me."

su "It's your turn now. Give it your best shot, alright?"

hi "You're not coming in with me?"

"She glances at Miki's door."

su "I'm not sure it's me she needs right now. In any case, I'll be right here, but I'll probably be asleep before long."

"There's an edge of frustration to her tone. I'm not sure what exactly is causing it, but I have a pretty good idea."

hi "You're a good friend, you know. I don't think Miki could wish for someone better."

"Surprised, Suzu quickly looks away and steps inside her room. For someone as serious as she, it's kind of cute to see her get embarrassed so easily."

su "Just… Just let me know how it went, alright?"

"She doesn't wait for a reply, closing her door instead and leaving me alone in the hallway."

"I look at the next door. Aside from the room number it's identical to Suzu's, but it still feels as if it's shut more tightly than ordinary locks could manage."

"Relax, take a deep breath."

"I exhale and to keep myself from overthinking what I'm about to do, I bring my hand to the door and knock."

hi "Miki?"

"I can hear shuffling inside, so I rap on the door again."

"Footsteps approach the door and with a turn of the key it's unlocked. Miki opens the door."

mk "Hey. How've ya been?"

"She speaks in a slow and monotonous tone that matches her blank expression. When I don't answer right away, she steps back and retreats further into her room."

mk "Close the door behind ya."

"I'm surprised. Considering the effort Suzu put into trying to talk to her, this seems remarkably easy. Still, I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I follow her inside, making sure to close the door."
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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#Miki's room

"Light shines in through the window and I imagine Miki's room has seen better days."

"The floor is littered with clothes. I spy her running shoes carelessly tossed in a corner of the room. The desk is a cluttered mess of books, scrap paper and knickknacks."

"The walls are mostly bare. She's hung up some posters and from the torn corners that still stick to the wall it looks like she used to have more."

"In the middle of it all is Miki, sitting on her bed. Her hair is an uncombed mess and she's wearing an old and oversized shirt and shorts. I don't think she's moved from her position on the bed much."

hi "So… Haven't seen you in a while."

"Miki doesn't respond and I feel my insides already tying themselves in a knot. I need to get this right. Maybe some fresh air will help."

"Carefully avoiding her belongings scattered on the floor, I make my way over to the window and notice the track off in the distance. There are students out there, probably from Miki's club."

"With little effort I open the window enough to feel a cool breeze flood into the room. I shiver, more from nerves than cold."

mk "What're you doing?"

hi "I was feeling a bit hot, so I thought I'd help myself. Do you mind?"

"Miki shakes her head. This is like trying to run through a brick wall."

hi "You didn't really seem yourself in class yesterday."

"She shrugs, as if barely remembering leaving her room."

hi "You don't seem yourself right now, either. What's going on?"

"Another shrug."

"I decide to help myself some more and pull up her desk chair, sitting down opposite her. Miki notices, but doesn't speak up."

hi "I know this isn't just because you lost to Emi."

"Miki's eyes meet mine and for the first time express curiosity. Finally I have something to go on."

mk "Why?"

hi "Doesn't seem like you."

"She nods faintly, somehow relieved by my reply. The silence returns to the room. Outside I can hear members of the Track and Field club cheering, making me wonder what's going on."

"Miki's curiosity also seems piqued; she turns to face the window, trying to figure it out as well."

hi "Wonder what they're doing out there."

mk "Probably just goofing off."

hi "You don't feel like joining them?"

mk "Nah."

"I feel like I'm close to getting her to talk, but I need the right approach. Maybe if I can keep things light she'll be more at ease."

"Then again, that might not be enough to get her to open up. Maybe if I open up to her she'll tell me what's bothering her. I could take advantage of the similarities Suzu pointed out."

#choice time

label en_M33


with menueffect

"Put Miki at ease"
return m3

"Talk openly"
return m4

label en_M33a

"It's probably better not to be too direct, I don't know how fresh the memory of losing still is to her."

hi "I was thinking of joining the track and field team."

"Her gaze is pulled away from the open window and her eyes lock onto mine again."

mk "Why?"

"I offer a shrug in reply and nod at the people outside."

hi "I would probably just be there to help out like I did with you, but with the weather getting better it might be nice to keep spending time outside."

hi "Though I think it'd be more fun if you're out there too."

"Her eyes dart over to the running shoes in the corner. She looks down at her feet, curling and spreading her toes as if she just discovered them."

mk "I don't think I can run like I used to."

hi "Well, you've been in here for a few days, someone told me it's easy to lose whatever progress you make if you don't keep at it."

"She looks up at me and frowns, then shakes her head."

mk "Yeah. Something like that, I guess."

"I think I've got her attention, this is so much easier than I expected."

hi "You know, we could go out there right now. See your friends, run a couple laps."

mk "Hisao… I look like a zombie."

hi "Then imagine the looks on their faces when you start chasing after the people on the track!"

"Miki chuckles as she is caught off guard and for a moment I see a hint of her old self returning."

mk "Bite me, cripple boy."

"She's smiling. I actually made her smile. I can't believe I managed it."

hi "Aren't you supposed to do the biting?"

"Miki bares her teeth, chomping for effect."

hi "So are you ready to leave this room now?"

"The smile fades. Miki cradles her bandaged wrist and now seems lost in thought."

hi "Miki?"
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Re: Miki Route/Project Indigo (act 3 scene 1)

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"She sits, motionless. I didn't expect her to make huge leaps of progress just from talking to me, but this feels like we took one step forward and two steps back."

mk "What do you think when you see me?"

"I lean back in my chair trying to make sure I heard her right. How do I even answer that when she's like this?"

hi "What? What do you mean?"

mk "How would you describe me to someone who's never met me?"

"Where is she going with this?"

hi "Well… You're athletic, you don't dress like the other girls do. You have long hair and of course the missing hand is-{w=.5}{nw}"

mk "I see. Thanks, Hisao."

"Her weary eyes look up at me, then the open window."

mk "I'm sleepy. Would you mind…?"

hi "Sure."

"With two steps I'm at the window again and I make sure to close it firmly. All the while Miki watches me intently."

hi "How would you describe me? If you had to, I mean."

"She stares, considering her reply."

mk "I'd say you're… Well, you stand out in a place like this."

"I'm not sure what that means, but I like that I stand out to her."

hi "Thanks."

"Time slows to a crawl as we hold our gaze. It feels backwards somehow, like I should be the one in bed and she should be up and about."

mk "I think I'll get some sleep now."

hi "Oh. Right."

"Embarrassed, I retreat towards the door. I'm not quite ready to go yet, though."

hi "I'll be at the track tomorrow morning. Will I see you there?"

"Miki has lain down on her bunched up duvet. She lazily lifts her head, nodding."

mk "Sure."

"She mumbles something, but I can't make it out. I think I've said all I can. She did seem a little better than when she opened the door."

"I got her to talk and tomorrow we're running again."

#Hallway, first floor

"Carefully I close the door behind me, the click barely audible. Just in time for two girls to see me come out of Miki's room. Feigning embarrassment they quickly walk past, whispering to each other when they think I'm out of earshot."

"Great. I can only imagine how this will play out. Maybe Kenji does have the right idea."

"With my job done, I quickly make my way out of this birthplace of rumors and back to the bastion of radio silence I've learned to call home."


label en_M33b

"I need to get this right. If I pressure her too much, she might close herself off to me as well. This feels more like a minefield than a conversation and the more I try to think of the right way to get Miki back on her feet, the more the thought of Suzu relying on me throws me off."

"The silence is palpable and I know that if I don't talk soon, I'll miss my chance. I can't begin to guess what's bothering Miki, but Suzu seems to think our similarities are something to build on."

"I hope she's right."

hi "You know, it still feels kind of alien for me to be here."

mk "Sorry for the mess."

"I almost lose my train of thought and try to stifle a laugh. Miki betrays the slightest hint of a smile. It's all the encouragement I need."

hi "No, I've seen much worse. I mean this school. This time last year I was back home, making plans for summer with friends that never really went anywhere."

hi "I know I need to embrace this place, but I don't feel any different. Does that make sense?"

"She nods. Her eyes rest on her bandaged wrist."

hi "How did you do it? Adjust, I mean."

"Miki massages her arm, taking her time to formulate a reply. The silence between us draws me in; however this question came up, now I genuinely want to know."

mk "I don't feel any different…"

mk "I've been here for a year, but I don't feel like I belong here."

mk "People here are blind, or deaf, or they have no legs, or some creepy disease that's gonna kill them long before they get a chance to grow wrinkles."

mk "Compared to that, what am I doing here?"

mk "What am I doing here?"

"She bites her lip, squeezing her eyes shut in a vain attempt to keep tears from streaking her soft cheeks."

mk "It hurts, you know?"

hi "I know, I'm still-"

mk "No, my hand. It still hurts. I can feel it. Every day I feel it and it hurts. Do you know how pathetic it is to tell someone your hand hurts when everyone else is putting up with much worse?"

"I'm not sure what to do. I get up from the chair and slowly move onto the bed, sitting down next to her. She doesn't object."

hi "It's different for everyone. I've wondered why I'm here myself."

mk "Your heart…"

hi "…Isn't a big deal. I take a handful of pills to keep things from getting worse and I have to be careful about exercise. It's just a new routine I've had to pick up."

hi "It makes me wonder why I had to be sent all the way out here to learn just that. I still don't really have an answer. I know I could've learned all this at a normal school."

hi "I don't feel like I’m disabled. I'm not in pain, I can still do most of the things I used to. Frankly I don't know how you manage to make it look so easy."

"Drops stain the front of Miki's shirt. Before I realize what I'm doing, my arm wraps around her and I'm rubbing her shoulder. She leans into me a little bit, stifling her tears."

"We sit in silence, interrupted only by the faint sounds coming from the track and the breeze rustling the loose sheets of paper on Miki's desk."

"I want to try again."
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